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  1. MrCostari


    thanks biatch I feel the same
  2. MrCostari


    I confuse everybody, but not anymore, since I will be gone soon.
  3. MrCostari


    bye guys anyone still willing to play with me next week, please add my psn or message me im outta here forever. i may read some strat guides, but thats all later
  4. MrCostari

    ***The Complete Solo Zombies Survival Guide***

    Sorry for being a little inpatience, but how is it going with your new strategy for Kino? Great guide so far, and I still need to read a lot But it will come And with this strategies I will set some scores soon Thanks and keep it up!
  5. MrCostari


    Thanks Although, I didn't had a very good reputation :P
  6. MrCostari


    Thanks guys I can understand what he thinks. I wasn't trying to get attention. I'm just bad at taking desicions Please be nice to each other.
  7. MrCostari


    Alright, I stay here. Still hoping to get a couple friends to play with next week.
  8. MrCostari


    Speak for yourself please.
  9. MrCostari


    Yeah I see it. You guys are very happy I'm staying....
  10. MrCostari


    He is right. I stay. 32 posts must say something, I guess I would love to play with the play dates but my internet is so bad. I actually hope to have a couple team mates next sunday, I have school break and would love to play some zombies. And maybe some survival mode too! But that is for now the only time, I probably have to wait to the next school break after that But thanks a lot guys
  11. MrCostari


    Very, very cool Way. Thanks a lot for that.
  12. MrCostari


    What about the Grim Reapers? The same. Im on ps3
  13. MrCostari


    I won't find any team mates here. And I don't want to ruin things again. Everybody is well known here. WHo the hell wants to play with a new guy with only round 26 on his LB?
  14. MrCostari


    I'm leaving here. I don't feel very comforable here, and i just dont like it anymore. good luck to all of you and i hope you will find a new admin peace MrCostari out
  15. MrCostari


    I got my first and only MOAB there. Now I quit some time ago. And they ruined infected btw.

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