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  1. If you go into the courtroom and look on the desk there is a few books, one which stook out to me it was a book about Frankenstein. I think it could link to Leroy as he is in a jail cell, so the courtroom must have links to him in my opion. So maybe the people who use to live there saw Leroy as frankenstein or some relataed monster. I would add a pictrue but I can't, sorry.
  2. Ydna

    The Thumbnail?

    I didn't want people to look in to this I was just wondering if any one knew why it changed, besides it changed a long time ago so if it was hiding somthing we probly know what it is by now.
  3. I know there is a wide range of possibilities, and I compleetly agree with what your saying but who to say how long the shirne has been there (or does some thing acualy tell us that I'm not sure). But I understand it is a long shot, but I think there is a reason why Der Reise's clock is stuck and the eclispe is stuck mabye this isn't it but thank you for your reply, this is my first thoery and I hopefuly will get better and do more research. :)
  4. Ydna

    The Thumbnail?

    Did any one ever find out why the thumbnail was chnaged for this map? If you want to look at them I'll put them here:
  5. When you look at the moon in Der Riese it is infront of the sun which means that there is a solar eclispe on that day, Der Riese takes place in 1945, in 1945 there was a few solar eclipses. When you do the 1st step of the easter egg in Shangri-La you can see there is a solar eclispe. And this could show us the date of Shangri-La's eclispe takes place as the same time as Der Riese (which would make the character in two places at once). If this is true, it would suggest that Shangri-La is on Earth and takes place in 1945 when the eclipse is active. So yeh I was pritty happy when I found this but I did not 100% find this out my self this thread got me thinking on the idea, you can see it here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=23516&p=225736#p225736 Edit (1): Eclispe dates: January 14, 1945 - There was an annular solar eclispe - An annular solar eclispe causes the Sun to have a ring like effect around the moon - Like the ones in Der Riese and Shangri-La. - This eclispe could been seen from many places. - So it has potential to be the correct one. July 9, 1945 - There was an solar eclispe - It could be seen from North America, across Greenland and into Scandinavia, western Russia, and central Asia. - However Der Riese is not in one of these loacations so it is most likly not this one. So I am gunna say that it is the eclispe of January 14, 1945 which is the corect one as the one on July 9th does not cover Germany (were Der Riese is). This would also explain why Der Riese's clock repeats the time as the eclipse passes very quickly so if you were stuck in time it would not move. A video of this can be seen here - http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/1945-july-9 The eclipse could be seen in these places: Europe Much of Asia Parts of Africa Parts of North America Pacific Atlantic Arctic So like I said it covers Eurpoe which would also be Germany. But this means Shangri-La is in one of these places but I am gunna say it is in Asia due to the fact Shangri-La has been said to be in china. So if this is right Shangri-La's eclipse takes place on January 14, 1945 and it is in China or one of the other places listed. Edit (2): I'm starting to think this part is not 100% true as if you look at the moons in both maps (I'll try and get images later) they are is slightly diffrent possitions as Der Riese's looks directly over the sun and Shangri-La's is not fully over the sun but almost is, which would mean Shangri-La is only slighty behinde Der Riese time wise but they would still be the same date.
  6. But how would they see the sky, sun and the moon if Shangri-La is under ground?
  7. It might be a time thing like there happing at the same peridod in time because we don't know the date of Shangri-La.
  8. It might be a time thing like there happing at the same peridod in time because we don't know the date of Shangri-La.
  9. If you have ever had the QED on Moon you may know it can give you red power-ups/power-downs which are bad for the players. 1)Do you think Treyarc will put these in Black Ops II as it would make the game harder and they could of use them on Moon as a little beta test of how they effect us and how we react, what do you think? 2) If they were to return in Black Ops II do you think they would be as common as normal power-ups or do you think something has to trigger them such as the QED?
  10. If they were to bring back the maps and I'm sure everyone agrees they should be free to those who bought them on Black Ops or be really cheap and I'm talking really really cheap.
  11. The Wunderwaffe DG-2 would have been in the map insted of the Thundergun most likly as there are cut qoutes for the Wunderwaffe, and I then if Kino was on WaW they would not have traveld to the future and there for the Wunderwaffe would have not overpowered its self and the teleporter making it able to use. Edit: I have added proof incase any one wants a qoute of this. http://youtu.be/MgL1EbLo8MQ?t=17m25s
  12. Ydna

    Hi :D

    Hello, I'm new here (but you probly know that), I play Zombies alot I don't normaly get to high rounds due to the fact most of my friends don't play anymore and when they do they get bored quite easy and when I don't play with them I play with random people as I'm prity bad at solo. But anyway I'm new and I hope I can be useful with in the fourms :D
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