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  1. ooooooooooooohohohohohohohoohhhhoohhhhhhhhooooooooooooo BROWNING!!!! im sorry i just got really excited at the thought
  2. well seeing as how those who already own the original maps would have to redownload the new map pack for the moon map. do you thing treyarch added any new guns or secrets. OR THE PPSH?(no most likely not) but theyre releasing old maps 8 months later and those maps already existed for 2 years before that you would think there would be something new added to them. if not then i will most likely pass since i have all waw maps which have better guns anyways
  3. map pack four? most definitely. dont look at it as, it would make more sense if they waited or some other reason. think of it as, if they release another map pack will everyone but it too?? ANSWER: yes not area 51 though, that would mean that the story would be coming to a conclusion, which would mean that we would be left with a saprano ending and everything will fade to black
  4. anyone notice hot the first set is the most epic
  5. yea poor ps3 users with your free online, and lol ms is satan?? i wouldnt call a company that tries to please their customers with exclusives and smooth online gameplay satan. atleast they dont go around suing their customers for customizing their consoles to their liking. sorry for that but you need to see the situation in a broader aspect (from both sides) PS!!!!: Why cant we band together against our new nemesis Nintendo and their wiiU? the enemy of my enemy is my friend
  6. have the trapped person spam their jump and crouch button while the savior knifes and shoots romero, he wont go after you right away but just keep at it. 65 percent of the time it works everytime
  7. yahh it happens to me alot. but, when one of my friends gets trapped i usually have a ray gun and just go mad on george. it does the job.
  8. aww ps3 players. me:yay i finally get to play call of the dead, finally after all this time. treyarch: oh yea xbox player your getting a new map in two weeks me: sonufa..... EDIT:why are the pictures tilted to the right??
  9. ORR you can doanload the excel calculator around here somewhere
  10. shoot team mate with vr11 for invincibility shoot zombie at green light to beam him up. shoot the generators with explosive guns. shoot romero with scavenger to kill him fastest. knife the ice to drop the bottle there may be other things i have missed but i feel that we have reached the end of this rabbit hole. p.s. i feel like the time warp on the scavenger HAS to be for a reason maybe im wrong and we have just reached the tip of the iceberg, pm me if you want to help and we can COMPLETELY explore the map(every nook and cranny) until we find something new or confirm my first theory
  11. Whoah are you sure this happened because if you are not lying i gotta check this out! Also good find. And that would make sens considering there are only 3 body's of water, Spawn, Front of light house, and back of light house. GOOD FIND. Actuually theres one at the back of lighthouse, spawn, bottom of lighthouse, by jug, and by the stairs near jug, oh and bottom of slide so six in total
  12. i would buy the map without even hesitating if it had a ppsh off the wall
  13. WELL, i was playing cotd today and felt a little bored so i called up my friends and thought we'd play some WAW of course first pick was der riese, as the game started i got a certain grin on my face then the dogs came and that grin got even wider as we arrived to the box my friends started spamming it, one got monkeys one got an mg and the other got a ppsh. while i was last and got the dg-2 this is where i started smiling then we thought wed do the gun glitche(cuz you can never have enough guns to kill freakbags) at this point i was ecstatic. after some rounds i ended up with an mg, ray gun,ppsh, dg-2, and a thompson. at this point my head exploded and all that was left was a fleshy goo that can only be seen in syfy movies. basically my point is that der riese was the single greatest map pack in the zombie series. from that day i decided that i would play waw as much as i could. seriously, while everyone is stuck on black ops a real community is on waw(except for the hackers) some of my friends havent even played waw. who else here misses the der riese days??? or atleast the classic guns
  14. or maybe treyarch wanted to point out where the survivors where hence the "elephant in the room"
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