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  1. That scientist i the loading screen is the one you set free in the easter egg.
  2. Well mostly not a radical amount of ammo but a decent amount. [brains]
  3. Tell me what you think, like if you kill a few zombies you get some ammo.
  4. They could add both weapons to a zombies map, or let you choose which ones you want.
  5. would you please post a link to the video? Most of the "I'm not ready to die vidoes have bben shutdown by warner bro's becuase they are try to keep it a secert.
  6. Surely that would have been announced on the website? I cant see it anywhere. Im apart of Avenged sevenfold foREVer, and the guy post the video of it and he said it comes out may 2nd.
  7. Ok one thing Avenged sevenfold is awesome, and the songs coming out may 2nd the day before the new map pack comes out.
  8. I think that would be pritty cool, like on the quotes. [brains]
  9. Yeah the picture of "call of the dead" it looks like a bloody handprint on a snowy window maybe discovery map for zombies? DAMN IT TRAYARC
  10. Yeah that bulletin board is on Kino.
  11. Map: Hell's Schiff (Hell's ship) In the mission where you play as Reznov that ship could be a pretty good place for a zombies map. As you start at the bottom you work your way up to the top. On your way to the top you must power up a 3 genarator to turn on the power(maybe shoot the genarators to heat them up or just click a button). Players: The same Perks: Bull's Horns it gives you the power to dash at enemies(2500Pts). Super Revive you can revive your self(3000Pts this is for if you sucky teamates). Weapons: SMG: skorpion PaP Devil's tail
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