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  1. killerussian

    MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    Can someone explain how you feed the dogs? And how to make them spawn from the wall? And is there a "power switch"?
  2. killerussian

    Picture Library- Read and Inform Yourself

    I don't see the video on my phone, but as to the whole perk thing, there is most definitely Speed Cola in the diner.
  3. Treyarch has finally released the World Release Trailer for Nazi Zombies. You'll find this here --> YH_9GzaUW40 This is an image of what the entire layout looks like from a birds-eye view. One of the first things you will notice is the atmosphere. It appears post-apocolyptic. The buildings are scarce and decimated, there are lava rivers flowing through the map, and there are devastating wilda-fires raging through the area- it's clear this area is void of any human inhabitance. If this one area offers any evidence as to what the rest of the planet appears as, it can possibly be safe to assume that this takes place directly after The Crew (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Samantha, and Dr. Maxis) sent the missles on a destructive pathway towards Earth in an attempt to wipe the planet clean of Element 115. The second most obvious thing you'll notice is the presence of a bus. It's a mystery still as to how it functions, however. Only speculation, but just like any other machine in Zombies, the bus may simply cost money to activate, or maybe a series of things in addition to paying the cost of transportation, I.E- gas, auto parts, etc(damn TSA!) We see that the bus is capable of being boarded by zombies while in motion. This is significant because when people see an operating bus, they are inspired by hope of escape. But now, when transitioning from area to area, the zombies can jump onto the moving vehicle and break in from the windows and roof- this makes it so you're not allowed a moment of rest good luck! It also wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that the bus is the spawn point for the map, but this is simple guessing on my behalf Building off the bus needing additional sources to function, notice the image below. It almost appears as a workshop. You see a gas can, a couple of work tool benches, and to the left is a car door. You'd imagine the car door to be insignificant would you not? This is an image of a "homemade riot shield" that is comprised of, what do ya know, doors , and other materials. I am almost certain now that many aspects of the map will have to be utilized in order for certain things to be achieved and fabricated. Another shocking aspect is now the zombies have blue eyes. Why is this? I'm sure this wasn't Treyarch going "let's change things up a bit". Hopefully it'll be explained in the Backdrop story of Nazi Zombies. And what of the old characters? They seem to have not been replaced, but temporarily subsituted. Then again, we only see the face of 1 character and that is the Nerdy/Hipster. Everyone else is covered in one way or another, plus we believe that more than 4 players are allowed to play in one game at a time. So we are not capable of confirming nor denying whether or not the old crew will be in this particular map. And I'd like to redirect your attention to this picture. Who do you guys think this looks like? (cirled) I think that this looks a lot like Dr. Richtofen's body, which as you know is now in the vengeful hands of Samantha. This is all I have for you currently but I will keep updating as more is uncovered. Please feel free to add in the comments other things you all have uncovered!
  4. killerussian

    Are the old maps likely to return?

    General:The old maps are classics, and they are what turned Nazi Zombies into the phenomona that it is today. People still love playing some of the original 4 maps (Nacht, Verruckt, Shi no Numa, and Der Riese)over all the DLC that's been released for zombies thus far. With that being said, I'm POSITIVE that some people (a lot of people) will still enjoy some of the previous maps more than they would some of the new maps in Blops 2. And no, this isn't me saying the new maps are going to suck ass. This is me saying what I've observed since day 1 of Nazi Zombies and what has been happening over the past couple years. Reason why to include: The reason I want the old maps on the Blops 2 (whether it be a free download or included in normal or hardened edition) is strictly to save time switching between Black Ops I and Black Ops II disks as I, as well as many others, had to do with Black Ops I and World at War. -Gameplay value Reaons why not to: However, I do agree that some maps should have a shelf life. They remastered the original 4 to be included in Black Ops I. Would they really do that AGAIN to put into Black Ops II?? and do we really want to pay ANOTHER $30 for maps we've bought twice before? And does that mean we'd also have to buy the maps from Black Ops I? Granted, i'm sure by being able to play 10+ of the previous maps plus whatever new maps are being released would give us a giant selection of zombie slaying fun! Conclusion and my final idea: Players want options. Players want variety. Including ALL of the previous maps would give the players just that especially when combined with the new game modes and corresponding maps. In order to do this, however, Treyarch would have to once again go back and remaster the maps which costs time and money. Would they include the maps as a gift to us or would we have to pay for them AGAIN?! I think it'd be nice to have all the zombie maps in one location rather than being on 3 seperate disks. So why not instead of having everyone purchase these maps again, Treyarch could just insert a system that checks if you've purchased the previous maps on either of the other Treyarch games and then permit you to download the maps for no extra charge. For players who haven't previously bought them can choose to buy them in 'packs'. Original 4 in one, the rest in another, or all in just one giant packaged deal. I think this would be best.
  5. killerussian

    BO2 Zombie Map in Cuba?

