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  1. Nice find. I also believe that this would be fun to play on. Keep up the intriguing posts.
  2. I would like a map similar to Verruckt, where in the beginning you are split up and have to survive in smaller groups for a bit. If they could possibly: -make this split-up time longer so there would be more barriers to clear to reunite -add more players to the map (ie. 6-8) and thus making more smaller groups (groups of 2,3 or 4 depending on how many in the game) I just felt this would be a cool idea and maybe make the experience a little different :)
  3. My friend was in a xbox live party with jd_2020 when Call of the Dead was released, and jd was saying how they would never do this. His explanation was that they needed three elements in every COD: Co-op, Single Player, and Multiplayer. Like mentioned by Zombieofthedead, that would be difficult to accomplish.
  4. Nice. Really interesting just bad quality. (lol)
  5. Found these on the mission Crash Site. Possible place for next map? ^^^Video there^^^^
  6. wow thats a little harsh... i m sry i even put it up
  7. I know its a bad tactic, but it is kinda fun to trick your friends and lett them get mad. LOL
  8. Im sry. I cant take you seriously with that picture. lol
  9. I suk wit snipers and thanks for putting the vid there
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