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  1. Oh thats good then. Didn't know the acheivements were out yet. :/ I'ma give you brains now!! ;D
  2. Hope this ain't the last map. it would really suck if it was. Make more zombies Treyarch. Pl0x.
  3. I don't think Kino would've had a major easter egg. The map was probably made just to introduce zombies into Black Ops. But still, it wouldn't hurt to look around for something...
  4. Very good. Very good research indeed... You just got moar [brains] !!
  5. MDstruction

    Best LMG?

    Whenever I use the Stoner the smell of ape enters the room. This gun is BAD FOR YOU!!!!
  6. MDstruction

    Best LMG?

    The M60 is OBVIOUSLY the best lightmachinegun. It's so big and unlightweight and it makes a delicious ratatat noise when it shoots.
  7. Always stealing my Juggernog. >:I
  8. Yes, it is me, the one and only MDstruction. Call me MD, Mass (as in Mass destruction) or just Edd. ;D Talk to me if you also like destruction and other stuff. And yes it's true...I'm awesome.
  9. Ritchofen is too much of a nut job to make something like this. :/ But still who knows...
  10. It's not SMG's that suck. It's you that sucks at using SMG's.
  11. This song has an awesome beat to it. better than the last songs for sure. >.>
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