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  1. Look at the D-pad on the bottom right of the screen. You get to choose when you put the spacesuit/helmet on?
  2. I remember playing Nacht after beating the campaign, and wondering "oh wha is this I have stumbled upon" and I died at round 7 thinking "What is this I have just done" I LOVE ZOMBIES, DON'T EVER LEAVE ME
  3. Well I just have some early round perks I buy (jugg, quick revive, STAMMIN-UP , flopper if I have a ray gun). And I buy speed cola if I have a spot left later
  4. It's your post, no reason to steal it. And they'd probably still drink it, just the characters would ask treyarch how the hell they drink it with suits on :D
  5. Not even 2500, anything more than 2000 and i won't buy it in an early round.
  6. I hope it's a tac mask. Just hope it's not overpriced like speed cola. (even though it speeds up your life)
  7. I hope they drop double tap and deadshot daiquiri. Quite garbage perks in my opinion.
  8. TheHeckz

    Quick Draw Perk

    ZOMG what if, what if, it let DEMPSEY, shoot fire, from his insides!!! No.
  9. TheHeckz

    Quick Draw Perk

    This is probably true, although it sounds like a waste to me, kinda like Double Tap and Deadshot Daiquiri. Meh, it could be useful. A waste? You consider being able to whip out the Mustang & Sally EVER FASTER a waste? You sir, are QUITE wrong in my opinion.
  10. TheHeckz

    9 perks on Moon?

    Okay, as you have seen in the trailer and on the forum, Moon has a couple new perks. One with 3 guns stacked on top of each other, and one in this picture here http://imageshack.us/f/542/newperk.png/ (Regards distilledoreo) Would you think Moon would really have all 9 perks presented so far in the zombie story? If not, which perk or perks do you think will get dropped?
  11. TheHeckz

    Quick Draw Perk

    Switch guns faster? That would be very useful to me. Good Find.
  12. The PPSh and the MG42 were the most badass and effective zombie killing machines in [email protected], and I want to see them in this map pack. I don't care how the game makes the gun sound, (although I was very disappointed with the sound of the ppsh in the campaign) i just want it back. THE PPSH WAS MY WONDER WEAPON. :cry:
  13. TIME TO PLAY I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYES! Ok, I spy a Monkey bomb, Control Panels, some sort of disc, Pack a punch, The bomb from multiplayer (possible sign to the moon since all you do with that bomb is press 115?????), SPEED COLD SPEEDS UP YOUR LIFE, THundergun, The Golden Rod, gamma ray specs, MORE SPEED COLA!, statue from shangri-la, and data tapes (possible radios?) This is all I could find with my little eyes, maybe you can find more :mrgreen:
  14. The akimbo pistols look great to me. But the other new wonder weapon didn't appeal to my interests. Not cool enough.
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