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  1. I'm sorry, but I must complain about the 'Skill' part of the fight. Just because he's lost his ability to snipe, does not mean he lacks in skill, but now is disabled in a certain area of combat. While this, now affecting his future career, does not mean he has any less skill. Though, while Price would still win in that, I found myself bothered by that entry. Had to nitpick.
  2. We moved carefully with each step, if Sora had escaped, it raised suspicion that maybe more escaped. Not to mention zombies lurked on these tile floors. Most were easily taken out by a silenced weapon of any sort to the head, but we had to keep aware for any 'specials'. An enchanting, yet catchy tune was being whistled in the distance, though we had no idea who it was. Another problem was where it was, we were caught off guard when a red beam trailed onto Dempsey's head, who rolled to the side. "Have you heard this song?" the voice chimed, as we all raised our heads up to a blonde Gothic Lolita. Then it struck me, Philistine, No More Heroes 2, Margaret Moonlight. I responded with "Yep." while the others responded with a no. "What a shame, let me teach you," Margaret shot at Nikolai and clearly missed on purpose. She jumped from the top of the chamber as her sniper rifle transformed into a scythe. We all reached for our weapons, which seemed to not be there. Up where Margaret was hiding was our firearms, stacked in a pile. "No cheating during lessons," Margaret ran after us, her first strike on Dempsey. Dempsey quickly pulled out his combat knife and stroke back, rolling in between her legs to escape. I reached for my blade, and Nikolai pulled out his vodka bottle. Nikolai's first instinct was to jump up to strike Margaret it the head. Margaret quickly reacted by slashing Nikolai across the stomach, knocking him back, a streak of blood falling toward the floor. It was my turn, taking my katana and striking her scythe, as we went into a power struggle. Both of our blades met, we pushed forward until I became the victor, slashing her across the stomach. She finally began singing her song, which I must admit was catchy as hell. She now took me as main priority and rushed after me, her scythe movements graceful. I reacted with meeting each blade swing with my own. Both of us span, at the same time, and I knocked the scythe out of her hands. I sliced her to the neck and she stumbled back. She cartwheeled back to her scythe and transformed it back to a sniper, going to the spot where our weapons were stacked. We weren't graceful enough to make our way up there, so we all ran around the battlefield. She constantly tried to get a shot on us but never succeeded. After she realized that she was more affective with her scythe, jumped back down. Dempsey threw his knife at her almost instantly, the knife sticking into her stomach, paralyzing her. I made my way up to the blue-eyed beauty and smiled, putting my katana straight through her stomach. "Did you... memorize the song?" upon her saying that I instantly remembered Travis's line. "One hundred percent." I copied, with a slight grin. I pulled the sword out of her, and as she fell, said her final words, it was exactly like the game "That's so... sublime..." her body smashed the floor with a thunk. I sighed, having just killed one of my favorite bosses of all time. We moved forward cautiously once again on the tile floors. I wondered if it was our destiny to die inside these labs.
  3. I say: Hardcover Brown Wrinkly To Look Old Slap a Wunderwaffe On The Cover It'd get me to buy it :3
  4. (MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT LONG AWAITED CONTINUATION) I couldn't stop humming 'Still Alive' I walked to the front door of Aperture. As I reached to open it civilly, Dempsey decided to kick it open. "You do it regular, I do it BADASS" he belowed before heading in. Nikolai and I followed in and went down a large, winding flight of stairs. I soon stopped at a small part of the wall "Stop, here!" everybody stopped and followed back to it. I placed the claymore and pulled out my Steyr Scout and went a few steps up. After aiming down and shooting it, we were in the test chamber I remembered from the game. This one, though, was wrecked by zombies. The portal gun was still there though. I decided to take it and through it over my shoulder Chell-Style. I looked up toward a part of the ceiling that was bitten out by zombies and shot up. Then, shot at my feet, and went down the inter-dimensional port. Dempsey and Nikolai were apparently used to such weird things due to Richtofen, and hopped in. On the otherside, we crawled quietly through dimly lighted areas, back to the wall. I put the portal gun off my back and stole a WWII Colt M1911 from Dempsey. I could hear clanging metal in the distance, then a gun shot. "THIS IS NOT A TESTING AREA. PLEASE RETURN TO THE TESTING AREA" the robot yelled with it's grinding, annoying voice. A simple shot to the head took this one out. But I backed up as more appeared, and all of the robots spoke at once "RETURN TO THE TESTING AREA!" Dempsey took out his BAR, I took out my Sniper, and Nikolai raised his vodka bottle. "I shall kill you with Russian-Made Glass, Robo-Pigs." Nikolai calmly stated, as if there was no threat. Dempsey was sick of waiting and began rapidly slinging led into the metallic beasts. I stood up against a