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  1. then where exactly is George coming from when you start the level? He's just chillen in the bottom of the lake? Laying there? If you watch closely.. the water starts to bubble and electrify first.. then as he gets closer it blows up and then he appears walking in to shore. And the water starts bubbling electricity again. Obviously the water is kinda funky and far fetched because its shallow or waist deep to your character because you can walk around in it.. and the zombies can crawl around in it when the have no legs. When you get downed you can see under the water to.. Anyhow... George appears walking or rising up from it.. and also walks back into it and descends when you kill him?? Anyhow 3arc likes to have a semi deep storyline.. it just seems kinda jank they would overlook something as simple as "where the hell does george come from in the beginning?" I think the answer is still yet to be found...
  2. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    In another posting people are hearing/picking up what they say are rocks grinding open inthere headsets/headphones. And describing it like a cave opening. But they say they can't tell if it's random or not. I wonder if they are hearing it when the lighthouse lights starts going funky! I can't remember which board I read that on.
  3. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    Supposedly George has a twitter and is posting clues. http://twitter.com/romerothezombie And someone mentioned killing George in the bottom of the lighthouse inside it where I posted the pics , not outside it. And George said on the right track. Not sure if this twitter account is legit but it's worth a try. I've never read anyone posting that they killed him there
  4. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    Im far from a game designer but wouldnt you think that 3arc knows about people noclipping and would make something like this appear after you do something? I dont much know how levels are designed.. but couldnt a room appear AFTER even know it wasnt there before when you noclipped?
  5. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    also isnt on the bottom floor of the lighthouse an unlit lightbulb attached to the bottom of the stairs? or is that a different floor?
  6. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    i thought the slide to but people have speculated on the forums that the stairs lead further down thru the ice into maybe a basement. who knows??
  7. http://www.callofduty.com/intel/465 There's some racket coming from below, and once that beam starts shining, it just can't seem to keep a steady rotation. Rumors have leaked in concerning access to an underground passage, but as of yet they're unconfirmed. A zipline runs from the top of the building, but the crew just can't seem to get it up and running. This will definitely need some more exploring. EDIT: So I added some pictures. You can see the broken railing descends into the ice and is sticking out of it all frozen into it funky like.. and then the unlit lightbulb i was talking about..
  8. jdl14

    map next to locked door.

    its the meteor above same happens with the one in the ship.. the size of the area you can push x seems to go up for ages ahhh that makes perfect sense because one of the times I pushed x on it the song started playing...
  9. jdl14

    map next to locked door.

    maybe then its like the whole wall? And starts the easter egg? So maybe you already did it? i only hear it once.. but i've done it multiple times.. and I was wondering about it before I even knew there was papers ripped off it to find..
  10. jdl14

    map next to locked door.

    I havent read that anyones noticed that if you hit x when in front of the poster/map it makes the same sound it does when you press x by the meteors...
  11. jdl14

    Acension Loading Screen.

    Hello new here posting, but not new to reading the board.. What exactly is the middle picture of, in the loading screen? At first I just thought it was like a jail cell . Never really thought much more too it until recently people said it looks like pipes. Not bars .. And what the hell is the thing in the middle? A bowl? Or a basin? The more I look at it now the more it doesnt seem like a jail cell.. Also you can kinda make out the definition of the room beyond the bars or pipes . Is it a room maybe in the level? Thoughts? Also I know people have found the satellite sputnik blueprint thats behind the dog/monkey on the gknova site. SO I'm wondering does anyone know what the blueprints are in the loading screen of Ascension?

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