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  1. Ok so you need a capture card you can't do it with just a pc tv and ps3. Can you send me some cheap capture cards? I have a macbook pro btw Thanks for the reply.
  2. I really want to start recording my knife only gun games but I don't really want to buy a really expensive recoding device. So my question: Is it possible to record your TV with your computer? I mean connect my pc to my ps3 or tv and it will record the audio and video. Help would be much appreciated.
  3. In shangri la Dempsey always says he wants a new objective when he spawns and he says something else when he turns on the power. Maby the objective in moon will change? Or treyarch is just messing with us XD What do you think?
  4. Why? The shrink ray has been one of the top 3 best guns in Zombies so far. In my opinion the shrink ray has been worse then law....... [brains] Really? I find it better than the Thundergun. No matter what round you are on it is instant kills as long as you put in the effort to walk into the shrunken zombies. The shrink ray is so much more fun than the thundergun. The thundergun is like this: shoot, dead. The shrink ray is like this: shoot, makes mini zombies that make weird sounds. Run trough them and kick them. That is so much more fun than shoot dead. :D
  5. The loading screens do say something. On cotd in the top right corner there was a little corner of another page and it showed a leaf wich is from the shangri la loading screen. So investegating the loading screens really helps. ;)
  6. So its a shooting micro wave? I love micro wave food!
  7. I have a really good idea for having all wonder weapons on 1 map. When you start moon for example it will ask what wonder weapon you want in the box. Lets say i want the scavenger, i would click scavenger. When i start playing moon and i got to the box i can only get the scavenger. But i could play the map again and use the baby maker. I think this is a really good idea. But on the leaderboards it would have to show wich one you used. Anyone else like this idea?
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