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  1. there IS blood splatters on certain walls that show someone that is missing an arm and holding an ax.....
  2. its deffinetly not peter but maybe before everything peter was there? i suck with the storyline. and yeah i suck.
  3. its alright. but really could the knocking have something to do with this? and i finally packapunched a gun! yay party :D
  4. brains is the thumbs up icon in the top right. and your on ps3? my xbox currently isnt working
  5. you know what has anyone ever thought the pictures have something to do with it? or the knocking and when you throw a monkey near the knocking the guy says ooohhh monkey!
  6. cool post the results and i will piss myself if something comes up
  7. maybe? i will never be able to packapunch a gun in my life lol so i can never do it XD
  8. hmmm the guns that start with letters of the room the powerboxes are in shoot the powerbox with those guns!
  9. its in five and no no other perks are in it which i think is unfair i know this from watcing cj all the time
  10. cj your obviously epic in every frickin way BUT i have a challenge for you could you see how long you could go on kino in only the first room? only quick revive no pap only starting weapons? seems impossible but i want to see one of the best go at it maybe you could ask yote if you dont feel up to it? btw its hayhay
  11. im not sure if the knocking has anything to do with the scream but if you throw a monkey bomb near the knocking itll say ooohh monkey! and it only works two or three times
  12. so that is a good theory and i happen to love doing things like this so im gonna put it on here ooonnneee second ................. g .................i . k ................d . o ................ .r
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