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  1. I'm actually thinking that instead of that being one map, it was multiple maps. As in, the maps for the zombies campaign.
  2. Well, this'll be nice to finally return for this reveal.
  3. The campaign could be how the crew got from Kino der Toten to Ascension. I know I've seen some theories that maybe a year or five passed between the two maps.
  4. Hey, while you are right that people should not be posting leaks, you also need to stop double/triple posting, and just calm down.
  5. So in other words, if they kept the formula simple you'd like to see zombies in the next game? That's sort of my thoughts, I hate them going OTT with things. I guess the game has reached it's happy-medium right now, any more features and stuff would be too much I think. I don't know about you guys, but I honestly like the fact that they keep adding new things in each proceeding map. Maybe I'm the only one that hopes one day there will be a zombie map based in an entire downtown section of a city? Also, if I will, I think we all know that the first map will likely be Paris, as that was what the Moon map was supposed to be. (They said this in the interview on the front page of the forums)
  6. Sounds like a very decent strategy. Will try it out right now. Any thoughts on how you would go about this on Co-Op?
  7. Yea, it actually does... Interesting thought. Had they planned all this out from the beggining? I was under the assumption that they created the story as they went along, lol.
  8. AgentA

    Moon song?

    I don't see the option for Micheal Jackson on there. I'm offended.
  9. Actually, some LOST season finales were prequels, sooooo.....
  10. AgentA

    Moon Possibility

    If you don't have anything nice to say on these forums, GTFO. I've noticed you posting a lot of negative comments on CoDz.
  11. An idea: We already know that Gersch Devices are going to be in this map, so... 1. What would happen if you through a Gersch Device into the field of a QED? OR 2. What would happen if you threw a QED into a Gersch Device? Ah, the possibilities are endless.
  12. -Snip- Sorry, saleen, I assumed it was the other guy. I didn't look before I posted
  13. Yes, I just totally stole your 3 sentence, bad grammar thread and put it in here for my own selfishness and out of malice. /sarcasm :facepalm:
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