wall, Coca-Cola bottle in one hand, pistol in the other. The pattern kept the same, shoot a head, take a sip, shoot a head, repeat. Nikolai rushed in without hesitation and beat them with the seemingly indestructible vodka bottle. After the robots were done with, I searched their bodies by pressing A- I mean... observing them. I took they're laser pistols and what was their charge pack. I strapped the charge pack to my back, rhyme unintended, and attached the pistol to it. We continued on our merry way. We smelled the daffodils, skipped through with a smile. All was alright... But then we reached the Character Chambers. Zombies... zombies everywhere... They looked towards us, blood thirsty. Then, I heard a glass crack, as if one of them had broken free. I saw a body leap down before hearing a bunch of clashing, in the middle of it all I heard the figure say "HEAL". The figure jumped up from the zombies and looked toward us. It was Sora, Keyblade in hand, brown spiky hair "Heh, what do you think? Impressive?" Sora gloated. "I could do better" Dempsey added, as Nikolai back-handed him. "Name's Zachariah Jones, Alaskan Nerd, tell me how to release these characters." I demanded Sora. "Weeeellll I would tell you.." Sora flashed a grin "Buuut... you need to find Kairi's chamber first, make sure she's actually in here." I wrote this down in my quest log. "What makes YOU so special?" Nikolai back-handed Dempsey for his quote again. "Could you STOP THAT!?" Dempsey yelled as Nikolai backed away, innocent grin and everything. "Alright folks, we have a Kairi to find. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sonic the Hedgehog? You've got to be KIDDING ME. First I'm killing zombies that are nazis, but now I meet a blue hedgehog that SAVED ME FROM THEM" Private Nathan yelled. "Whoa there, you were about to die, now I don't know about you but..." a roar was heard as Sonic trailed off. "What. Was. THAT?"
  5. I just realized it's five days at 10:59 that I'll have been here for a year. Huh, feels shorter....
  6. JOHN MADDEN! aeiou! aeiou! aeiou! FOOTBALL Sorry 'bout that. *cough* Back on topic: First o' all I'd like to say.... CLASSIC MAPS Secondly, I believe the same as you, to complete ze experiment and bring back the DG-2! And control the world, and use the world's natural satellite to do so! It's only obvious, it orbits the Earth in a whole 24 Hours, meaning IN 24 HOURS! ZE MOON SHALL BE MINE! HAHAHAHA! Evil Villain Cliches... so AWESOME
  7. (Behold, the shortest entry of the story!) The gunfire was holding them back, for now, the blood sprayed on his face, getting in his eyes and mouth. He was sent for a reason on this mission. He was immune. Mostly a Private would only get a small objective, but ever since this incident with the Zombies. He's been being sent as a Heavy Gunner into the Battlefield. I'm out of ammo..... I stared blankly at the sun, and waited for my time to come. What the? The blue blur came from absolutely nowhere shredding its way through the horde. It seemed like it, whatever it was, wasn't breaking a sweat. After it finished tearing the flesh of every meatsack there. It had to catch its breath. "I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Journal Entry #5! THERE IS NO PROGRESS! ALL OF MY ASSISTANTS ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS! THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY LEFT THE FUCKING CODES! NOW WE CAN'T TELEPORT FOR SHIT! Not that it matters anyways. Der Reise's Reinforced Metal Walls can't hold them forever. They sense the element in the experiments below, they want it so they can grow stronger. They already have. The 115's Radiation deploys from the mainframe and the multiple teleporters. That's actually one of the reasons we have to work underground. The levels are extremely high, I told them I was immune, but they refused. One day, I will find my way out of here. And finally find Zach again. The poor guy must be having trouble. He's lucky if he even escaped GLaDOS! Screw it all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We've been outside Aperture for five days! What are you planning on doing?" Dempsey yelled in fury. "I'm working out a way to free the other video game characters." I lightly whispered while I continued to map an escape route. Luckily hitting the Aerial Faith gave me a really good view of the facility. I was able to see every route, whether it was using the broken test chambers or the secret corridors. There was multiple routes to GLaDOS' Lair. One of them, led behind the lair, where the characters were stored. This is where the claymore mine will come in handy. We need to blow up a wall just to get inside, after a long flight of stairs of course. Going into the depths of Aperture was the only way to do this. We needed to break in, hack some shit (luckily I have experience. I'm not proud of myself for not playing legit), which should trigger self-destruction and the opening of their containers. It's all mapped out now, the plan's coming together perfectly. By the end of today, it'll all be a fond memory, for this success could save our lives. I can count many characters that'd be a huge help on this trek. Even some characters that could be pilots. I need to get to Germany, I need to find her again. She's the ticket to the survival of our race, she knows more than she told me. And I'm smarter than she thought. "Gentleman, time to attack..."
