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  1. TheHeckz

    Moon Confirmed Info

    *You're :roll:
  2. TheHeckz

    A Full Arsenal Of Weapons?!

    MAYBE thrice meant 3 guns? :shock: And what I feel they should do is make a separate box with wonder weapons. Each player can only use it once and it can only be used 4 times. Weapons in this box would include: Wunderwaffe, 31-79 JGb215, Matryshka dolls, Gersch device, Scavenger, Winter's Howl, and the Vr-11. This box (decorated to look all nice and purrrty) will be in one set spot and will always be in the farthest room from the spawn. It will require 5,000 points to use, and if it is not completely used by round 20, it will disappear. The Ak-47 and the Stoner-63 will be in this map in the regular box. EDIT: Also, the wave gun, QED, and whatever other new guns to the arsenal will be in the Wonder Box.
  3. TheHeckz

    Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    Retaliation does make sense since the map packs are like levels of war. First the enemy makes the FIRST STRIKE. Then, the bitterness between those 2 countries ESCALATES. And after that, there is RETALIATION.
  4. TheHeckz

    Girl character rant.

    I'll take the BA farmer with the pitchfork. Because HE is badass more than anyone.
  5. TheHeckz

    PaP Death Machine-The Godfinger Rumor

  6. TheHeckz

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    A man can dream right?! I want a flamethrower that's called "The hellraiser" It shoots out purple fire, has 10 clips of about 500 or whatever and looks like an M2 flamethrower from W@W but with a huge upgrade. Badass Amritie? ;)
  7. TheHeckz

    BIG secret on Kino???

    Alright, I notice how everyone keeps refering to "The Giant" but we confirmed that Der Riese IS the giant. It was confirmed from the radio in shi no numa in the main room, and der riese in German is The Giant, so Maybe Kino And Der Riese are connected as to why the roof shakes.
  8. TheHeckz

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Just because rictofen said it really fast doesn't mean it was rictofen in the picture. Think of this, one thing TAKEO says when you hit the action button on the blank painting is "A fallen ally yes, but might possibly come again!" Treyarch LOVES to use foreshadowing when it comes to the story of zombies. Going back to what Takeo said, this means that the person in the blank painting might make an appearance. Now rictofen said the quote above like he was trying to hide the person in the blank painting's existance. But who would he want to hide and why? 2 people come to mind, Maxis and Samantha. He would want to hide maxis because it would expose his experiment 935 plans. He would want to hide samantha's existance probably because if the heroes found out about him teleporting a little girl, for the sole reason that he wouldn't hesitate on teleporting the heroes far away. But the painting obviously doesn't look like a little girl. So the painting leads to Maxis and the character quotes point to maxis making an appearance. It's just my thoughts and theories. They aren't always correct. :mrgreen:
  9. TheHeckz

    Favorite Gun from the box: Forum Game

    Ehhh whatever, just throwing around ideas. :roll:
  10. TheHeckz

    Favorite Gun from the box: Forum Game

    Alright I wana do one. Hurt: Dragunov Heal: Galil M16- 2 Famas- 2 AUG- 4 M14- 1 Galil- 5 FN FAL- 1 MP5K- 2 AK74u- 2 MPL- 2 Spectre- 2 Dragunov- 0 KILLSHOT! :twisted: L96A1- 2 Stakeout- 2 SPAS-12- 2 HS10- 2 HK21- 6 RPK- 2 M1911- 2 Python- 3 CZ75- 2 CZ75 dual wield- 3 Ballistic Knife- 5 Crossbow- 2 MP40- 5
  11. TheHeckz

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Round 30 with me and my pro friend. ZOMBIES ARE HAMMERED ON JUGGERNOG AFTER 28!
  12. TheHeckz

    The True identity of the Thief!

    jkjkjkjk [brains] for you, It's confirmed. But, you should've included a :D
  13. TheHeckz

    Favorite Gun from the box: Forum Game

    Ok, now any gun you decide to hurt now is an AUTOMATIC FATALITY!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: lulz :mrgreen:
  14. TheHeckz

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    This is true, Takeo is involved with japan, and a this point japan has nothing to do with the timeline.
  15. TheHeckz

    Favorite Gun from the box: Forum Game

    Considering a page is 30 posts, that means we'd still have a lot of waiting to do. [brains] True, how about 10 posts.

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