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  1. Why does everyone mention there are 3 flaming wagons you have to shoot with ice staff? I've never ever done that, I always just do the tombstone part of it and I always get the orb?
  2. I just wanted to make this thread to throw this out there because it seems not many people know this- If you did not know, once you make a normal staff into an Ultimate staff, you can charge an attack from it that consumes many shots. You do this by holding your trigger button as all the parts of the staff begin glowing from top to bottom. Once the crystal of the staff is glowing, that means your fully charged shot is ready. Each staff has a unique charged shot. MY FAVORITE AND IMO THE MOST POWERFUL ONE IS THE WIND CHARGE. You release a tornado at a target location. This tornado will suc
  3. UPDATE- all ultimate's i've figured out except for the fire staff. I am currently under the church trying to light the flame bearers, but clearly don't know what to do and how to do it correctly. any new info!
  4. Remember, always aim for the little red dot in his arm when he throws his hand at you to make him let go immediately.
  5. UPDATE- all ultimate staves have been figured out, except the fire staff. It's very unclear on how to finish it in regards to the flame bearers under the church. I don't know what to do or how to do it correctly, help! and yes, i know of the codes on the second floor. i just don't know how to decipher them Has anyone made any progress in figuring out how to get the "ultimate staffs"? I've built and equipped all of the staffs in a single match, and I got to the point where Samantha... errmr, further explains the situation with the staffs and how they're inadequate and need to be more powe
  6. killerussian


    So have we figured out a way to turn them into their "ultimate form" or whatever the achievement said? We can't PAP them, so maybe before we actually build the staff we have to align the circular rocks above them to coordinate with whichever staff you're making? just an observation. there are levers to rotate those stones and each stone has 4 colored circles on it (one for each element), sooo... yeahhh :P
  7. what does it do exactly? i've picked it up like 10 times, and the bonus cash i get from it is always so random. Can anyone accurately describe it's function?
  8. Where did you go to assemble it if you don't mind me asking? also, if there are 2 people playing and one of them builds it, can both players get it?
  9. I can't even find one piece to build that musical thingy where are common locations? and once you use it, does it destroy itself? Have you seen the 4 purple crystals that are on the top (not underground) part of the map? there's one in the church, one near the beginning journey for the tank (the others i haven't seen).
  10. Has anyone discovered how to activate the pack-a-punch machine? I've only done it solo, but I have a feeling it's simply to activate all 6 power machines? If anyone's discovered it, please post here :)
  11. Shouldn't have posted the link to the actual leak since that's essentially "posting" leaks on here. Which is not okay. :P
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