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  1. Any you know this how? yea exactly what i thought you dont and if you say its from that ex-ign TROLL fag i will Slap you. I guess you don't realize you just threatened to slap a fellow CoDz DWELLER, do you? Phillips is a dedicated member who has been here much longer than you, you had no reason to say something like that (especially considering Phillips didn't threaten you in any way). He simply voiced his opinion. This is a friendly community who is open to opposing discussions, so if somebody else has a theory opposite of yours, then explain yourself in a reasonable, friendly manner. Thank you, and have a nice day
  2. Looks like Treyarch has finally listened to us and decided to go back to making WaW-style zombie trailers! Hopefully they do the same for the next map pack...
  3. I recently ran across this on a Q&A forum, in which Robert Bowling himself answered questions that weren't answered at E3. Amongst the many other questions answered, this was one of them. Kudos to you, Mr. Bowling!
  4. Yes, I am more than positive this is true. But if you think about it, didn't Treyarch milk off of Infinity Ward's multiplayer success? (Which was also definitely Activi$ion's idea haha) Yes, yes I know it's not quite the same thing, but it is true, yes? I do, however, like how IW is adding their own style to it (I.E. Lending currency to another player, leveling up and unlocking stuff like in MP, different types of enemies). And I think we all should automatically assume that the story behind this won't even come close to the story line behind Nazi Zombies, if there is one at all. Anyways, I am just excited to see IW really add a lot of variety to their game, and hopefully Spec Ops as a whole will be really good :mrgreen:
  5. This article is from USA Today, therefore it is most likely legitimate: http://content.usatoday.com/communities ... arfare-3/1 Here's the juicier bit of the article: I teamed up with Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin for a couple tries at Spec Ops' new Survival mode on a map currently called Dome, a derelict Cold War-era desert radar command bunker. As we dispatched ever-increasing waves of enemies, I discarded my pistol for a shotgun. Rubin passed me some in-game currency and I bought and installed a turret to keep the evildoers at bay, while I watched for attack dogs. After a few waves, the attack dogs became suicide bomber dogs that exploded a few seconds after you shot them. The next wave brought the kamikaze soldiers who exploded similarly. "You definitely have to change up your strategy as the enemy changes up," Bowling said afterward. "Obviously how you fight the kamakazi dudes is different from how you fight the normal dudes and how you fight a dog is different from a dude and how you fight juggernauts, they are not only big and armored, so they will just brute force come at you. But they each have their own way of being taken out effectively." Yes, there are juggernauts returning from the previous games; there will be several different types of them, too. But back in the game, I took heed from Rubin on how to counterattack choppers raining fire from overhead. The game has an unlimited number of waves. "We got up to wave 8 which is really a good wave for a first time player," Rubin pronounces afterwards. He then goes on to add this: "We have all been challenged. There's such hard-core players out there in the online community and you hear all the stories about the 8-year-olds, 12 year-olds and 13-year-olds swearing and ruining the experience," Condrey says. "With Spec Ops, you can really get in there and hone your skills in a more confined environment. I think it's a little more of an easy entry. I don't have as much time as I did when I was 20 to be honing my twitch skills, but this certainly gives me a venue to experiment." Adds Rubin, "we added Spec Ops as the third game mode," Rubin says. "That is really stepped up this time. It is really a stronger leg of the tripod." ^Well said, my brotha. Well this has definitely gotten me even more pumped for Spec Ops mode as a whole, not just Survival Mode (Although that is a major chunk of my excitement ) What do you guys think? "Yay" or "Meh"? Discuss! *UPDATE* An extra bit of info you guys might enjoy, straight from Mr. Bowling's twitter:
  6. Sarah Michelle Gellar? *Boner quickly rises*
  7. Actually, the engines used are as follows: Cod4: IW 3.0 Engine WaW: IW 3.0 Engine MW2: IW 4.0 Engine Black Ops: IW 3.0 Engine Also, while playing the difference in engines between MW2 and Black Ops are very clear. MW2 played much more smoothly than Black Ops, and why Treyarch chose to use an already twice-used engine (as apposed to a completely superior one) I have no clue. But, as long as MW3 uses the IW 4.0 engine, I'll be more than satisfied.
  8. Actually, d00d, Infinity Ward made CoD 2. While Treyarch did make Cod 2: Big Red One, it was a spin-off, only released on PS2 and Xbox Original (Perhaps Gamecube?). Nonetheless, great find! You might just have something going here!
  9. Just letting you guys know, the website has changed. It is now red, had a little radar going on in the background, and a millisecond timer has been added on.
  10. Of course they're saying it's a hoax, that's a part of viral marketing. The fact is that these are trademarked properties being used in this countdown, if they didn't have a hand in it, the site would already be down. So, basically, chances are we are looking at some sort of release of information on MW3 this wednesday. I mean really, think about it... Also, the server has been tracked and they have found it is located roughly 16 Km outside of IW/Sledgehammer Games headquarters. Do you realize how close that is? Anyways, that's just my two cents. I'm staying optimistic with this one :D
  11. My thoughts exactly; it looks like the logos for all four of the original perks are on the machine. However, this is as clear as I could get the image, so I guess we won't know how it works until Tuesday.
  12. Agreed. And as friendly advice to everybody, if you want to have the most fun possible when playing Ascension for the first time - don't watch any leaks you may happen to stumble upon. I know it's incredibly tempting, which is exactly why we do not want any leaks posted. Thanks guys :mrgreen:
  13. I searched, and have not seen any other threads/posts on this topic, so I took the liberty of creating one myself. For those patient enough to watch the entire Inside Xbox video (past the poker game show info), you may have seen this: Based off this image, it seems as though this will most definitely be some sort of Marathon/Lightweight type-perk. Thoughts? Discuss! (P.S. - if this has already been discussed on another thread, please don't flame, as I looked and found nothing. Simply let me know in a kind manner)
  14. I'm sorry, but if you LOVE Black Ops as much as you say you do, than you would at least have some respect for Infinity Ward. Because, guess what? They created the Call Of Duty series, and they Revolutionized Call of Duty's multiplayer, two things that Treyarch did not do. Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing Treyarch; they are an amazing company in every way. However, I would like to say that you cannot hate a company due to lack of taking care of their game. And again, guess what? Sometimes it's not even up to them if patch goes through; a lot of the time Activision won't let them do it. So, basically, all I'm saying is, don't hate on Infinity Ward, because without them, Call of Duty wouldn't even exist. Infinity Ward = Treyarch. That is all. Did you take this from my "Why I believe IW Doesn't Suck" post? Nope.... I didn't even know you had such a thread. However, I did kind of "take" the IW = Treyarch bit from your earlier post on this thread. And that's because I completely agree, in every way :mrgreen:
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