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  1. I noticed this problem only in split screen, where your friend will "step" on a claymore and set it off, but it only happens in some games. Like Tankeo said, you have to be connected to PSN or XBL for mule kick to show up in any map (with the exception of Moon) so maybe they're related. Honestly, I think it's just a glitch though.
  2. I may be just creating something out of nothing, but isn't that what this forum is about? Treyarch has done some really random things and those who seem to make the craziest of conclusions are often the closest to the truth. All I'm saying is that everyone should keep an open mind when discussing zombies. Who knows, the idea of map names being significant may not be crazy at all... Treyarch=3arc=3=Every 3 maps. Random new maps: Island-Destiny-Adamantine SAM IS DEAD ( ... JK)
  3. ^^^^^ On black ops it does...and I think one of the original marines was Dempsey anyways.
  4. What if you looked at it this way: Nacht Der Untoten Verruct Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Der Toten Ascension Call of the Dead Shangri-La Moon SAM Is spelled by the first letter of every third map. (Five and DOA don't count since the original characters weren't in them)
  5. Whoa, I just realized you made a reference to my theory that had died a couple days ago. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=15454 Here's the link just in case anyone wants to revive it Also...I kinda discovered that the first pic of the wave gun I posted did shoot that same purple gas as the other gun I described, I just didn't realize it until I saw the trailer again. Sorry to ruin your theory, but that purple gas is related to the microwaves somehow . Note that it explodes first then starts to cook the affected zombies in the radius of the explosion with microwaves, perhaps this will lead you to another great post. Good job taking my theory one step further, you'll fit right in with us at CODZ
  6. Thanks, and welcome to CODZ Take some [brains] newcomer!
  7. I was tired of commenting on everyone's posts, so I decided to put my own thoughts into the one post. ^^^^So this is the original picture of the "Wave Gun" that was first shown back when rezurrection was confirmed. Initially, I noticed how it was two pistols-like weapons combined (specifically I thought it was the ray gun and winter's fury). I also thought we may have to "collect" the two pistols from the box and some how combine them to get the wave gun. After hearing about the next perk creating "thrice" the experience, I thought this could combine our arsenal and we'll be able to buy another weapon..then the trailer came out. Obviously, the wave gun has changed color a bit, notice how the front part is now red and the back looks white. Is there a reason for this?...not quite sure right now, but it may have something to its dual wielding ability. As you can see, my first theory was correct about the wave gun being two weapons. :geek: Also notice how the ammunition changes from microwaves to electricity, thus creating a entirely new gun from the same parts. Some people believe its the wave gun PAPed, or vice-versa...but I think there is more to it then that. Note that there is an 87 in the side of the white gun ^^^^Here is seemingly a new weapon, but notice the 87 on the side. Obviously the white gun is a part of this new gun that shoots purple gas...but is this the same wave gun? I think not! :ugeek: Theory Time: I believe there are at least four new wonder weapons (this is where the original blue and red gun comes into play), hidden either in the box or in special rooms, each with its own kind of elemental fire power that can be combined with another to produce an entirely new weapon with its own new fire power. On top of that, the two combined weapons can be taken apart and dual wielded or reattached in the opposite order, as seen with the red gun being in front on pic#1 while the 87 gun is in front on pic #3, thus making the possibilities greater than we may think. How is this possible?...well I kinda dropped my old theory about it being related to the perk, but I have three new possibilities: #1 A new machine combines, disassembles, reassemble in a new order or duel-wields the weapons either for a cheaper price than the PAP or for free, since its probably hard to acquire these weapons anyway. #2 An option will pop up when two weapons are in the arsenal to combine them. Also gives you the option to dissemble, dual wield or reassemble, maybe utilizing the directional pad gives these commands. (Basically the same as above, except without the machine) #3 Pretty much the same as above except the pack a punch combines two of the weapons somehow, maybe double tap x or square. Other Thoughts: Maybe regular guns can be combined? (Doubt it) How will the new perk affect the combination? Three-in-one maybe? (Doubt it) Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the weapons where changed colors for no reason, maybe you recieve the two guns from the box and pack-a-punching gives you the combined gun and treyarch will screw me over again with over-anticipation. (Probably true ) Only time (or time travel) will tell what awaits us in this moon base of the damned... Thanks for reading and please leave comments and thoughts. :)
  8. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=14846 The link above has the majority of the known information on Rezurection. There is speculation that the new perk will allow three guns as the site says "...an all-new Perk for thrice the zombie-slaying fun..." but then again it is just speculation.
  9. I thought about this resemblance as well. There must be a reason for why the wave gun looks like two different guns put together. Like I mentioned in another post, I believe it may have a relation to the new perk.
  10. Kinda like..the Winter's Howl and RayGun are combined right? Ones blue as in cold, and ones red as in rays....>_> Maybe the mixture of the two guns emits microwaves..of somesort. That's exactly what i was thinking...Maybe your arsenal gets combined into one mega gun when you get the perk...and what if each mega gun can be PAP... :shock:
  11. Does anyone else notice how it looks like two pistols combined? Maybe you have to connect two weapons from the box to get the full wave gun. If this is true, the new perk that is suppose to "triple" the zombie experience according to treyarch, might be required. Hybrid weapons anyone? :)
  12. Let me be the first in saying: That's a load of BULL S***!!!! :x But seriously, I'm petty sure the map will take place on the actual moon. Fans would just be too dissapointed if it was all fake. :D
  13. How do we know Shangri-La takes place during the present? Sure the radio may be from 2004-2011, but that only means Brock and Gary are from that time as well. Obviously they went back in time to the eclipse and left a radio for Dempsey & Co. to find in the near future. Unfortunately, I don't have time frame in mind, but I just wanted everyone to know that Shangri-La may not be between 2004 and 2011 :D
  14. :roll: ban this guy Why? He's just a new guy, he's done nothing wrong...probably just looking for some [brains] for polite comments...Unless, the next generation of trolls learned to flame people through compliments :shock: Wait? Where did he go? Did he just get banned? :o
  15. After someone got a fire sale I waited my turn to use the box in the room where the water slide ends. Before the final gun appeared, the fire sale ended and the box disappeared, (despite the fact it had spawned there prior to the fire sale). The guns cycled without the box and the commando appeared, but it wouldn't let me take it. Instead, Sam laughed, the gun floated to the ceiling and electricity appeared around where the box should have been and Sam laughed again in the evil voice, as if I had just gotten a teddy bear. Soon after, the box reappeared at the location it had disappeared from and one player disconnected through transmission error (probably irrelevant). Later, we found a second box near the waterfall, but it wasn't usable. Besides this, nothing happened out of the ordinary for the remainder of the game... Oh well, thanks for reading :D
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