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  1. Have any of guys thought about the Black Sun theory?
  2. I think that's likely since MW3 is going to have a Paris map so Treyarch could just take MW3's Paris map and tweak it a little.
  3. I think that Paredolia is from Richtofen's point of view. I think that it's him talking about the Illuminati group he is apart of, how they see everything and how they are everywhere.
  4. But you also freed Sam, who said to find her.
  5. I agree with everything except your last statement. the moon may not be the LAST map. it could be the middle of the story and then after the heros (dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo) have to stop Richtofin and try to get samantha. i doubt its the LAST map. theres to much money in zombies for it to be the LAST map. Richtofen mentions that controlling the zombies, doesn't he? So maybe he'll betray you and use the zombies against you, and then Samantha works with the other three so that they can stop Richtofen.
  6. Dudes, I have [email protected] THE GAME with the zombie maps, not the revamped Blops maps.
  7. I'm kinda concerned that since Rezurrection will come out people will stop playing [email protected], which concerns me because I'm not getting it. I already have the old maps and I don't want to fork over $15 for the sake of one new zombie map.
  8. Um, I don't think that the songs have anything to do with the gameplay. They all have something to do with the storyline. Like, the Bring Me 115! It's likely that Sam needs the Element to come back to to get revenge on Richtofen. And the Second Coming again part. The Four had just escaped from Der Riese and they're fighting zombies for the second time. I think it's saying that they waiting for the evil of the zombies to be wiped out because isn't that what supposedly is going to happen with the Second Coming? The Chosen One and the left hand. Isn't the Angel Gabriel sometimes called the left hand of God? So maybe what Sam is doing she does it because she thinks it's holy and just.
  9. To me, one of them sounded Russian and the other sounded German, so maybe Maxis was working with the Russians?
  10. So then how do they just suddenly get to Ascension? With tons of blood on their clothes and Richtofen's entire outfit is gone? And if you look at the Type 100 teleporter room board in Der Riese, you can see a picture of Kino Der Toten right on the wall. Same thing with Call of the Dead in the STG-44 room billboard. Plus, what about Richtofen's entry in the loading screen?
  11. Specifically the HK21 and RPK. The other two have balance to them, but IMO these two guns just stink. The only thing they really need to do is put in 60 or maybe 70 rounds by default. Why on earth would an LMG REQUIRE you to use extended magazines :?: :!: With just 30 rounds by default, it's basically a slow moving assault rifle with no damage drop-off. I know Black Ops has been out for a LONG time, but Treyarch still needs to support their game no matter how long it's been.
  12. Ok, as of now I have the MP5k as my favorite weapon. But I'm trying to get the Skorpion as my favorite weapon. I have over 5000 kills with the Skorpion, 3000 with the MP5k. I have been using the Skorpion for the last 2 prestiges. I have the most kills, most headshots, and most deaths using the Skorpion And the MP5k is still my favorite weapon. How?
  13. I wish that the Dragunov still had it's own reticule. I thought that it was cool and made it stand out from the other sniper rifles, but now it just feels like a really bad WA2000
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