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  1. Here is Raul on the Classified site: http://www.callofduty.com/content/dam/activision/callofduty/teaser/assets/900X506_classified_0709.jpg Here is him from a yahoo article, along with the actor: . There you gooo. Along with a link to the article via @OneOfSwords on Twitter- http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/plugged-in ... 27360.html
  2. I feel dumb, that is Woods holding the pendant. The white thing at his wrists is just part of his arms.I Got to look harder next time.
  3. Where did you see the 2 new panels? I can't find them. And thanks, with school over and it being summer, I'm losing track of the date.
  4. Great idea. Like it. Good Thinking. Turns out, while re-watching the reveal trailer Woods is wearing short sleeves, while in the picture you can see a cut up sleeve, so maybe it's not old man Woods.
  5. The Black Ops 2 Classified site has been updated with the following pictures: The Heart Shaped Pendant Picture is older Woods holding it, and it is noted that it is important in a previously unlocked intel picture shown here: What could this mean? Post on your thoughts, I got nothing.
  6. Hi everybody! My name is Dominic, or xBSTLx ShOcKeR on Xbox and YouTube. I mainly play Xbox, I'll play Zombies when ever you want. Highest Rounds (Not Very High) Moon: 36 Kino Der Toten: 30 Five: 25 Shangri-La: ? Ascension: 31 Call of the Dead: 25 I'll get back to you on the WaW maps. Just wanted to say hi. Thanks. :)

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