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  1. M240 with red dot CHECK, something to drink CHECK, balls CHECK. Okay I'm good.
  2. Give me some of that vodka and the Minigun, oh, and also maybe a cup of rum. Whatever, just give me a load of alcohol and the minigun. It'll be a fun night.
  3. Gimme dat minigun! My aim isn't that great, but I can kill thousands with 499 bullets of awesomeness.
  4. Oh, add vodka to the supplies, how do you think I'm always drunk? And put in parentheses "Whenwherewhy? Only"
  5. I just made 10 loaves of Portuguese Sweet Bread, put that in the supply.
  7. Does money matter in the zombie apocalypse? We'll pay you in ammo.
  8. Add to the survivor list: Whenwherewhy? who always is drunk and can't remember anything. Pretty much the reason their stuck in the house is because he forgot where his van's keys are And also add that we have a maid that makes PB&J
  9. For a prize you get cake (The rare "Not A Lie" Cakes from Brazil)
  10. I was still hoping people would use the template to make their own :D
  11. Uhm, this wasn't a reality, I was just going into my imagination, so post whatever you want :D
  12. So, lack of chat, huh? I was bored awhile ago and I went into my dream land. *Woosh* What I imagined was CoDz Version of all of your favorite songs like "Just The Way You Are" was "Just The Gun I Got." Also, in my dreamland Justin Bieber was killed by a sniper rifle, but not to get too off-topic. Anyways, as the hosts we had Carbonfibah and Triixter doing the Night Shift. MrRoflWaffles, Stwrsbob, and some zomb-she I don't remember were doing the Early Bird Show. Also, we had our very own rapper, StopDrop, yeah bro, I got your message on XBOX Live. Also, I thought we should have a 24/7 Podcast, no real video footage, just moderators of CoDz making jokes. Pretty much all of the moderators would have the password to the account to stream, Undeadwolfy and MrRoflWaffles are accepted too. Oh, don't forget forum dwellers. Anyways, I didn't know if I was supposed to post this in off-topic or here, so I sat down, ate some pie, and posted it here. I just thought this would be a fun thing to post, including that there's no real "just-for-fun" things on the site anymore. Well, yeah, finding and posting new finds and posting Map Pack 2 ideas are fun but no instant messaging. Here's a template for your very own radio station: Hosts: What type of music?: Would it have a morning talk show?: Will there be sweepstakes so you can win prizes, like toy rayguns : Would you have a facebook and twitter page. What number what your channel be (Example: 115.2 The Rock Station): Would you have your own website with info, videos, and pictures related to your station?: Would the hosts be on "Charlie Sheen" while discussing stuff?: Everytime you kill someone would you say, "Tango Down"? (Optional): -Whenwherewhy?, trying hard, and stayin' alive! Also making Perk-A-Cola Symbols:
  13. What about in the big Call Of Duty letters you put: Dual SMGs And where you put the name of the person put: Just The Way I Like It Impossible Task? Are you ready for it?
  14. Woot! Halloween Theme! Michael Myers FTW! Yeah, I'll be on around that time on Saturday.

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