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  1. bringing the dead back to life...to be mauled or frozen again in mere seconds :twisted: Still you deserve the [brains] 's
  2. That can take a year and a day LOL.. In other words that takes forever! I do realize that with every bullet hitting gets you closer and closer to take him out. But still, would rather get him away for a few rounds as a quick as a possible. I would like to see a video of someone taking him out and in the same game see him come back. Would be neat to see. Or is this just me? Also, did anyone notice in the video he mentions getting the VR-11 and it pops up in the box :shock: ?? I fould that shocking to say the least He was doing a commentary, not live commentary he put the audio in afterwards Just so ya know 8-)
  3. Come on guys, if we got to pick up ammo every zombie why wouldn't we all just fire away the thundergun or ray gun. even mustang and sally with phd would be too easy. and if we could just keep zappin em with the wunderwaffe, tooo easy waaaay too easy.
  4. Havn't played the map yet (PS3, grounded no xbox friends houses) but just wondering, who has catapulted him, u know using the flinger? ive been searching for vids but i havnt seen one yet --..--
  5. I just want to say that they do change it up a bit for each map obviously, the fact they put stuff in the trailer like a pitchfork (Which i wanted) or akimbo shotguns kinda makes me upset but as long as they bring in new ideas each map i feel fine about it. they cant do the same thing over and over each map, they put in five as a fun little map even bringing in two new weapons and the fact they did add many new features to this map makes me happy. we cant always play as the old crew all the flipping time now cant we? if we did for this map we would be stuck behind a door. just sayin.
  6. Dude watched a couple of your vids and you really helped me find some good loops for kino and such, your awesome! EDIT: Also where are you from i love your accent! i myself am norwegian
  7. Idk, starting room is one of my circles so i guess patience is key sometimes. 8-)
  8. As a matter of fact its easy to make the giant loop (Theatre to lobby, lobby to foyer, foyer to theatre) accessible for everyone at once or have 2 on giant loop and 2 on stage loop, also its easy to have 2 people run giant loop, 1 on stage and 1 running alley loop (theatre to alley, alley to theatre). thing about the last strategy is that it take coordination so you either meetup in theatre or are on separate ends of the stage so you wont have eachothers zombies splitting towards the other. for more than one person running the giant loop the person in front must have a crowd control weapon (EG thundergun, raygun, shotgun.) to blast zombies in front that could potentially block people running behind him or if he gets stuck. also one last strategy for 3 people is one on stage as usual and 2 doing giant loop at different times, let me explain. At the beginning of a round 2 people are in the theatre and one person is on top floor of foyer. the two giant loop people are running individually and if one goes down the other is usually halfway to them already, see the plan. so many strategys to kino and it continues to be my personal favorite.
  9. I believe that the blueprints are of the actual cosmodrome spinning thing in the starting room Oh and if you notice the three ships shoadows above the circle in the blueprints it makes 115, just sayin
  10. I think that zombies is a little time away from other modes, come on guys its another joking map, IMO its good that they change it up a little from the main 4 characters every once in a while. While it might not contribute to the story ATM at least they stay true to a map that continues zombie tradition. Start in an area with almost nothing, work your way to power, purchase perks, Survive as long as you can. there seems to be more interaction with this map than ever before and thats why we all loved ascension, plenty of eggs and mechanisms to utalize. no map can be perfect and we are making the story larger than it should be. yes its a part of it and i love the hints towards how the zombies came to be. but i say every map has its advantages and disadvantages. just try to stay to the positive and enjoy playing as Danny Flippin Trejo! ;)
  11. Got a headache reading it, but good ideas i think George Romaro is supposed to stay on the map and bash people staying in one area for too long, possibly to stop circles --..--
  12. Heres my thought, He was made to stop CIRCLES!! noooo! its my best tactic, but in all seriousness he seems to move really slowly and doesn't do much unless your near him but i think if you hang around in one area too long he gets mad and bashes you. so his intention is to move the "Script" along. he is always on the map and Urges you to continue thoroughout the map. =( idk but if they figured out how to remove circles thats destroys my strategy. also mayby us players could go though the whole map in one giant circle like on kino, but he does seem out of place for zombies uknowwhatimean?
  13. i think portions of the map are DESTRUCTIBLE And that will open up new areas. awesome... 8-)
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