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  1. A white rock and a black rock. Urim and Thummim.
  2. Wow, this sounds like the post-credits mission in Halo: Reach.
  3. Dreamland_Grue

    3 vs 1 ?

    Has anyone noticed that the AstroZombie's gamertag is different than the human players? As in the gamertag is a different wording style than the other three? I don't think it's trying to mimic us, the red text is too much of a giveaway. I think, like some of you, that we will actually have infected players in zombies for once.
  4. 4:49 you can see that it's the same clip with the Sasquatch thing from earlier vids...
  5. Epicsauce bro! Right when I go to check!
  6. This is why I love being in EST!
  7. I am really hoping that it has something to do with a particular cosmonaut zombie gorilla...
  8. Well, we have a new achievement "Cyrogenetic Slumber Party," which is earned when you complete Richtofen's grand plan. Sounds like we are going to end up in Cyro-tubes. Yeah, consider zombies not over.
  9. I am hoping for dogs to return.
  10. Maybe Area 51 is the starting place, where we must complete a short objective before getting to the Moon. Perhaps there are some easter eggs that may go unfound in Deamland because of our rush to get up there....
  11. It's probably just me, but I think the figure in the video walks a bit like this: FWGYTHK3E30 Although I don't really see why a sasquatch would be at Area 51, and much less the Moon.
  12. This, but he CAN teleport, as seen in the highscores. He could also be released from the QED...
  13. It sounds like it may do something like that, and would definitely make sense if the downside of it was spewing out hellhounds and such. Perhaps, instead of it killing the zombies, it teleports them to another part of the map, but lasts longer than the Gersh device.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is going to happen with every map pack, even into the next Treyarch game, until he is put in. I do think he has a part in the storyline, but it just hasn't been explored yet by Richtofen's crew.
  15. Why? The shrink ray has been one of the top 3 best guns in Zombies so far. In my opinion the shrink ray has been worse then law....... [brains] Really? I find it better than the Thundergun. No matter what round you are on it is instant kills as long as you put in the effort to walk into the shrunken zombies.
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