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  1. after richtofens sceme is complete whats next? what else is there to do?
  2. this contract has also seperated us, causeing more fights between PS3 and XBOX, i myself dont feel like part of this codz comunity because i cannot investagate myself, i have to wait a month or look up videos on youtube. ether way it sucks.
  3. idk maybe its just me but the one thing i can stand in black ops is the damn stabbing. it just does not feel right and pisses me off. I recently played [email protected] again and the stabbing feels alot better, like you accually deserved the kill. not like black ops where its some sort bullshit kill you know you shouldnt have gotten.
  4. i just wished they left zombies in the WW2 era, i love the feel of the world at war maps, the settings are amazing, the only map i accually like the feel of in black ops is COTD (except the characters and goerge) it would have gone perfectly with the old characters if they left it in england like it was suppose to, or atleast i think it was. WW2 era just feels for zombies altleast and the weopons were alot better in [email protected]
  5. haha im a he, anyway everyone just ignore the hate and just play theres a mute button for a reason
  6. The community is really negative, you camp they torment you for being a camper, you stop camping and go out running with your sniper they hate you for that, just do what you love and ignore all the hate.
  7. took me about 30-40 minutes, but dont feel to bad, it took 6 hours for my cousin. :facepalm:
  8. i dont think the infra-red scope helps in aiming, well atleast it doesnt help me. i just find it weird out of all attachments, the infra-red was chosen. who uses the scavenger as a long range weapon that you would need an infra-red? and acog scope would have also worked as most use it as an up-close weapon, too suspiciouse to me.
  9. im not exactly sure where to post this, but what is the point of having an infra-red scope on the upgraded scavenger in zombies?
  10. Ok so this weapon makes zombies into humans.... But who made it? The person who made this obviously knows about zombies and knows how to work crazy technology ( Rictophen ) so I'm guessing this shows our heroes have been here befor?
  11. create your own army of lawyers! :twisted: haha but what would be the perpouse of this gun? would the guy just turn human and walk away? or be a distraction?
  12. good theory but why would there be a lighthouse and a boat in the moutains? i think the map would be baised off the story level where you play as reznov, it has the boat and plenty of snow
  13. and your reasons are what? we have not seen anything other than a pic, with a wide range of possible new gameplay tactics and strategies it can be extreamly fun, but you will never know unless you give it a chance what location were you looking foward to anyway?
  14. this time im a bit happy it comes out a month later for PS3, since it comes out in june it will make a nice B-day present :mrgreen:
  15. im sure map pack 2 zombies wont have these annoying monkeys, in an interview with JD i read, he says every zombie map they have made for DLC has its own spacific enemies source: http://www.oxm.co.uk/27516/black-ops-dl ... tells-all/ i got the quote from the last paragragh
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