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  1. Just imagine if Chuck Norris was a zombie character!!!!! It would be so EPIC!!!!!!! Or FPSRUSSIA could Plausibaly be a character from all of the promo hes doing for the game. That twould be SICK!!!!!!
  2. Sounds a lot like "Hellhounds". Coincidence?
  3. I think that the CIA might be interrogating Mason's Dad (seeing that he was a WWII hero, he would be older and have medals and such) to find out about Mason's past.
  4. They should have booby traps in mp like on zombies
  5. Just noticed something... TO: Mason, Alex FROM: Hudson, Jason Mason, Stop complaining and go with it. It's new to all of us. You'll need a better password first off. "password" doesn't cut it. This is the CIA. You gotta protect your secrets and we're in the business of secrets. Go with something only you would know, something personal but not obvious. Do what I always do. Combine a name and a number. Pick someone important to you, like a mentor or something. Then put a date that's important to you on the end. For example, the year you won a big award. Combined those
  6. I just hope no stupid idiots try to create a fake backstory to promote their band AGAIN.
  7. yh he's apparently in the hanoi hilton isn't the pow war camp. a rescue mission wood be epic maybe reznov could save him then bring him to mason ho would probably freak out thinking he was crazy again well the multipayer map is in hanio AND its a pow camp that we NEVER see in singl;e player... why whould they place a pow camp in hanoi where woods is supposedly been captured BUT it isnt in single player? Actually its in multiplayer, on Hanoi you see the busted walls by the trucks and whatnot. That is the sign of the rescue. dlc single player missions maybe?
  8. Oh God, I'm an IDIOT!!! I meant to post this in the Black ops forum... :oops: :facepalm:
  9. 1Ge4xCEP6Yo Woods looks in a way similar to the blank image in Kino. Now imagine Woods with his bandana off, and his hair shaved. To me his face structure looks somewhat similar to the Kino picture. Now "Mr. X" messaged Mason with news that Woods was alive and the lone American at the Hanoi Hilton. If he was at the hanoi hilton, they would've probably shaved his head and removed the bandana, so the blanked image could be from while he was in the hanoi hilton... I wonder if in Black ops 2, (hypothetically that they relaease a zombies dlc like Rezurrection is now whe
  10. As I posted on a different topic, viewtopic.php?f=16&p=108137#p108137 "Remember, When Woods "Died" in the game you heard a number sequence (which is always heard when you see something that didn't happen and was altered by Mason's programming.) and then you see a shadowy figure that appears to be woods and sounds like him then mason blinks his eyes and sees Reznov (who wasn't there!!!!) hope this helps!!!" This was my theory, but I forgot something but thanks to your video, I remembered that the numbers sequence began before the explosion and supposed death of woods. So... M
  11. I am Conducting this poll again because I forgot a few people... :oops: So Who is your Favorite Black Ops Character??? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
  12. What if Zombies invaded a car wash... Tank (obliterating zombies with a power-washer):" Freakbags! I Will Shred You And Get Wet At The Same Time!!!! Okay I know that is a retarded idea, but it would be funny!!! And A HOCKEY Game! (On Stadium but extended) You can pay to open the barrier to the Rink and when zombies come after you, they slip, fall and bust their Zombie Butts! Hahaha :lol:
  13. I would like one like Jtgosset's but with the U.S flag instead of the Gk symbol please. That Would Be EPIC!!!!!
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