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  1. TheProblem

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    I know its been months, since the last time we spoke. But i post this reply tO show that its not a joke. You say that my lines are crap, bitch please its problem not plumber. And the more that i read, your lines get dumber and dumber. You type hear with pride, inside the words you said. But these nurderous rhymes bring back this topic from the dead. My class is in session, schooled? Prepared to be taught. Cause the teacher's desk turned, your ice cold, not ironed hot. You've just been ruled!!!!!!!
  2. I think that the CIA might be interrogating Mason's Dad (seeing that he was a WWII hero, he would be older and have medals and such) to find out about Mason's past.
  3. TheProblem

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Now i know that in your mind, what your saying is true. but in all actuality your waffle is BLUE! You live on the forums gettin' brainz in bunches. But why waste breakfast, i eat waffles as lunches! Noone likes waffles when they're old n soggy. You undead master, call me undead miyagi! You're name is waffles but after this your toast. But i can't disrespect cause you're better than most. On this forum you are beyond compare. But in the country of Belgium you're just a square! But in this life you can't be picky. Just lettin' you know you're plain n sticky. But on CODZ there's brains and u got em. But be aware that im' here and my name's TheProblem! Just kiddin' bruh!!!
  4. TheProblem

    Create ur own perk

    Camealleon Cappucino-Makes you look like anything you're near, and if you're near a zombie, you look like one! What if you were near a brick wall!!!! "I am the Brick that Shoots Freakbags!!!!"-Potential Dempsey Quote Downside, if you ae a zombie and your friends are dumb enough they might shoot you.....
  5. TheProblem

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    Nice Pic.
  6. TheProblem

    Do You Believe Woods Will Be In Black Ops Sequel?

    Sequel Idea: What if Mason started having wierd halucionations (grammer fail, i know) of Woods like he did reznov, then finds him in a raid of the hanoi hilton (kinda like when price is rescued in MW2). That seems possible... :?
  7. TheProblem

    The Face Behind The Avatar

  8. TheProblem

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    I'll post a link... http://www5.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumb ... =snapfish/
  9. TheProblem

    Do You Believe Woods Will Be In Black Ops Sequel?

    Not Flaming, But they almost cant not make a sequel, the only thing that would stop them is an apocalypse. (Maybe a zombie apocalypse?!?!) Hahaha What would happen if Treyarch got destroyed by the zombies they created???? :?

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