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  1. Can someone explain how you feed the dogs? And how to make them spawn from the wall? And is there a "power switch"?
  2. Has any spotted the wunderweapon in Nuketown Zombies? I've seen no signs of one!
  3. Has anyone figured out what the function of the Navcard Usage Machine is? And how do you use the buildable electric trap? You have to ground it, where exactly?
  4. No, Richtofen's body is in Samantha's control, his spirit is in Aether. Body is physical, thus his body will still be on earth. But I accept that it may be the robot bus driver xD
  5. Does anyone believe that this silhouette may resemble Richtofen? Judging by what looks like to be his hat and the stance his character is taking, I wouldn't exclude the possibility just yet. There can be up to 8 players, so I doubt that there will be just 2 copies of the 4 new characters shown in the Trailer running around. What do you guys think?
  6. I don't see the video on my phone, but as to the whole perk thing, there is most definitely Speed Cola in the diner.
  7. Treyarch has finally released the World Release Trailer for Nazi Zombies. You'll find this here --> YH_9GzaUW40 This is an image of what the entire layout looks like from a birds-eye view. One of the first things you will notice is the atmosphere. It appears post-apocolyptic. The buildings are scarce and decimated, there are lava rivers flowing through the map, and there are devastating wilda-fires raging through the area- it's clear this area is void of any human inhabitance. If this one area offers any evidence as to what the rest of the planet appears as, it can possibly be safe to assume that this takes place directly after The Crew (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Samantha, and Dr. Maxis) sent the missles on a destructive pathway towards Earth in an attempt to wipe the planet clean of Element 115. The second most obvious thing you'll notice is the presence of a bus. It's a mystery still as to how it functions, however. Only speculation, but just like any other machine in Zombies, the bus may simply cost money to activate, or maybe a series of things in addition to paying the cost of transportation, I.E- gas, auto parts, etc(damn TSA!) We see that the bus is capable of being boarded by zombies while in motion. This is significant because when people see an operating bus, they are inspired by hope of escape. But now, when transitioning from area to area, the zombies can jump onto the moving vehicle and break in from the windows and roof- this makes it so you're not allowed a moment of rest good luck! It also wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that the bus is the spawn point for the map, but this is simple guessing on my behalf Building off the bus needing additional sources to function, notice the image below. It almost appears as a workshop. You see a gas can, a couple of work tool benches, and to the left is a car door. You'd imagine the car door to be insignificant would you not? This is an image of a "homemade riot shield" that is comprised of, what do ya know, doors , and other materials. I am almost certain now that many aspects of the map will have to be utilized in order for certain things to be achieved and fabricated. Another shocking aspect is now the zombies have blue eyes. Why is this? I'm sure this wasn't Treyarch going "let's change things up a bit". Hopefully it'll be explained in the Backdrop story of Nazi Zombies. And what of the old characters? They seem to have not been replaced, but temporarily subsituted. Then again, we only see the face of 1 character and that is the Nerdy/Hipster. Everyone else is covered in one way or another, plus we believe that more than 4 players are allowed to play in one game at a time. So we are not capable of confirming nor denying whether or not the old crew will be in this particular map. And I'd like to redirect your attention to this picture. Who do you guys think this looks like? (cirled) I think that this looks a lot like Dr. Richtofen's body, which as you know is now in the vengeful hands of Samantha. This is all I have for you currently but I will keep updating as more is uncovered. Please feel free to add in the comments other things you all have uncovered!
  8. A whip idea sounds awesome! I automatically think of a character from Mass Effect 3, or the villain from Iron Man 2 This may be somewhat counterproductive to say, but you know what'd be just the best? If in this new map (if it is just a single map) they included ALL of the Wunder Weapons created thus far --plus whatever new ones they are releasing--. By that I obviously mean that all of the Wunderweapons are in the mystery box. I don't whether or not it'd be a good idea to allow all the players to have a wunderweapon, but if there were 8 players all running around with a different wunderweapon, just think of all the havoc that could be had. (may sound a little orange box-y) "The Medic" would be running around with the Vrill assisting teammates by blasting them with the gun. "The Sniper" would have the Scavenger obliterating zombies from a distance "The Cannon" would be the last resort with the Zeus Cannon swooping in and rescuing squads at a time if cornered "The Soldier" would be the spearhead leading the team with the WunderWaffe to safety. He'd be the rallying call where the epicenter of the battle is "The Support" could possibly be played by the person using the Winters Howl that'd help slow those zombies down some so the fire squad could come in and 'cool them down' a little bit. Maybe even the Shrink Ray would be used here? "The Combatant" would be the character wielding the Wave Gun. He'd be the most flexible seeing as how he'd have a gun with duel purposes that allow for group demolition and then whip out the two zap pistols to adapt to whatever change in environment has occured.