  8. Germany, Der Riese Waffenfabrik 8:00 AM Kelsey M. Brown of the Die Glocke Project Journal Entry #4 Once a Prototype always a Prototype. We can't seem to find any codes for the Prototype-T, also known as the Tragisches Versagen or the Tragic Failure. Everytime we try to put in random numbers the system fails. Maybe if we messed around with the ATX-9 a bit we'd get some results. But we all have our doubts. There is no way Zach's still alive. Without me, I don't see how he could be. Aperture may have killed him, I know what they are and what they do. What a foul piece of history. In summary, all experiments have been a failure. Long shall our project suck. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "99 bottles of vodka on the wall! 99 bottles of vodka! You take one down, you chug it all down, 98 bottles of vodka on the waall...." Nikolai laughed before he fell to the ground and passed out. "Uhm, Zach, is it? What did you mean when you said "video game characters"" Dempsey asked. "Oh, you're in a different dimension that's all! Not much different from your's you know, zombies everywhere." "How do you know of our dimension in the first place?" Dempsey demanded. "Let's just say I survived 44 rounds in your body." I uttered. Dempsey let out a large groan and threw Nikolai over his shoulders. We're screwed, we're screwed, we're screwed! Don't panic! I SAID DON'T PANICCCC!!! "We're screwed." I muttered to myself. "Not while I'm around! The next zombie I see gets his head blown off by an auto shotgun! Oohah." "That's great Dempsey! But let's get realistic he-" Dempsey cut me off. "One Dempsey versus a billion zombies.... Yeah that seems about fair." "That was one of your quotes in the video game," I told him. "Again! What the hell is a video game?! I demand answers damn it!" Dempsey roared. "Sorry, uhm, a video game is, uhm... let me show you." Boy am I glad that I have the CoD:Zombies app. I started playing and Dempsey watched. Shi No Nummmaaaa! "That sounds like me!" Dempsey yelled. "It is you." I told him. "WHAT!? Okay, you're almost as bad as Richtofen." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This is Private Nathan of STAR! Can you read? I repeat can you read?" The soldier was worried. The rest of his squad was dead. The infection grew stronger every day, new mutations were growing. Which only made it harder for them to conserve their limited supplies. "Private Nathan this is Whiskey Squad! Whatcha need over in Missi!? Texas is pretty terrible right now, I'd love to come and survive a smaller state!" Sgt. Neon (nickname) yelled. "Well, FIRST OFF! Everyone's dead! I'm alone, armed only with my M249 SAW! AND ONE SPARE CLIP! So in summary, MISSISSIPPI IS HELL! I'm requesting either a drop-off, rescue, or reinforcements!" Private Nathan sarcastically laughed. "I'll try and contact Alpha Squad! They have ten rescue choppers on stand by! You'll just need to hold on tight, board up your barriers, and do whatcha can to survive! Can you handle 'dat soldier?" Sgt. Neon yapped. "Hopefully! I'll catcha later! There's an effing horde in front of me!" Private Nathan readied his M249. Nightmares...... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's right folks! Three stories, one topic, this is so I can process three ideas at once. Which increases the possibility of me getting an idea of each character. Hope you enjoy this little bundle of zombie related goodness.
