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    Why does this always happen to us?

    have the trapped person spam their jump and crouch button while the savior knifes and shoots romero, he wont go after you right away but just keep at it. 65 percent of the time it works everytime
  2. oATFg

    Why does this always happen to us?

    yahh it happens to me alot. but, when one of my friends gets trapped i usually have a ray gun and just go mad on george. it does the job.
  3. oATFg

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    i did the vr11 thing upgraded and nothing happened. what i did notice though is that the image is larger than what was shown if anyone could get a pic of the whole thing that would be great.
  4. oATFg

    Interaction with Romero

    random thought here has anyone tried shooting romero into the green light part of the achievement. idk if it has been done or not
  5. oATFg

    Interaction with Romero

    yea ive been curious about this for a while but though id just wait and see. ALSO!!!!!! did anyone see the tips at the beginning of zombies??? enemies turn crosshairs red but WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN THE CROSSHAIRS TURN BLUE. has anyone had their crosshairs turn blue. could be connected to romero
  6. well i see no difference although DANNY ftw. i seriously doubt that anyone will know who sarah, robert, or micheal even are. most will recognize danny and those who watch walking dead will know who micheal is. but aside from that this knew generation only know the recent freddy krueger and could give a rats ass about buffy. or atleast the actors that play them
  7. oATFg

    Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    idk about any of you but the very first map pack had no story, no real depth. yet everyone loved it. why? because you shoot a relentless hoard of brain eating meatbags. verrukt had no real story(until der riese i think) but had more zombie killing fun. zombies soared because of these two maps. whats to stop millions from buying this map? a missing story? you still get to kill zombies and you have a bunch more weapons too. zombies isnt JUST ABOUT THE STORY. its about killing zombies with some bad ass characters and a story on the sideline. map pack 3 will be chalk full of story but how bout this time you just sit back,relax, grab a gun and shoot some freakbags
  8. I love Micheal Rooker, I am dying to watch the second season of the walking dead. I agree with you, its EPIC. your not alone bud, having to wait until october againg is killing me. it would be more epic if they made a reference to rooker in cotd. Rick "hey merle, long time no see" merle "yeah well i ran out of jug and im looking for some windows to repair" ok maybe not like that

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