  9. I haven't looked at this thread in a while, so I'm just seeing this now! I like it. It is overpowered, but restrictive. It's sort of like the anti-hero of the Wunderwaffe even when looking at it's manufacturer origins! And unlike the Wunderwaffe, skill would actually be required in order to use the gun properly and effectively!
  10. The multiplayer reveal is set for August 7th. Latest tweet on the CallofDuty twitter account. If zombies was 3-4 days later after the MP trailer, that wouldn't be too hard to believe
  11. Zielinski wouldn't post something like that if it weren't significant. Since it came from his Twitter, it's not some man-made fan-made theory. Jimmy doesn't post unnecessary material. Give him some credit people. It's in 7 days, don't shoot down others, specifically this user, for posting this theory that is coming from a credible source. If it shows, awesome job. If it doesn't, it wouldn't be the first time someone was wrong.
  12. A lot of you guys are leaning towards a melee Wunderweapon, and I think that's awesome! However, as awesome as it may be, it seems kind of impractical. This one new map is going to epically large, and I can't see a melee weapon being too conventional. A chainsaw though? Maybe. But a chainsaw doesn't feel like something suited for Nazi Zombies. Treyarch goes for 'classier' kills if you get what I mean! Someone said something about having a flame Wunderweapon, like something from the movie Prometheus. That giant flame destroyer would be epic! Has range and taste Keep em coming guys. Loving these! Personally I want somethig vastly overpowered. I want a gun that can make or break a game of Zombies. Not like a nuke gun, but something like the Wunderwaffe, but even more devastating and appealing to use. A gun that even the noobiest of noobs can use. :)
  13. General:The old maps are classics, and they are what turned Nazi Zombies into the phenomona that it is today. People still love playing some of the original 4 maps (Nacht, Verruckt, Shi no Numa, and Der Riese)over all the DLC that's been released for zombies thus far. With that being said, I'm POSITIVE that some people (a lot of people) will still enjoy some of the previous maps more than they would some of the new maps in Blops 2. And no, this isn't me saying the new maps are going to suck ass. This is me saying what I've observed since day 1 of Nazi Zombies and what has been happening over the past couple years. Reason why to include: The reason I want the old maps on the Blops 2 (whether it be a free download or included in normal or hardened edition) is strictly to save time switching between Black Ops I and Black Ops II disks as I, as well as many others, had to do with Black Ops I and World at War. -Gameplay value Reaons why not to: However, I do agree that some maps should have a shelf life. They remastered the original 4 to be included in Black Ops I. Would they really do that AGAIN to put into Black Ops II?? and do we really want to pay ANOTHER $30 for maps we've bought twice before? And does that mean we'd also have to buy the maps from Black Ops I? Granted, i'm sure by being able to play 10+ of the previous maps plus whatever new maps are being released would give us a giant selection of zombie slaying fun! Conclusion and my final idea: Players want options. Players want variety. Including ALL of the previous maps would give the players just that especially when combined with the new game modes and corresponding maps. In order to do this, however, Treyarch would have to once again go back and remaster the maps which costs time and money. Would they include the maps as a gift to us or would we have to pay for them AGAIN?! I think it'd be nice to have all the zombie maps in one location rather than being on 3 seperate disks. So why not instead of having everyone purchase these maps again, Treyarch could just insert a system that checks if you've purchased the previous maps on either of the other Treyarch games and then permit you to download the maps for no extra charge. For players who haven't previously bought them can choose to buy them in 'packs'. Original 4 in one, the rest in another, or all in just one giant packaged deal. I think this would be best.
  14. You have good ideas but I'd like to expand on the knife idea. How many knives would you get? Would they replenish every round like claymores and grenades or only by attaining max ammo? This sounds like fun but I don't think it'd be feasible to have many knives because of all the free perks players would get, ya know?
  15. Im almost 100% sure that the base crew will return. There's way too many new possibilities/scenarios that could be fabricated from this twist for Treyarch to drop it. They blow up the earth (or for the most part make it largely uninhabitable), from there on i say that they travelled FORWARD into the future to where the earth is hospitable again. How do they time travel? Samantha spent ages as the god of Aether, im sure she could offer some help in time travel seeing as how her dad helped create the machine Sam wants revenge. The whole zombie outbreak has been her attempt at killing Richtofen, if she cam achieve that then she can finally rest in peace. The story must and will conclude with Richtofens death.

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