  9. The helicopter had a really nice chrome finish. Erm, I wonder where we are. I know we're in Canada but I was really never told how much north into Canada. "You know, I was an undercover spy. I was actually a financial adviser. Before you ask, no I'm not Jewish, stupid stereotypical Americans." "I'm sorry what was the last part!? After 'I'm not Jewish'!?" "Nothing!" Hmf, this is all a flashback to all of the YouTube videos I watched. You know, the video game world colliding with the real world. Seeing that I'm a survivor of this all, I must be pretty badass. Or a total coward that only runs away from the zombies. Either way, Yay Me. I cannot believe I found a sniper rifle, it's a lovely 7.62 Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle. 6.6 pounds, 10 round detachable box magazine and last but not least flip up 'ghost ring' iron sights for those times you don't need a scope. Yep, this rifle is a quality piece of machinery, props to Austria. I think I'll get rid of my double barrel to make room, this is too great of a gun to pass up. No effing way, an M18A1 Claymore Mine filled with a load of C4! I need to keep this. And an USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun, I think I'll throw away my M1A1, sorry Dad, I found a better gun. I think I'm a stationary soldier now with all of these guns. All such lovely lovely weaponry, These'll all go to good use. "Zach! Here we are! Aperture Science!" Thank god. We landed near the front entrance. "This is when we go our separate ways Zach. Sorry to leave you stranded at a science lab that's probably crowded with zombies." "Alright Kelsey, I'll stay safe." "I know you will." Kelsey hovered away, I might never see her again. I put the USAS-12 in my palms and slowly walked into the labs. "Welcome, I know who you are, you have my invention." GLaDOS... "It seems that the Digitalizer is fully operational. And I'll be taking it back." A gigantic chrome arm came tumbling down. "Give it to me, and I'll help you out in your survival." I slammed the Digitalizer into the arm. Then another one swooped by and picked me up. And it dropped me over a large pit. "WHAT THE...?!" I landed on an aerial faith plate and flew into the air, and landed safely on a mattress. "You really thought I would kill you? Despicable humans." GLaDOS mumbled. "Alright! I gave my part of the deal, what are you going to do for me?" I called. "As you already know, we collided dimensions with the video game universe. Now, I have ALL of them except for that revolting Richtofen in store. And I'm letting you choose two video game characters to help you survive." She cannot be serious. This is unreal.... "Alright, I'll take Dempsey and Nikolai." I told her as a wall spinned around revealing all of the world's video game characters in glass pods. "Great choice, a drunk and a bloodthirsty marine. Let me just use the search options. Ah, here they are. And they're your's to fight with. Now get out of my sight." The glass pods popped open. "Damn! It's so DAMN hot in there. Hey robot lady, what the fuck is your problem? Trapping us in those pieces of crap!" Dempsey ranted. Nikolai walked over to me, "Nice to meet a new person, I've been time travelling with the same group for years." "Nice to meet you I'm Zachariah Jones, but call me Zach." Nikolai spoke again, "You're legal to drink right? Here have a shot of Smirnoff." I took the shot swiftly and chugged it down. It felt good to finally have a flavored drink, I've been having water for a long time. "Let's get out of here guys." I suggested.
  10. My theories (some might be said b4.) : -She's losing control of the zombies from another source. -The zombies are rebelling. Knowing that the zombies are uncontrollable as heard in the Der Reise radio. -Realizing revenge isn't worth it and as quoted from the song "They Need Me, and I Need Them." Maybe because of the previous theory. I unno, just from the top of my head. I might sound stupid. Also Wight can mean a supernatural entity, and as an adjective it means brave, valorous, or strong. Wight Knight from KH Theory is now laid to rest, meaning that a supernatural knight or a Strong Knight.
  11. I read Warriors too. -Whenwherewhy? The Ranter and The Writer.... well, too some I might not be a good ranter or writer. But I'm just going on and on here. :roll:
  12. See guys. Doesn't it feel good to just type what you hate to a large community of people? I know it does, because I do it..... alot.....WHAT AM I DOING PRODUCTIVE WITH MY LIFE!?
