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  1. i need 2 experienced Easter egg players
  2. me and my friends were playing ascension zombies and don't flame me but after we did the death machine egg we we made it to round 50 and sam screamed some bs like 'you've earned this and came running after us and downed me.' \]!
  3. wow i said he was split screening.. and im just telling what he said happened why would you take my [brains] away. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  4. ohk so me and my buddy he was split screening, were at round 29 he ran to the swamp to hit the box it was in the far room i hear him say oh shoot and is like omg there is a huge zombie coming threw a window i thougt he was going down so i threw a black hole he came running back to phd flopper and i never seen the thing but i belive he was telling the truth by the sound his voice...! _----- any one else experience this please tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
  5. so i was playing solo and i dont recall who i was but when i threw a black hole bomb,he said i wonder were all the zombies go?. i think they go to the moon which is were the new map will take place, were else do u go from a space station??????>>>>>
  6. to all who read this, THE MONKEY GLITCH HAS BEEN PATCHED awww...... lol :geek:
  7. when you run out of monkeys just throw a grenade and instead of throwing it back throw a monkey works every time, even with other players grenades. why has it not yet been patched? :ugeek:

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