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  1. Na.it's going to be the original characters because its the last map pack for black ops.This isn't the end.of zombies though.In the interview for on tr zombies directs said to look for easter eggs that hint at the future maps :D
  2. Well. i gameshared the World at War maps from an undeserving friend but as long as i got them i was happy. I on the other hand am not looking forward to the moon map as much as the others. I still plan on getting it, but what i wonder is how is it going to work? The gravity,are we going to float?or not?but either way,i cant wait to see if they fill holes in the ZOmbies story line AND how they plan to hint the next COD with zombies. It was already hinted in the interview that revealed moon that theres going to be another Call of Duty game with zombies :)
  3. Hey guys. I've been coming to this website since The begining of Black Ops and have noticed a trend. As soon as a new map comes out about 99% of people tend rush to it for the new easter eggs. Well,i wanted to make a quick suggestion. How about this time around about 60%-70% of members look on Moon for easter eggs and the other 30%-40% go back on the re-released World at War maps and look for easter eggs. It was suggested that new easter eggs were added to the World at War maps,and to find them for efficiently we should split up the work so we find the easter eggs much faster. Who knows, we ight find something added. Thanks Sincerely, Patriotic_Beast
  4. That sucks man.This happened.to me.and my friend in shangri-la :(
  5. I personally think they should allow you to record longer clips AND allow you to do voice overs with your mic so it makes the process of uploading to youtube that much easier :)
  6. Congrats Alpha!!!very well deserving,good choice Carbon ,btw Alpha,do u feel that tingiling in your balls?(sorry,The Other Guys reference haha)
  7. Hey guys,so i was just going to put a little theory out on the ascension tv screen logo. What if it is a hint from treyarch? At first i thought tv, but then when i looked at it again, i was thinking computer screen. What im sayin is that maybe the computers or tv's play a bigger role into the map then we though, and treyarch decided to give us a little hint. Anyways,just post what you guys think of my theory, and thanks guys :)
  8. Well, considering the George Romero wields a stage light, i'd definitely catagorize him as "A Zombie That Learned How To Use A Weapon" Thus, making him the most advanced zombie, considering he can also take the zipline and who knows what else True. Im not gonna lie,George is a bit annoying but it also keeps the game more interesting. No more campers cause hell find you!!lol
  9. Alright guys, I think call of the dead is related to the main zombie story. The reason for this is because of the lighthouse. At times when you teleport a picture of a lighthouse appears. We have been waiting for a while, but we finally have the lighthouse everyone was waiting for. Also, in one of the trailers, whne George Romero is talking, he talks about how he wanted to make a WWII movie and stumbled across some Nazi Documents. These documents could have been about Der Riese or information about our crew or sammantha or Maxis and the experiments and war with the zombies. Those are my thoughts on it, you guys can elaborate on it.... :D
  10. If they learn how to use weapons that would be freaking fun!
  11. Nice, I never thought of that. O boy....here we go wit my Back to the Future reference. If the group went back and met the original group in Der Riese before it was totaled then I'm 99% that would cause a paradox and basically implode the universe. But yeah the Vundavaffe (Richtofen FTW) can definetaly be rebuilt. Ok,you have a point about the time paradox,but that doesn't mean there isn't more copies.It was meant to be mass produced,so there had to be more then one copy before the zombie outbreak in verruckt.
  12. WIN!!!Lol,watch,on the escalation map pack,the face everyone is talking about is the cookie monster.
  13. I don't like the landers as well.The teleporter just gives it that right feel to it,but o well,it's an unfinished teleporter.I thought he meant he could only see half of it.Ignore my other post.
  14. May we please get a pic? If this is true, then this is how they probably got to Ascension.
  15. Yea the CZ75 is underrated. I got these duel wield earlier and it was racking up points like crazy. Then, as soon as I PAP, I was just a monster out there, I was getting headshot after headshot.
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