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  1. When you activate the Takeo nesting doll on Ascension when you are either Richtofen or Nicolai (can't remember which) he says "I will not work for you." This is probably a reference to Richtofen using the other 3 as "barriers". I say 'barriers' because in the easter egg song for CoTD by Avenged Sevenfold (which many believe is about Richtofen) there's a line that says "Barriers I trust will fade." Takeo's losing faith, which is very bad for Richtofen. So, maybe the reason Takeo's sick is that Edward didn't want the doubt to spread to Tank and Nicolai. So, he poisoned him. Next map= bye bye Takeo :(
  2. Thx, I appreciate ou trying to help very much, but the easter egg is different in solo than in multiplayer.
  3. Seriously how the hell do you get everyone's saying you have to shoot the walls of the cave near the spawn w/ the upgraded ray gun, or the upgraded V-R11, but I shot the holy living hell out of the cave w/ the porter's. If anyone knows plz, plz enlighten me.
  4. Yes, 115 is present. In fact three 115 rocks are the music triggers. I believe there is a teleporter there somewhere in the area. There are radios throughout the map with Richtofen talking about Dempsey, Nicolai, Maxis, Sam, and other various things. This indicates that the heroes have been there before, but of couse Edward is the only one who would remember.
  5. The only way I can conceive it is if the human acts as a monkey bomb, but do we really need something that does the same exact thing 3 things that are already in the game. (Monkey bombs, upgraded crossbow, and the gerstch device) I just really cannot stand the idea of having other humans besides the playable characters, it kind of ruins the concept. The thing I do like is it gives the storyline a resolution un-zombify the world lol.
  6. This map looked absolutely amazing, that is until the new trailer today revealed that the new wonder weapon (VR-11, VB-11, Vril, ext.) turns zombies into humans....... WWWWTTTTTFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I am very mad bro.
  7. Cross map revive with the upgraded ballistic knife lol.
  8. The maps probably interactive as hell. I mean if it's based off Discovery maybe there's falling bridges. And probably some easter eggs that involve shooting things lol. * On a side note wouldn't icicle traps be sick.
  9. I think all the cut scenes like at 1:06 were Englund is stabbing a very fake looking zombie with a pitchfork, are prior to the actual zombie attack. Like, they were shooting a zombie movie, then things go crazy, real zombies arrive, and something terrible happens to Romero.
  10. Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrqfgbXp ... ture=feedu Things I've found: Juggernog @ 0:35 Power arrow @ 0:49 Double Tap @ 0:55 Quick Revive @ 1:20 Entrance under the lighthouse @ 1:34 bottom right of the screen NEW WONDER GUN @ 1:41 Plz feel free to add discoveries :)
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