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  1. INCOMING WALL OF SEXY TEXT @LiamFTWinter They have used NETWORK SOLUTIONS, MARKMONITOR, NSTRA CORPORATION PTY as Registrars Could just be a fakie @smh Considering the Game is About the "Black Ops" i would be surprised if the story take place a few years or even close to current times. Everyone needs to remember that these Black Ops Operatives where given the best of the best and Prototype weapons and Equipment. Questions can be made in what time this is taking place and to be honest i think its i the Past. This image really piqued my interest: It seems that the Helicopter to the right (which i add is an Osprey) is dropping off what looks like a package. The helicopter to the Left looks something similar to the Chopper Gunner in BO but is different/Updated. Something worth noting about the Osprey(Quoted from Wiki): "First flight: 19 March 1989" Black Ops last left off in 1968(Quoted from Wiki). What we can understand about this is that BO2 can take place anywhere from 1989-Current/Future If this would be the current Time our Characters Age would be: Jason Hudson: 57+ Alex Mason: 56+ I think within ten years of 1989 would the Story take place, given that they would keep the characters from the previous game and not disband them and start all over again with new people. Quadrotor's have been known to date back to the 1920's so to see it near 1989 wouldn't be that far off either. That shouldn't leave out the possibility of the game taking place in the Current or near Future but it is Very Unlikely. As most of you know Tacitus is a Weapons Manufacturer in Black Ops 2, it is unclear if this is Campaign or Multiplayer related but im taking my chances its both, its Introduced in the Campaign and is the main Supplier of Prototype/Custom Weapons for the Black Ops Operatives. We can only Speculate by what this means in Black Ops 2's Multiplayer. Im gonna throw my cards in the wind here and say this is Tacitus Weapon Manufacturer is going to allow you to Make your own Weapons. Ex. They give you a base weapon and you get to customize it, like the Gas System, Barrel, etc. Much like Ghost Recon Future Solders System except with the changes from the last game. In my honest Opinion this would be a GAME CHANGER and the best thing to ever be introduced into Treyarch's Call of Duty. If they want to do the impossible that is what they will need to do in order to define and make THEIR Call of Duty Stand out and to prove once and for all who is the Better Developer and we all know it is already them I leave you to speculate and wonder Note: I do not account the Osprey being a Prototype so the time period can be even before that Most of all these facts can be found on Various wiki's. I encourage you to look it up yourself and possibly find something to add Last and not least this is pure Speculation and that i hope to the Gods of Olympus that come true ;)
  2. Its been known that the game would come out on the 13th, Codename for the game is Eclipse and like you said there is an Eclipse on the 13th Thanks for re-sharing for those of us who dont know :D
  3. Well according to all the Activision Domains that i check via Whois They are all Hidden now, Given that Company's can switch their Registrars i wouldn't count it out yet. But who knows like i said it could be a fake or could be real. Time will tell its to early to play the 'who owns that' game ;)
  4. Thats not entirely true, no one knows who owns it, the registrar is FastDomain Inc. For all you know its owned by EA and not Activision. I believe the same thing happened with GKNova6. The possibility that its being setup for something soon is possible, The fact that its being directed to callofduty.com kind of says something but anything is possible at this point.
  5. FooToo

    New Perk Machine Pic

    Why not add another alcoholic name to the list? And by the way, Mule is a type of a russian vodka that was popular in the 1950's, so either way, it will be alcoholic, lol. Also, where has it been proven that the new perk is named "Gun Mule" and that it makes you draw your weapons faster? It seems to have only one, tiny, un-needed use. Pretty rubbish perk. I think you need to think before you write your posts, because you obviously don't know what you're talking about. use your [brains] ! LMAO you believe a TROLL who posted information about things that he saw in the Preview trailer HOURS after it came out with some rubbish nonsense that you somehow believe. If you were smart and actually read it he said you can go OUTSIDE the MOON BASE only for 15 seconds without a Suit on....... Not only would you freeze to death you cannot breath.... Space is a vacuum what he posted on that made absolutely no sense whether this game is fake or not. here is another one he said the PPSH makes a return... Why would they bring the PPSH in this map and not the AK-47 or M60? Treyarch wont have another alcoholic name as a perk they are not repetitive like L4D Creators Valve and redo the same thing over and over again. Since when do they make a Quantum Entanglement Device that has nothing to do with Quantum Entanglement? Facts are Facts and if you cannot see through this TROLLs lies than your just being trolled yourself. Good Luck in your future endevours.
  6. FooToo

    New Perk Machine Pic

    Can we stop with the fake information? Nothing adds up to whatever this so called ex-IGN employee said just like before its a Troll trying to get somewhere and trolling you. They wont add another alcoholic type name to the list and its already been proven its galled "Gun Mule" the perk seen in the preview Trailer is some form or "Quick Draw" where you switch and or Draw your weapons faster. The QED's description makes no sense as it has nothing to do with what actual Quantum Mechanics and more specifically Quantum Entanglement. I LOL'ed when he said he didn't get fired the first time around is just another bullshit lie, you sign contracts and if you post information and or share outside of that contract you are now going to get sued/fired/bannished period no exceptions at all. Use your [brains]!!!
  7. FooToo

    New Perk Machine Pic

    Wrong Wrong Wrong its the "Quick Draw" Perk... Notice the Cowboy hat and image on the Perk Machine. In the Trailer they talk about how in space you move slower so a perk to pull out your guns faster fits right in. But hey dont get me wrong the "Gun Mule" Perk is definitively out there!
  8. FooToo

    New Perk ????

    It looks very similiar to jug but can be another perk
  9. FooToo

    New Perk ????

    Looks Similar to Jug IMO Here you go: Larger Image: http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/9906/unled1fbc.png
  10. FooToo

    New Perk ????

    there is no reference point to confirm this. nobody has played the map and they arent even shown from the same angle at all in the trailers. far all we know that dark mine looking area may be expansive and have room for *gasp* both 2xtap AND staminup! " Take a good look, i dont think i need to explain anything..."
  11. FooToo

    New Perk ????

    ill work my Photoshop skills to see more of this Perk machine
  12. FooToo

    New Perk ????

    :lol: The Perks do move based on the Stamin-up and Double Tap
  13. FooToo

    New Perk ????

  14. FooToo

    New Shangri-La Analysis *New Golden Item!*

    Visit my new thread to see another Golden Item and i talk about a new Perk ^_^
  15. FooToo

    New Shangri-La Analysis *New Golden Item!*

    Damn No one is interested in this? Im sure it has something to do with the Easter Egg. Post your thoughts and dont be shy i swear i dont bite hard ;-)

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