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  1. I might be nitpicking but why do the german soldiers have the stg 44 equiped as their issued rifle if it was not developed until Late WW2. It's probably nothing though.
  2. 0:16 those grenades look similar to the mk3 offensive blast grenades used in WW1 http://www.inert-ord.net/usa03a/usa1/index.html
  3. I have to wait until it releases for PS3 :evil:
  4. I could have sworn it was Richtofen laughing at the end...maybe not. Either way, this isn't the end, there are still alot of unanswered questions. Where the hell is Dr.Maxis? Dr.Harvey Yena? Where are the other members of group 935? Treyarch has a full year to come up with fresh ideas and continue the zombie story. We just have to be patient. We all know this is not over.
  5. Looks like they added new foregrips to the Ak74u
  6. After Rezurrection?? Well, hopefully Moon closes alot of loop holes and Treyarch has one full year to find ways to keep their zombie mode fresh. Remember, Moon is the season finale, just like Der Riese was in WaW. But, if I may suggest something...please we need more variations of weapons for each class. Like WaW, emphasis on the submachine and assault rifles. WaW SMGs- PPsh-41, Type 100, Mp40, Thompson. Black ops- AK-74, Mp5k. I know there are more SMGs in Blackops but to be honest...unlike their WaW counterparts they are horrible for the zombie mode.
  7. PPSH-41, MG42, M1919 Browning. ^The reasons why I still put in the WaW disc..
  8. Looks like a zombie who jumped over the fence...I'm curious about that red light..
  9. So we teleport from Area51 to Moon in one game session??
  10. oh meh gawd.Oh meh gawd.Oh. My. Gawd. OH. MY. GAWD. OH MY GOD. OH MEH GAWDDDDD lol!!! This..
  11. Very well said. Hard to believe it all started with World At War. Seemed like a long time ago...
  12. Maybe I am being too picky but, isn't the earth in that screenshot a little to close to the moon? Its probably nothing.
  13. My god..Does this mean that the Shangri-La Richtofen shrine was created by..Richtofen during one of his trial and error runs? Looks like Treyarch is going to go out with a bang! Excellent :shock:
  14. Maybe it uses the same radiation that is emitted from the atom bomb?
  15. http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/b/co ... st-23.aspx woh woh hold the phone for a sec.... If this source is credible then we may have a time gap on our hands... The advertisment implies that we [the players] have already been to area 51, and that the base has been overrun. There hasnt been a zombie map at Groom lake, TIME GAP? Or is there something I am missing? Hmm...this implies two things.. 1. Treyarch had planned Area 51 in a future map pack but decided to scrap it due to the timeframe. Or 2.They decided to give us the grand finale "moon" map and hold Area 51 for their next installment..
  16. mv670


    Interesting, now do you guys think there is a connection between all the transmissions and Freedom7? Edit: Freedom = 7, obviously the man in the picture has so far seen 6 transmissions. Maybe the next transmission might be his last. Just a theory.
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