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  1. I got tired of hitting pause, and I figured everyone else was too. Here is the official Shangri-la video in half speed. http://www.consolelink.com/2011/06/call-of-duty-black-ops-annihilation-dlc/ (It's the second video on the page.)
  2. Hasn't started yet. Will be up a couple of minutes after 9pm pacific
  3. Hit me up if your in the market for a capture card. I don't sell them, but i've done my research and found the best one/ best software. If you don't have both, you will struggle for days!
  4. Tonight I will be hosting a HD livestream of Call of the Dead with Sogo from Wethegamerz. Come and join us here: http://www.consolelink.com/live 9pm pacific 5/14/11 We will be passing my previous low co-op record of round 24 and hopefully my solo record round 34. Stop by and chat, or just watch the carnage!
  5. Round 34 solo.... will be attempting to break the record tonight with 2 ppl. AHRvJ48sPRw (proof)
  6. The rewards you get from George are not worth the bullets / points you spend on it (unless your trying to get more than 4 perks). If you are playing co-op and let yourself get downed, you might be able to kill him with Mustang & Sally but im not sure how many times you would have to do it....
  7. Hey just wanted to start a thread and ask people how far they have gotten on Call of the Dead. Post your rounds survived, a video if you have it, and how many people where in your party. FrostedShrapnel Round 34 Solo AHRvJ48sPRw
  8. He isn't doing a live commentary, he just cuts to the scene where he gets VR-11. Lol. Couldn't figure out what he meant by that, until you explained. Yeah, its not live commentary. I like to concentrate on the game fully when im playing.
  9. This is a little video tutorial i made to show how to kill @$$hole Geroge Romero. This is done without glitching or hacking. ej4zBnA7xEc
  10. So... after closer review, it looks like I activated the rock under the clock, lol. I had my crosshairs on the clock though....
  11. Here is the video that shows where the clock is: http://youtu.be/p833sJfC_Vg Dunno if it is the same song that plays when you activate the rocks....
  12. Here is a video of my strategy. Need a couple of games more worth of practice to perfect it. nx8gl33JJes It works pretty well, however i was tired as hell.... Also the bottom of the lighthouse is very good for quite awhile. Especially if you are playing Co-op and your other peeps are elsewhere. Then the flow of zombies is not bad at all down there. Hug the inside line in a circle then move to the outside when you need to.
  13. 1) Ages can be teens on up, as long as your decent at the game. 2)Pacific time zone, but we will party up 30mins before the dlc is available and play all night. 3)I camp for low rounds then find some room to run.
  14. You can camp for a while on the low levels, but usually if you ever want to break above round 35+ you need to run and gun. This map will be no different as every single map out there has a circle strategy (except 1). At a certain point your weapons become almost useless.
  15. Looking for peeps to play on May 3rd. Last dlc launch I went to bed early, woke up @ 2am, ate a pizza and played until I had to go to work @ 8am. I will be doing a repeat for Call of the dead. I'm looking for more like minded (insane) ppl. I want to form a big XBL party, but split down in to smaller groups to play. I will be live streaming / capturing in HD while we play. Need peeps that are good and dedicated. To look 4 easter eggs / make an attempt on setting a record level. We will be live here: Consolelink.com/live If you would like to play, add me on your friends list and post here. Gtg, hungry! [brains]
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