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  1. Simple, I saw CoD for what it really is (Minus Zombies which I still love) and found a game with a great community and story.
  2. Haven't read Ghosts of Onyx, that book your talking about is Halo: Glasslands and the bubble is a Dyson sphere (Wasn't their dyson sphere theories circulating on CoDZ for Shangri-La). Anyway alot of people are saying it disregards established canon and turns Dr. Halsey into some sort of monster (Not literally) . Alot of people are really pissed at the author but I'll see for myself. Im a massive Halo nerd...
  3. Halo 3 was actually the first game I got on my 360 about 3 years ago, I moved away from it though when I was introduced to CoD. I've read 4 of the books now. Just starting on Contact Harvest.
  4. I was surprised by the surge of new members joining even after the prime of BO Zombies. I cant wait to get back on zombies and the forums.
  5. Hi, I joined the forums some time in February last year and was an active forum member, I put forward my theories and was amazed by the storyline. However when Annihilation came out I lost interest in it and CoD in general. Im a Halo fan now, the fiction is thick and enough to keep my mind busy. Basically I just wanted to know how the forum and its inhabitants are doing and whether anyone remembers me.
  6. I thought he meant New Zealand at first to. Im also from Australia, enjoy the site!
  7. The DLC is 1.15 Gb. This may have been posted before but nothing came up in the search.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback but im still not sure.
  9. I looked up the uses of the word and everything I seen was about the assault rifle.
  10. When I make a custom class its name is always the name of the primary weapon used in that class but when I made a custom class for the Famas today and named it Famas it said 'Text prohibited due to profanity.' How is the word Famas offensive?
  11. Hardened edition is exactly the same price as the normal version, still Activision should make the classic maps available at the same time as MP4 as well as a map pack bundle like WAW.
  12. It looks fake. Cool find though, got to love Treyarch.
  13. Its amazing noone noticed this until now.
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