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  1. Legend

    Moon song?

    Didn't know, sorry :oops: I do not pay attention much to this kind of stuff :(
  2. Legend

    Moon song?

    I stumbled upon this: x1pn8ujxFpY
  3. And Hotel features an almost identical layout to highrise.
  4. Went 40-8 on TDM I love this game. Also anyone who has bought MP3, is it worth the $15?
  5. Can they do something original with the map pack trailers? Besides that, Meh.
  6. Or earlier if they want to push out a 4th MP :P
  7. I know graphics are not that important, but what makes me want to buy a game is when it looks like a new game, not a large expansion pack. I will still keep sig and ava for MW3 though, looks sexy :D
  8. I sorta think that it is a must that the films and clips are SAVED to your console. Not any limit to your 6 files on the file share.
  9. Happy land = Paradise
  10. Meh. It is hard to just look at one half of a TV is you ask me. Try playing at a BLOPS mini-tourny with 5 tv's and all were on split screen. Not fun.
  11. Does this MP come with a good session of milking? Serious me: Nobody buys the maps for the Multiplayer, only the Zombies, just release zombies as a stand-alone map for 400msp please.
  12. Well, this MIGHT influence my decision not to buy it. But ... it still depends, there could be other perks.
  13. Ah, Gaming won't be the same it was years ago.
  14. What I mean is the stat tracking online. It is nice, but well due.
  15. Interesting, but they are not doing something new. All I hope is that it is accessible via my Zune HD.
  16. I don't think they would make a 'team' stopping power. EVERYONE would complain.
  17. Legend


    Beyond? How many more are they planning Oh well, I think people are making too much of a big deal about stat tracking online.
  18. It will come on with my XBL subscription? I think thats what it said.
  19. Same. Before it was even announced I was psyched. I saw the teasers it dropped. I saw the gameplay, I can care less.
  20. I might change that yes to no. There are too many FPS out there now. Unless this one changes the game dramatically, I won't be buying CoD 4 again.
  21. I would choose PC, if I had one that could run MW3.
  22. Yes. And if there is another Call Of Duty after this one ... Can we all just pledge to stop giving them money?
  23. Don't trust him. He is a complete fake. He cannot type proper English. I say someone reports him to twitter, because he is also impersonating a treyarch dev.
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