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  1. Die Rise is one of the top zombie maps across the entire franchise, so by default, its my favourite Black Ops 2 map so far. But I really do like Nuketown too, I love how the perk machines spawn at random rounds and areas, it makes every game a truely different experience everytime.
  2. I like it, had a lot of fun playing it with friends for an hour. But it needs much more customization options on custom games, like being able to change the timer or no power-ups and stuff. Also it could do with more maps, give it the Bus Depot at least.
  3. I really do like the map as a whole, me and my friends are still finding new things hidden in the fog. I'm just really disappointed that all the Black Ops perks havn't seemed to have returned, it's not like the map hasn't got room for them!
  4. I picked up a second one the last night after using one of the denizen teleports. Literally no idea how I did it!
  5. So if the machine with the tombstone on it is a perk. What do you think it does?
  6. Part of the fun of zombies is looking into the clues that Treyarch hand out, not having stuff handed to you on a plate, c'mon guys, weres your sense of adventure? :P
  7. Wow, its perfect, they could of overdone the whole aged look they seem to have gone for here, but they havn't.
  8. Possibly because its a small map too, not as much work to convert it Zombie style compared to other maps.
  9. I can imagine a domination like game mode would lead to some fun and frustrating situations. I love it.
  10. I read somewhere that by using the multiplayer engine on zombies, it is possible to have the twice the number of zombies appear on screen.
  11. I honestly wouldn't mind the occasional map with just the original 4 perks, but not on a permanent basis.
  12. I'd love to have at least 3 maps on the disc this time around, two from the start and one unlockable.
  13. I wonder if its a straight port, or something new but using an existing name like the DS games that have been made for the last few years?
  14. I seriously hope they dont call it Black Ops 2, its an awful name.
  15. I'd love some kind of stats menu, that kept track of total amount of kills, headshots, kills per weapon etc.
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