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  1. And another great game! Co-op on Lockdown, insane difficulty ranked 453! Awesome stratergy. It's a shame my own riotshield squad blocked my way, so we died But it was an awesome game!
  2. I'm looking for a couple players or just 1 player who is a serious survival mode player and wants to try out my stratergies together. These starts almost garaunte us a top 1000 ranking, maybe even top 200 or 100. You must have a mic and a little basis knowlegde. Level 50 would be awesome, I'm level 50 My PSN is MrCostari and my timezone is GMT +1 Can't wait to try my stratergies out :)
  3. Thanks man, maybe we can go for a game some time? Got awesome 2 player strategies :D
  4. Just made it to wave 42 on seatown solo, granted me the 525th place Very good, but slow stratergy. Took me 2 hours and 40 minutes, 1 hour longer than average. I found awesome 2 player stratergies, for maps like Resistance, Lockdown, Carbon, etc. If anyone wants to play with me, I would love too, got all week :)
  5. add me ok if you wanna try dome before the choppers come in mid round, on the regular rounds we each lay down at the top of the ladders over dome and they cant touch us until they get up but we can take them out very easily then http://youtu.be/9_BLNJ3i_C0 That strat sucks. We can use a better one. We can also play zombies. if you want?
  6. MrCostari


    thanks biatch I feel the same
  7. MrCostari


    I confuse everybody, but not anymore, since I will be gone soon.
  8. MrCostari


    bye guys anyone still willing to play with me next week, please add my psn or message me im outta here forever. i may read some strat guides, but thats all later
  9. True. Good to see a good comment finally today MrCostari that was completely out-of-line with that reply up there, way was saying basically the exact same thing Fatal said, and you immediately "retaliate" against him? He was just trying to help by saying the EXACT same thing as Fatal. No, Fatal EXPLAINED it. Ever heard of explaining with you say?
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