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  1. Have any of guys thought about the Black Sun theory?
  2. What you overlooked is the fact that in order to compete with the Famas or AUG the submachine guns REQUIRE an attachment to even the kill time. This makes the Famas or AUG superior to an SMG, as those don't require an attachment. And with Rapid Fire, you sacrifice whatever middle range ability that you had for only marginally better ability in close quarters. And you said put on RF with Grip. You put yourself at a disadvantage as well as you sacrifice Steady Aim and Sleight of Hand, both of which are far more useful perks for SMG's.
  3. It's a thing that we gamers like to call "balance." Something you really don't understand. Have you not heard the waves of people complaining about it? The Famas and AUG are just as effective up close as it is at long range. An assault rifle shouldn't be able to compete with an SMG up close, yet these two guns can. What you call "realistic" the entire world calls "overpowered". How many people do you see using a Mac11 or Skorpion or PM63 compared to an AUG or Famas, or any assault rifle. They completely defeat the freakin purpose of having an SMG class. I know I've said this before, but it's true. There's no point to use any SMG over the Famas. And you talked about mobility. All you need to do for Famas is slap on Lightweight with Dual Mags. And NOW it's an SMG that kills at long range. But if you use that on a gun like Mac11, PM63, Kiparis, Uzi, or Skorpion, you run out ammo. Call of Duty has never been about realism. If you want a realistic war game, play Battlefield. Call of Duty is about going Rambo against hordes of enemies. Ask anybody and they'll say Cod is not about realism. Edit: Here are some statistics to prove my point about the Famas SMGs 40dmg X 750 RPM = 30 000 dmg/m - ak74u, mp5 30dmg X 937.5 RPM = 28 125 dmg/m - mac11, uzi, pm63, mpl, spectre, kiparis 50dmg X 750 RPM = 37 500 dmg/m - skorpion 20dmg X 750 RPM = 15 000 dmg/m - ak74u, mp5, skorpion 20dmg X 937.5 RPM = 18 750dmg/m - mac11, uzi, pm63, mpl, spectre, kiparis ASSAULT RIFLEs 40dmg X 750 RPM = 30 000 dmg/m - ak47, commando, galil, 35dmg X 937.5 RPM = 32 812 dmg/m - famas, aug 50dmg X 650 RPM = 32 500 dmg/m - m14, fn fal 40dmg X 450 RPM = 18 000 dmg/m - m16 35dmg X 750 RPM = 26 250 dmg/m - enfield 35dmg X 525 RPM = 18 375 dmg/m - g11 30dmg X 750RPM = 22 500 dmg/m 25dmg X 937.5 RPM = 23 437dmg/m 40dmg X 650 RPM = 26 000 dmg/m 30dmg X 450 RPM = 13 500dmg/m 25dmg X 750 RPM = 15 750 dmg/m 25 dmg X 525 RPM = 13 125 dmg/m if there is a overpowered gun in this game it is the FAMAS and the AUG, better than the SMGs in CQB and better than the 40damage assault rifles in every range #update, if you divide those numbers by 60 you will get a dmg/s, that shows famas/aug have a 10%advantage over the 40dmg rifles
  4. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh......... 'Tis you! The one who stole the credit of finding the DerRiese server from me. I say this because you did NOT give me credit for finding it first, although I did. Well, anyways, moving on. I did NOT say that tge songs gave NO meaning, I said we do not know wgat they mean, because we do not know whose eyes tgese songs are written through. I am saying that his "Analysis" is probably wrong, because he just randomly threw Richtofen in there. It does not mention Richtofen ANYWHERE, AT ALL, IN ANY WAY. So the fact that he just said, for no reason, that Richtofen is who she is speaking of (With no evidence that that is who she is apeaking of) is annoying. It's like me saying, "Oh, yeah, in 115 she is totally saying that she has a crush on Tank, and she nicknamed him "115". And she is also saying that Richtofen is helping Takeo hold onto his life, and that Nikolai is lossely Christian." It makes no sense, because no evidence is there to support it. That is what I am saying. Why could it NOT be Richtofen, though? It seems everywhere I go people say it could be Sam and her evil side, Yuri the scientist, or even the players POV, but say that it could in no way be Richtofen. Was he not the one who 1. Made the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the monkey bomb 2. Worked for the Illuminati, who want to rule the world 3. Aided in the creation of the zombies 4. Killed Samantha and Dr. Maxis Do you understand what I'm saying? Richtofen's role in the Nazi Zombies storyline is pretty freaking huge. And this whole journey that the four characters are on is basically all Richtofen's doing. This battle between the zombies and the characters revolves around Richtofen and Sam. Richtofen is basically using the other three to fight his battle for him. In other words, Richtofen has quite a load on his conscience right now. If indeed it is Richtofen (which I think is the best possibility) it's a good step for the storyline because it really develops Richtofen's character. The players POV makes no sense (was that not already in Beauty of Annihilation, which it was their POV), Yuri's POV also doesn't factor in considering how small of a role he had, and Sam good vs Sam bad just doesn't make sense either, because the lyrics don't make sense with a good Sam and a bad Sam. They aren't the same because one would want the survivors to avenge her and stop the zombies, while the other side wants them to die. We know she wants revenge against Richtofen and we know that in Richtofen's mind he needs to stop the zombies and stop Sam. If you look at that with no regard for the lyrics to Abracadavre, they ARE indeed the same. Forced to kill each other. The songs interpretations are entirely up to us to find out their meaning. But some are just plain obvious, while others you actually need to analyze and do a little digging. You can't just expect them so explicitly say who's character POV it is. Lullaby for a Dead Man - This is most likely from Sam's POV. I know that Sam wasn't discovered till Der Riese, but Treyarch is the one that made the storyline and could have had the whole thing planned out right after Nacht Der Untoten became so popular. Also, the singer says "Father, you know how long it's taken me, I live again." Sam lives again. The One - obviously from the zombies perspective. There's just no one else it could be. Beauty of Annihilation - The character's POV and the zombies. It's stated in the first few lines, each line being a description of one of the characters, while the screaming parts are the zombies, so it seems to be a struggle between the characters and the zombies. 115 - Samantha's. Come on, the first lyrics are "No one can see me and I've lost all feeling." and "I've lost all form and unity". Sam is likely not a ghost but pure energy, as in the radio on Der Riese, you can hear a teleporter in the background, so her matter form is gone but her energy is still lingering. "I'll stop you from breathing and all your deceiving." Sam is talking about Richtofen, how he betrayed Sam and Dr. Maxis, and the fact that he's hiding his past from the other three. Won't Back Down - don't really count it, but if I were to guess, JFK's Abracadavre - already argued I know this came in late, but better late than never.

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