    Why do you guys think Cuba? When i saw those pictures my brain kind of instantly thought of an Europe-esque type of environment. That bar, however run down, kind of looks like an old French bar you'd see in some preserved section of France. On a side note you hear the zomb-dev say 'its our biggest map yet', is this to indicate that there will be a primary map? Or does it simply tell us that there will only be one map on release contrary to Black Ops 1 with Kino and Five
  6. killerussian

    Xbox 360 Playdate Schedule

    I'm just a little confused. Who exactly is hosting these? (say the June 4th playdate) and how do we get into these private matches?
  7. killerussian

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    This if from forever ago but it's the only map i've reached level 50+ on... oh well!
  8. killerussian

    Fattening up Zombies

    Don't forget about Halo 4
  9. killerussian

    Fattening up Zombies

    Speaking of a weapon discussing thread, it looks like some handsome russian just formed one on the zombie section ;)
  10. killerussian

    Fattening up Zombies

    I agree fullheartedly with this! I looved that they decided to include 2 Wunder weapons in this map, well 3 technically if you include the Wunder-waffe easter egg ;)
  11. killerussian

    Fattening up Zombies

    Note- if you want to skip this next paragraph, simply read what is in bold on the bottom of this post. It basically sums everything up...I understand all your concerns. Most of us were first attracted to Zombies for it's simplicity. The concept was so miniscule that we became quickly addicted to one rule that existed, survive! But by doing the same thing over and over again players can become bored, but we didn't. We continued to do the same cumbersome routine on the same maps. Treyarch isn't just ditching this gameplay that we have become to accustomed to, they're just making new ones to test the waters with. With these new possibly objective bases modes- maps we used to strongly dislike could possibly become our new favorite map! (not saying old maps will be making some type of return) These new game modes won't just give us new rules, there'll be completely new guidelines and standards that we'll have to get used, but that can end up being really cool! Many people hated Five, but say there is a new mode that starts you off with the power on, and the initial points given is say 5000, players could now possibly have a whole lotta fun now instead of waiting 20 minutes to start rolling out the big stuff in normal mode. Do you see where i'm coming from here? They ARE keeping the classic zombie mode. They ARE creating new zombie modes that you DON'T HAVE TO PLAY. The option is there for players who want to play something that's not so cut and dry. THAT'S IT.
  12. Cryogenic Slumber Party- In Moon, complete Richtofens Grand Scheme. ^this clearly show that there will be some type of grand finale for our characters. I'm sure this will act as some kind of metaphor, to go into a cryogenic freezing, and re-awaken in Black Ops 2. Or something along those lines It's meant to complete Richtofens scheme, which means something major will happen. Perks in Spaaaaace (30G) – In Moon, purchase every Perk in one game. Does anyone believe that you'll be allowed to actually but every perk without having to do some kind of weird thing?
  13. killerussian

    new weapon wish

    I believe that the MG-64 should make a reappearance. Although the RPK acts as it's cousin, it's just not quite the same as the old-fashioned ass kicking gun that was the MG-64
  14. killerussian

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    The same description comes with the Hardened edition as well. 2.Activision did this BECAUSE of CoDz. Well, not just, but forums like this too. Everyone is always complaining, "GAMESHARE TEH MAPZ W/ MEH, PL0X !11!one!!1" I'm very disappointed in Activision as a company, and Treyarch as a developer. They should have at least compansated us more as well, with 3 more maps for free. Or something like that, I mean, a soundtrack and a theme? I know one thing, they better be worth more than five dollars each, because thats how much a zombies map costs in a map pack. I'm sorry... I have to agree with whiteboy on this one... :ugeek: = Gypsie Fruitcake. I know I'm gonna be flamed, but come at me. I'll try to comeback at you with a highly logical counter opposition onto why I think my point of views are correct. And mods... Dont lock it, no matter what. You do realize that if you bought the Hardened or Prestige Edition you DON'T have to pay for the Pack? So by buying either one, you're technically getting 5 FREE ZOMBIE MAPS. Unlike the rest of us, who will have to pay for them.
  15. killerussian

    Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    That would make sense. After all, Treyarch would like to keep this one achievement of theirs as original as they can for as long as they can.

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