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  1. No way. It could be the end of our 4 characters. But needless to say Zombies will still be a mode on BO2. Zombies is to much of a selling point for Treyarch CoDs, i doubt Activision would let them make a game without it.
  2. I hate him. He ruins everything. He seems to always be in the way anytime i try to do anything ever. and Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead and Call of the dead are all good reasons why he should be dead.
  3. I know you didn't, but its all over youtube and a couple posts that he goes away for a couple rounds or ten minutes.
  4. Shooting him with a pack a punched Vr11 doesn't make him go away for a couple of rounds. He just re spawns from a different body of water on the map and because he walks so slow it seems like he's gone for a couple rounds.
  5. I just wish we got so much more answers with this map! I love the layout and we've been waiting for this map since we saw the lighthouse pictures. I would have very much appreciated getting more answers then more elaboration on the experiments. now if they finished the storyline and then decided to add these new characters i wouldn't have that much of a beef because it would be Romero's own storyline with his characters. But i really dislike the Fictional and Real life character combination if that makes sense. I understand what all you guys are saying with Romero being a Boss type character, but he really isnt he just gets in the way. I only play with my friend steve, mainly cuz i dont have any other friends on my list willing to shell out 15 bucks for a zombie map and we split up and buy both ways and 9 times out of 10, Romero who shows his ugly face when im in the light house and i shoot him trying to kill other zombies. Then it becomes one messy game of ring around the rosey with me always getting down. Now the Pentagon Theif was more of a boss because he came every 5 rounds and stole your weapons. Romero is just a creepy stalker that enjoys having 3 million health and saying bad jokes, I think they should make a shotgun type wonder weapon, lets face it the HS10, Stakeout and Olympia all lose there cool after round 15 even PaP. We do not need 3 snipers showing up in the box, and Avenged Sevenfold isnt talented and M Shadows bitch ass voice drives me up a wall. And the Headshot perk is useless for me because i already aim for the head when i got it i saw no differance other than losing 1500 points. I guess these are all things we learn over time whats good and whats not so good. But i hate not being able to play as dempsey =[.
  6. ITS STUPID! The whole Romero and Actor idea? dumb. Wheres the original 4? oh cool behind a door. What was the whole point of helping Gersch and pissing sam off in the last map if it didnt even continue in this map? theres no expanding on that because we play as the new characters which are all dumb except Trejo. The New sprinters are annoying, thats what made Verruckt so hard. the new perk sucks. the Vr11 sucks. The Scavenger is useless unless you use it as a sniper which is hard to do because of the new sprinters and romero being a pain in the ass. They should have added more weapons for the size of the map. No m60 of AK47 yet? thats dumb to. They need to Add waffle weapons that DO something. We havnt seen a good waffle weapon since Der Reise with the monkeys, face it the thundegun sucks and only knocks them down. And finally the easter egg song....I HATE A7X and thats something "every zombie fan will love" not me because that band is untalented and over hyped. why get rid of Elena and that other guy? they made good fitting music for the maps. The only thing i liked about this map was the map itself and the atmosphere. The rest of it really disapointed me. What are your thoughts? other than me being a bitch (i admit it). Please excuse my errors im on a droid.
  7. Richthofen wiped ALL their memories with 115, and they're regaining it. I believe every character has a very important backstory. Like Dempsey going to Verruckt to get Peter. so we know Dempsey's and Richthofen's, but we need to find out Nikolai's and Takeo's importance.
  8. Offtopic: You should take some of those images out from your signature IMO. And yeah I think Treyarch deleted level secret 1 and 2 from Ascension. Thats what ive been thinking. Just hoping this "update" when the PS3 and PC get ascension will unlock it. I want the Waffe back the thundergun sucks.
  9. Its a light at the base of the satellite array. Nothing more.
  10. My friend claims to have found a code that points to the PaP PPSH and Wunderwaffe DG-2 being in the map. But the problem is that its just the skins. no actual gun models or coding for these guns. I have a couple of theories on this issue. My friend is BSing (ill ask him for a link to where the codes are so i dont waste everyones time) They removed both of these guns at the last minute much like the Amm-o matic They are added to the box after spelling Hyena and Hitsam (this has been debunked but maybe there will be an update adding these to the box after the PS3 and PC get it. I will update this whenever i find out more about it. i WILL be diligent and find this code he was talking about. Stay tuned for details.
  11. The files on the terminal said theres 115 on the moon found by the astronomical team. Which means there may be a map on the moon but sending Gersch to the moon is not confirmation that we are going to the moon. we launched the rocket which means we would have to find another rocket. Im not sure about you but rockets are hard to come by. A map on the moon is the dumbest idea ever. This isnt Doom! where not going into space to fight zombies and demons. It makes no sense on how we even got there! sure its hinted at a lot that were going to the moon but if it does i feel that will be to far fetched even for a zombie storyline and i am not thrilled about this idea at all. Plus this has been posted about 8 times already drop the subject.
  12. Richthofen isn't dead because of the ipod tutorial. Thats just a tutorial an its on the ipod. Why would they make something canon to the storyline if not everyone can play it? I wouldnt be caught dead using an ipod. And like someone already posted that would mean that NDU happened after Ascension which it didn't because we dont know what happens after Ascension. Everyone just needs to stop making theories and assumptions until we actually know more of whats going on. Just my 2 cents not meaning to flame anyone.
  13. Richthofen wiped their memories with 115 and they're regaining it. Dempsey's quote is "Richthofen...I've seen him before Shi No Numa, I dont like him". I haven't heard Takeo's quote or Nikolai's (if he has one). But someone just posted something in the GKnova6 forums that Richthofen says "i had to leave them, The girl keeps playing her games" i think this is pointing that Richthofen eventually leaves the group on his own because he caught on to their intentions and Rich gets replaced by someone else. Possibly Yuri or someone from Area 51. Just a small guess who knows.
  14. If you look at the Coding LUNA is the only one coded with "Passcode" the other ones are just coded as "secret" and I've seen absolutely NO results from spelling Hyena or Hitsam other than Nikolai saying "The reaper is coming" i believe neither of these codes do nothing unless the codes Hyena is for the dolls and Hitsam is for the bears, Someone brought that theory up in the CoDz forums an that seems more plausible because they're not coded as "passcode".
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