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  1. Wouldn't it be great if we got some new traps with the new maps? I was thinking... especially for transit, a lot of barriers could be erected. The ticket stool, those rotating metal grills. A whole lot of things, it would be really cool. However, I'm waiting to see if the craters and lava we've seen come into play at all? GIve me your opinions!
  2. Would be cool, now can you try and connect it to the original storyline?
  3. What about a flume ride? Just saying, it would be fun!
  4. Fine, but wouldn't a zombie be dead? Without a pulse? Making this a very useless gun against zombies. His heart would already have stopped.
  5. I agree, it would be quite impossible to travel to before the time machine was invented. As well as, if you where to change something,in the past, it would already be changed in the past,present,future. Meaning your either stuck constantly redoing this "change" or it never happened.
  6. die Doktor


    I will disagree, these machines were not meant to be left alone, without maintenance, and with out workers for so long. In the height of Group 935 ( or The Third Reich, depending on which theory you believe)would have been controlling these machines by remote control, meaning that these machines wouldn't be left to the deranged thoughts of a corrupted man-puter. The addition of a sudden start up when you flip the switch could scramble the electronics, or more likely electro-mechanics, in the excavator,leaving it to rampage across the lunar surface.
  7. Or... this is exactly what happened, but in traditional Treyarch fashion they have kept mum about the subject, thus leading us to second guess ourselves. Our only hope to find the solution is to tough it out, in this video game of the DEAD
  8. I don't think you quite understand the political situation during the Cold War. While we were stockpiling nuclear armaments ( I say armaments due to backpacks, recoil-less rifles, warheads and bombs) due to the idea of Mutual Destruction. IE: If johnny hits me, I'll hit johnny twice as hard. This was started due to the U.S.S.R's creation of satellite nations, the Iron Curtain, Berlin wall and countless other deciding factors. So the stockpiling of weapons was called for... Kinda. So in fact we could not have gone back to the Moon as this would mean a dip in weapons deployment, in which the So
  9. Possibly, the rockets on Moon could be larger to add an extra Kinetic strike,think End War, before detonation burrowing into the ground. No real reason for small rockets on Ascension. Maybe beginning of space race and is for testing.
  10. Ahhh, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding, still like I said to Blo0d, I really like the idea.
  11. Some one already thought of something similar, here's a link:http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=19115&p=191686#p191686 Its on page 8 about 3rd one down.
  12. Are you trying to suggest something? :lol:
  13. Well, it was Tesla. But back on topic, the earthquake gun would probably be better off as a tact grenade. It would really only work into the mp if it was at some base in Cali where they tested it though. perhaps, dropping the weaponized version and just make it a random part of the map like the fog i CotD?
  14. Well, Blo0d_smear, I really like your idea. However, I can think of at least a few thing that can be changed. Rather than just being able to button smash on the lights, how about batteries that get bought, with a max of 10? Could also tie in to the head lamps making Night Vision goggles more attractive. About 100 points per bat? Also, does Dynamite take longer to light? If it does, perhaps it should be a tact grenade and in dark (very dark to white eyes only) it attracts zombies much like a monkey. While were at it, what if we made a PaP for the equipment. Eg: extended battery life for headlam
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