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  1. I see your point. I just think its something that should be addressed so I *bump* it is all.
  2. JFK was assassinated in 1963. Dragovich was killed in 1968. ( http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Redemption ) @xFierce: Pretty cool stuff!
  3. Do you have a problem with me bumping my topic? Anyway, the mechanic for bullet penetration works the same with Shotguns as AR's. The pellet or bullet penetrates three zombies. Shotguns however don't get a point per pellet, so there is a cap in place. They may kill multiple zombies per shot, however shotguns are usually inaccurate (not many headshots) and they have low ammo. So, on a simple paper based equation, shotguns may get more points per buckshot. However, factor in accuracy, points per shot, and difference in ammo, and clearly Automatic weapons have an advantage when it comes to gathering points.
  4. Regards Alpha. Thats some pretty cool stuff Alpha. [brains] to you!
  5. Giving ammo is also a good idea. Both work, but I think getting more money per shell would enable people to earn the points equivalent to that of an automatic gun, and have the benefits they do: Increased point gain, ability to buy ammo back, and a little bit of flexible spending. I'm not trying to make shotguns ridiculously overpowered, but I do think that a point buff would make them more useful in the competitive and casual scene.
  6. All valid points. However, the style of the trailer leads me to believe this is a sort of interview. The Vault could be a nursing home, but it could just as well be a hideout or a bunker. Still a plausible Zombie map.
  7. I'm sure most of you have seen the Call of Duty trailer. And I'm sure most of you have heard about or seen the interview by OneofSwords with Mark Lamia (sp) announcing that: ". . . its our biggest, most ambitious zombies yet." The trailer starts out in a place called "The Vault" with an aged Woods. But what is the vault? Could it be a potential future Zombie map? I think so. Maybe like the Five of the original Black Ops. Discuss Syndicates video: iC4_vwBU5Ic
  8. Speaking of Chernobyl. . . LBXqgOjB-hs Maybe there's a link?
  9. I see your point. I do think giving Shotguns a greater point accumulation value would also help to curb some of their problems. But giving a Shotgun more power is fine by me!
  10. Look at the bottom of the screen. Black Ops 2 is mentioned. IDK if its already been posted.
  11. The trench gun was my favorite, but I strayed away from it because it couldn't compete with other weapons. :cry:
  12. Cutscene at the start of a game? Sure. Cutscene during a zombies game? No thanks. Cutscene at the end of the game? Okay. Cooler cutscene with EE's in it after reaching a certain round / doing the map Easter Egg? Definitely.
  13. I agree entirely. I don't really know how they'd fix sniper rifles. Maybe have have a higher point multiplier for headshots from snipers.
  14. Well, I believe shotguns follow normal bullet penetration guidelines, which means at MAX a shotgun pellet will hit three zombies. Depending on the spread it could hit a bunch of zombies or merely a single one. Since most shotguns have anywhere from 6-12 pellets per shot, it can vary on how many points that shotgun gets. So, if a 6 pellet shotgun hit three zombies with each pellet(through penetration), and earned 10 points per pellet, it could equal, at max, 180 points. A 12 pellet shotgun doubles this number, obviously, but maybe the devs at 3arc could balance it out in terms of ammo or points per shot. IE: 5 points per pellet on those 12 pellet shotguns, and 10 on those who fire 6 pellets. Yeah, its a big number per shot, but if it could be balanced in terms of max ammunition compared to the ammunition of other weapons, Assault Rifles, SMG's, etc. it could be more competitive in terms of points.
  15. I think that the difficulty leading up to round 10-14 is good as it is. It leaves time for setup and acquiring weapons, perks, etc. for the lategame. I think however that the lategame is too easy. I'd rather after round 15 have smarter Zombie AI than Zombies with health that increases 1.1 times every round.
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