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  1. well on the first page of this post Dusty says this "Also, when trying to translate it, keep in mind some of the torn pieces are actually the pieces of paper around the map with the numbers on them. For example, the purple paper has a 6 and fits back into the poster in a way that the writing will then say "Cuando los 6 -something illegible- juntos poder sera de nosotros." "When the 6 -somethings- are together". That's all I know off the top of my head. So the torn pieces fit into the map to say something... i just havent gone aroiund trying to find them to take pictures yet
  2. Has anyone pieced the pieces back where they go on the poster by the heroes to see what it would say?
  3. Ok so if four paintings are of the four morse radio locations.. Is that agreeable with everyone ? anyone have a better theory? If not let's move on to what the torn poster says. Most importantly the word at the top that looks like it says "unreal" I think the u is actual a b though And what is the word along the bottom that looks like astral? Also where do the other torn pieces for the tower dials fit in and make it say?
  4. So i also posted this in the 3arc boards and NODOZ1212 over there posted this There are 4 paintings depicting different parts of the map. There is one to the far left of the door the trapped characters are in. The other three are in the room above , where flopper is. The one above the table that the batteries are on is showing the power switch room from the perspective of the mystery box at the end of the ship. The painting in the corner, with the bed frame leaned against it, is showint the small building where stamina is located. The last painting, by the doorway going to the stairs, is showing the containers between the cranes......i think. Something bout it is not quite rite. Im playing solo now and am gonna check it out better. What importance, if any, do these 4 locations on the map have? 4 locations, 4 characters?????? he also has a gallery up so all these pics are his..
  5. So the picture I thought was of the ship actually is a picture of the building that the lighthouse is connected to. And the where the heroes are trapped.. and where the picture is actually hanging lol So there is a picture hanging up of where the picture is hanging up.... WEIRD question is why???
  6. Here are the pictures The picture on the left side of the wall next to the trapped heroes.. I turned the contrast and brightness way up and now it looks like part of the ship? Why is there a picture on the wallof part of the ship?? And here's a closeup with a name in the corner that reads "wendee" or "Wendle" Next picture is of the "map" or whatever that is on the right of the picture above.. Some closeups of the writing
  7. Thanks Dusty! Thats what I was talking about.. piecing the small parts back into the poster to read what the whole thing says! And I'm not entirely sure its a "map" but I dont know what else to call it? I'll take a picture of it with my phone and upload it for people to see... gimme a few..
  8. then where exactly is George coming from when you start the level? He's just chillen in the bottom of the lake? Laying there? If you watch closely.. the water starts to bubble and electrify first.. then as he gets closer it blows up and then he appears walking in to shore. And the water starts bubbling electricity again. Obviously the water is kinda funky and far fetched because its shallow or waist deep to your character because you can walk around in it.. and the zombies can crawl around in it when the have no legs. When you get downed you can see under the water to.. Anyhow... George appears walking or rising up from it.. and also walks back into it and descends when you kill him?? Anyhow 3arc likes to have a semi deep storyline.. it just seems kinda jank they would overlook something as simple as "where the hell does george come from in the beginning?" I think the answer is still yet to be found...
  9. whats interesting is that there is the spanish writing there to begin with.. the - d jano looks like a signature of whoever wrote it.. its spanish writing in Siberia?? Weird to me.. its gotta mean something pertaining to the story or map obviously
  10. Ok the painting or picture on the left? What the heck is it? Can anyone tell? You can make out something faintly thats there but I cant for the life of me figure out what its supposed to be.. And the "map" or whatever the heck it is.. Has anyone bothered taking a picture of it and then kinda piecing the torn pieces of it together to see what it might say? It obviously has something written in spanish along the bottom right corner that says "juntos Poder?" and then I can make out what looks like "Sera de Nosotros" and then - D Jano? or something to that nature.. maybe someone can get a good pic of both the weird painting on the left and the map thing zoomed in with a scope.
  11. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    In another posting people are hearing/picking up what they say are rocks grinding open inthere headsets/headphones. And describing it like a cave opening. But they say they can't tell if it's random or not. I wonder if they are hearing it when the lighthouse lights starts going funky! I can't remember which board I read that on.
  12. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    Supposedly George has a twitter and is posting clues. http://twitter.com/romerothezombie And someone mentioned killing George in the bottom of the lighthouse inside it where I posted the pics , not outside it. And George said on the right track. Not sure if this twitter account is legit but it's worth a try. I've never read anyone posting that they killed him there
  13. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    Im far from a game designer but wouldnt you think that 3arc knows about people noclipping and would make something like this appear after you do something? I dont much know how levels are designed.. but couldnt a room appear AFTER even know it wasnt there before when you noclipped?
  14. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    also isnt on the bottom floor of the lighthouse an unlit lightbulb attached to the bottom of the stairs? or is that a different floor?
  15. jdl14

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    i thought the slide to but people have speculated on the forums that the stairs lead further down thru the ice into maybe a basement. who knows??

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