  13. (After A Long Line Of Fillers! THIS ISN'T! HOORAY FOR A LARGE SECTION! It's about time too, writer's block sucks.) Go K.K. Rider or Marine Song 2001? Ugh, I guess I'll go with Stale Cupcakes. "Hey Kelsey, if there's any coffee left in the world, I'd enjoy a cup." "Sorry Zach, we've been living off of snack machines forever, I don't have coffee." "Please tell me you atleast have soup and put a microwave from the mansion in the back." "Yep, I brought 7 cans, 7 bowls and a microwave. Why, you want a bowl?" "Thanks Kels, and maybe later, I was just asking if you brought something so we can SURVIVE. It's not just zombies that'll kill us." After a bit of driving she stopped somewhere, "Richtofen told me about this place, right here lies an underground Canadian base. A lot of secret technology was being produced here. They were also in the Tech Races, many people thought it was only the Germans and the U.S., but the Canadians had some things of their own. That's why Richtofen was here, to uncover the secrets of the 5 Canadian bases. Once the aliens popped up in Canada there was a lot of commotion, then the virus spread. Richtofen popped up further in time, believe it or not, the world had already ended once. There was a second big-bang, and that's where we are now." Kelsey's story surprised me, the world had already ended once? From what? "You learned that much from a German lunatic who experimented on people?" "Yes Zach, now we're here, and WE will be the first to uncover the secrets." "So, how do we get in?" "Richtofen told me to hack, he was VERY helpful. Being his assistant payed off. Haven't you noticed my watch yet? Wow, you are oblivious to who I actually am. I'm a spy from the German military, and this was my true mission. I'm no regular surviving citizen. Just stand back, the elevator will rise from the ground any second." Holy shit! Secret experiments..... this is some weird shit going on. "The Canadians are the reason we're in this mess, they collided three dimensions, a video game dimension, an alien dimension, and our dimension. Now our planet's in effing hell. This was no regular outbreak of disease." The elevator rose from the ground and we walked inside. When we were at the bottom there was a large machine in plain sight. "That, is the dimension collider, with it they created this hellhole. And made my job, a whole lot fucking easier. Follow me Zach, we need to find a helicopter and get to Michigan, if getting to Aperture is that important to you." "So THAT explains why you knew how to fly a helicopter." "Yes Zach, now can you shut up, I need to find something before we go look for a heli." We walked around for abit as she turned over tables, broke open windows, hacked keypads, and riding elevators. Looks like I'm not that screwed after all. I have a German secret agent on my side. "Ah hah! I found it, now let's get the hell out of here. The genius of a portable teleporter that'll bring us to a safe dimension! I just need to find a code, which must be somewhere in the U.S.. Come on!" We went back to the top floor and she hacked 6 keypads that brought us to a room with a helicopter and a tank. "Get in the helicopter, we're going to Aperture Science." (Section Ends Here! But, here's the actor that would play Zach if this became a movie.) Michael Cera Everybody!
  14. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM I CARE!? Nah JK, I'm a ranter it's my JOB TO COMPLAIN. So if PTG sees this I DONT CARE! I'd post this all on a public forum EVERYONE VISITS. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO Thank You Very Much - WWW
  15. I'm a famous ranter on CoDz! YAY ME! Anyways, erm, rant on Syndicate fanboys. Yesterday's livestream inspired me SO much! ThatGamingShow had the REAL Syndicate join yesterday as alot of CoDz members know. He tweeted about the Livestream and about 67 turned to 300! And everyone waz like "SYNDICATE SENT ME! HE'S SOOOOO PRO! IS DIS LIEVSTREEM ABOOT HIEM?" or "I THINK THE MADE THE SPIKEMORES IN MEMORY OF SPIKE! R.I.P. SPIKE!" So, they had to turn it to slowmode, even after that some people were still annoying, making LONG statements like, "HEY SYNDICATE! I LUB U SO MUCH! U DAH BEST! WILL YOU PLAY WIT MEH?! I'M DESPERATE AND LONELY! (Well maybe not that part) MEH GT IZ ILUBSYDICATE552! ADD MEEEEHHH!!!! MAYBEH WE CAN DO DEH EGG TOGETAH! I DUN KNOW HOW TO DO IT! BUT YOU CAN TEACH MEH HOW!" So Ps3gamerman started doing the right thing and putting people on Timeout! Then TROLLING COMMENCED! "WHY U TIEM OUT MEH? DIS LIEVSTREEM SUX BECUZ YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT DEH GAEM! AND SYNDICATE AIN'T IN IT! HE DAH BEST!!!! YOU ALL SUCKK!!!!!" Which started making everyone pissed. We were soon able to lower it down to a simple about 160 people, and everything wasn't AS annoying. But some trolling still happened. Soon MrRoflWaffles let me in on the SaladMan Plan and we were all having a good time. Then RoflWaffles went to bed and the group found out they could do it a second time. So I left the stream and tried to come back but I THINK they took it down after that. But still, Syndicate fanboys are terrible people, thinking he's god, and hating on us. We all had such a LOVELY time Alright, Dr Purple WWW SIGNING OFF (The Internet is a society of trolls. Syndicate Fanboys are a subcategory of this trolling group) Also, spread the word Henry Langham = Salad Man. Full of vitamin BS.

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