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  1. Can anyone confirm if it is available in the UK yet?
  2. Good idea, will email Playstation as they will be more likely to do something in this regard. Tell me about it, I've lost count of how many times I've been downed due to trying to type a message between rounds! So frustrating! I have a laptop and will look into skype. Mystery box, yeah, don't have a mic, could get one. but then it'll be a strictly one way conversation and believe me you won't want to hear me. I can be like 'Hudson' from Aliens when he's trigger happy. Ha!
  3. Treyarch I'm an avid fan of Zombies, but being deaf holds me back a bit, especially on levels like Shangri-La and Five. It would be most useful if you could enable a feature whereby you can type IN game rather than current setup. Current set-up: press PS button -> PSN chatroom -> type message -> press PS button to return to game -> press start to unpaused game. This is a major pain in the neck! And should be easily rectified. Please help make these games more accessible to deaf people. It would be much appreciated. I am looking forward to the up coming 'Moon' map but fear communication between team-mates may be even more essential than on Shangri-La. Hope to get a reply from you. Thanks
  4. I get the sickle first, and then the AK47. Head back round the long way to turn the power on. It is fairly simple to survive to round 9 or 10 without the jug if you are armed with a sickle and AK47. Although i am an experienced player, i think a beginner might struggle with this strategy.
  5. Savage, I like a man who believes there is no 'I' in team. I'll play with you if you'll allow me. I'll be online tonight. My PSN ID is the same as my user name if you're interested.
  6. One of the best threads for me in the CotD section was the Pros & Cons. It gave me a good insight into the map before i bought it. May i ask those who have played Shangri-La to list the pros and cons. I am a PS3 user so I don't have it yet and am eager to hear your replies. Please keep it brief with bullet points. Thanks
  7. Playing with good random players can be just as difficult (without the mic). Best to play with friends who you have played with for some time and each know their roles. In some cases I'd rather play with a noob whom i've played with 5 times than a good player I've never played with before.
  8. So Shangri la is coming out on 28th June for the Xbox. What about the PS3? Will it be released at a later date than the xbox, like CotD? Personally i hope it's not 28th June as CotD has only just been released for the PS3!
  9. Got it, Loving it, hit lvl 30 inside 48 hours. Quality level design, a steal at £10.99!
  10. LMW-YBC Tell your dad the £15 is for educational purposes. I don't think he will be impressed to learn that you want the money so you can get chased around the park by a horde of zombies, blowing their heads off with whatever weapon you can get your hands on, even if it's a sickle! Now that's just sick!
  11. Thanks guys for all your input. Based on your replies, I'll certainly get the game. Will download it tonight as it is finally out for the ps3, i know most of u are xbox users and CofD may be old news to you, but hopefully tonight'll be like xmas for me! The zombies level is the only reason why I'm buying it, I have no interest in the multiplayer maps and I'm sure it'll be worth it. The only downside is I'll probably come back into work on monday morning zombiefied! Happy gaming :-)
  12. I am not sure whether to buy COTD. Mainly because people say this George ruins the game. This kinda puts me off. I love the old natch der untoten and Kino der untoten, I've spent many hours playing these levels. However, I don't really like Ascension that much. I don't know why exactly, it could be that the level seems a bit too metallic, also it is big and i much prefer the hell hounds over the monkeys. Also in Kino you can run in clear cirlces, i find it harder to do that on ascension. Kino is by far my favourite, the level design is absolutely spot on and interval dog rounds are great (for max ammo). Kino: 44 Five: 10 - can't stand this level. Ascension: 24 (hardly played)
  13. Hope Treyarch take note of this:- Wouldn't it be great if smoke came out of automatic guns providing you empty it's clip without stopping fire. While it would be good if all automatic guns smoke, (providing a clip is fired without stopping) but if it is a machine gun (i.e HK21 or RPK) and you get through 125 bullets without stopping fire, i'd expect to see a hell of a lot of smoke pouring out of the gun. There's nothing better than making your last stand on the PHD flopper platform (Ascension) armed with a PAP'ed HK21, firing non-stop, effing and blinding all the way (like Hudson from Aliens).........Smoke coming out of the gun would be the final cherry :-)
  14. We may be a team of just 2, 3 or 4, but we shall not flag or fail! We shall go on to a glorious end! We shall fight with confidence, strength & guile against the horde of the undead Whatever the cost, whatever the weapon We shall fight to defend our lives, comrades and country We shall fight on German soil We shall fight in the rooms & halls We shall fight on the stairs and balconies We shall fight on the stage We will make our last stand in the theatre of the dead! And no matter how many dead krauts stand before us....... We will NEVER surrender!!! Lock and load gentlemen, may this be our finest hour. -------------------------------------------------------------- After giving this speech to my fellow comrades, we died on round 8 lol! so much for inspiration!
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