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  1. ok today i was on a trip to sydney (aus) whilsts seeing lots of asians i seen a hotel Called shamgrila i cannot get my pic up well hes google images anywayshttp://www.google.com.au/search?q=shangri-la%20hotel%20sydney&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1024&bih=677 sorry if it doest help or is a wast of a thread ily codz
  2. hey i know im wasting a posy but because COTD is modden could they have got a camera from there took a picture went to der riese put it on the boared then went to kino ?
  3. haha nice but ive had not one reply to this what do urs guys think ?
  4. hey guys i was thinking maybe the people who u turn back into humans will fight with u then get turned again this is far fetched but possible u seen how i forgot hes name so ill call him the director well on the inside xbox hes a human but the gash on hes head seemed to turn him into a zombie so maybe the person that gets changed into human can turn back into one and theres a cutt on Sarah Michelle Gellar arm so maybe she will have to i dont know keep ejecting herself or maybe a new perk of some sort i really dont know these are just random guesses so DONT HATE Edit ** i think u may fling him away just for him to return in a later round (on the flinger) edit **
  5. Call of Duty MP is free — now and forever http://oneofswords.com/2011/02/mw2-subs ... +Of+Swords)&utm_content=Twitter straight from the bees mouth retweeted from carbon fibah
  6. i had a look today ... it is
  7. Fake and gay well not really f&g but no there are mear jokes to keep a younger population happy so while fighting zombies they made a facebook page ?
  8. rember he might be brainwashed and a spy
  9. Confirmed... I saw that post, than this topic... And i thought the same thing.. [brains] for kennedy for being the original finder. thanks mate :D
  10. mate thats whAT I SAID IN UR OTHER THREAD
  11. Hey i just noticed in yr motto the crawlers what map are they in ? NEWWW MAP ? :D
  12. while( IsPlayer(who) && who IsTouching( self ) ) lol
  13. can we get a link ? this may need some investergating
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