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  1. Have you seen it spawn? Seriously, looks like it came out directly from hell. D:
  2. "My old friend, shall we kill some zombies? "Yes Nikolai yes we shall."" Made me laugh hard as hell. :lol:
  3. A: His plan has worked and has gone mad with power causing a new character Or B: His plan goes wrong making Sam mad sending the group back to Germany/anyother place. This is just theroy here and theres no 4th map pack forum(yet) to put this in. Post your thoughts on this theroy here.
  4. Once you get the stone, you get all the perks including Quick Revive. :P
  5. Maybe its Cuba since there is alot of clues around firing range. (The posters, the bear ect.)
  6. He really just wanted the Golden Rod, as he stated that he wants a "special favor" from you, and sadly, the submarine isnt yellow. :(
  7. He ran off with your bottle, just like Maxis, er...I mean the tech at the Pentagon.
  8. Its like the surprise you never expected.
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