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  1. The Inside Xbox video, released yesterday shows some gameplay that looks great, but also a word from Jimmy Zelinski, a developer from Treyarch. I cant help but notice he said " Ill give you a vague tip, but very helpful and that is shoot everything and if you do that, and do it with alot of different guns, your going to find some really interesting things happen that you weren't expecting." This makes me wonder if by this, he meant possible easter eggs etc to find and explore. This may mean there is still story to this map after all? I dont know, I may be wrong and he could just be saying shoot things and cool stuff explodes! I don't know, just a thought :)
  2. This post is, I'm afraid, a bit of a rant. I want to talk about the Black ops Multiplayer and how I think its way too over complicated now. I mean, what happened to the good old idea of point and shoot? Even Cod 4 and 5 were simple, but they were fun. Personally, I want CoD points completely scrapped, its just not that good. You need to buy a perk, complete the challenges to unlock the pro version and then buy the pro version. WHY?! I look back at previous cod games and think that black ops should have stayed in line and followed the same idea as MW2. I'm not saying they shouldn't have added new elements to the game, I'm saying the shouldn't have ditched the things we know and love. Just a couple of things, finally getting fall on that weapon and getting that title that you can show off to your friends. All that, gone. One last thing, ( sorry... ) the interactive menu when you launch the game. The traded quick loading times for a menu which is really cool the first 3 or 4 times. Now it just makes me irritated when I have to wait that little while longer to play the game. Thats all! ( For now ) :D
  3. For some reason I feel that the CZ75 is worse in full auto... Its probably just me though
  4. Im sure I heard somewhere that it went up to Prestige 14
  5. Awesome ideas man! Too late though :(
  6. P0DG3Y

    Group 935

    I am not sure if its referencing to the bible, but maybe something more scientific? Such as something to do with elements or location. Good idea though, guess it makes sense. :)
  7. I have to admit they do look similar, but chances are, as I think someone has already said, there probably just similar character models. However, I could be wrong. Only time will tell :)
  8. 1. Receive Black ops via post 2.Jizz 3.Play Multiplayer 4.Jizz 5.Play Zombies 6.Jizz 7.Play Campaign 8.Jizz 9.My Internet cuts out again 10. J..., no wait, play combat training 11.Take a bath
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