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  1. Thanks Tiger The only reason i stated its the new logo is only because the context hints we were given in the video. 115 is to its direct left and follows the logo seen, it could just be a new faction in bo3 but knowing treyarch it has more meaning then meets the eye. The reveal should give us more hints but as it stands it has no meaning, saying it does or doesn't have any correlation to zombies is only a guess at most. Love the breakdown! Thanks again Tiger
  2. Edit: *Slaps Self* Wrong section/Already Posted. Sorry guys enjoy the recreation! Found it while watching the BO3 Teaser, take note its around the 6 second mark and is on the gun, 115 is displayed next to it. I recreated the image in photoshop so you have a clearer view: Cannot wait for BO3 Zombies! A.I. Anyone? Enjoy!
  3. It worked perfectly fine in the World At War Mode and that was 12-16 players hehe. Expect the 8 Player Modes to be similar to Killing Floor. With the amount of players.
  4. Just them saving time/being lazy. Developers reuse textures between games all the time. In the meantime, I got a good look at those other diners they had up in the trailer right before the BO2 poster. [ Image ] They either just really like diners, or something is going to be in a diner. Its a placeholder till they get another Wallpaper Texture. Any Level designer does the same thing. Alot of the times you will not see textures at all and a blank canvas so to speak. Just because you see it used doesn't mean it will be in the final edition of the game. I have found MANY things Treyarch re
  5. From what i understand the Maps for the Story will be different from those of the other playable Characters in the other Modes. This is the one for the 4 vs 4 vs Zombies. Its so open for a reason ;)
  6. Wait till the reveal trailer to see if they do any other type of Zombie Marketing, for all you know they do it after rather than before ;)
  7. I find it sad people are judging the game and the reveal trailer isn't even out yet... PLEASE dont judge a game before you see the content of that game. EVERYONE said Black Ops was going to suck then the reveal trailer came out and everyone loved it.
  8. Earning Experience in Single Player for Multiplayer from a Game Developers Standpoint is terrible. It opens up the possibility of people Hacking the game through Campaign just to get XP to level. In the end its not logical and is not worth it, I do understand the system but COD's Campaign really isnt meant to be played Multiple times so even implementing this type of system won't be worth it and would essentially be useless. I do on the other hand want the Death Cards to return, they made playing campaign much more enjoyable imo. I know friends and family in Spain Aswell as in Ger
  9. INCOMING WALL OF SEXY TEXT @LiamFTWinter They have used NETWORK SOLUTIONS, MARKMONITOR, NSTRA CORPORATION PTY as Registrars Could just be a fakie @smh Considering the Game is About the "Black Ops" i would be surprised if the story take place a few years or even close to current times. Everyone needs to remember that these Black Ops Operatives where given the best of the best and Prototype weapons and Equipment. Questions can be made in what time this is taking place and to be honest i think its i the Past. This image really piqued my interest: It seems that t
  10. Its been known that the game would come out on the 13th, Codename for the game is Eclipse and like you said there is an Eclipse on the 13th Thanks for re-sharing for those of us who dont know :D
  11. Well according to all the Activision Domains that i check via Whois They are all Hidden now, Given that Company's can switch their Registrars i wouldn't count it out yet. But who knows like i said it could be a fake or could be real. Time will tell its to early to play the 'who owns that' game ;)
  12. Thats not entirely true, no one knows who owns it, the registrar is FastDomain Inc. For all you know its owned by EA and not Activision. I believe the same thing happened with GKNova6. The possibility that its being setup for something soon is possible, The fact that its being directed to callofduty.com kind of says something but anything is possible at this point.
  13. What would be the difference if it was someone on PS3 and they get it a month later than what the Original release of said DLC is? Just like with Black ops PS3 players will get the DLC at a later point in time. Getting the Zombie Maps sooner sounds better then getting them later... You say "it makes unfair for those who don't wanna pay and extra 50 bucks for one game" Well if that said person loves zombies and is getting the Maps anyway why not 1 get them sooner and 2 get them for cheaper. Its a simple concept really, you are getting to upset by the fact that people like yourself who dont like
  14. As the Title says i have found some proof behind Richthofen not having the Golden Rod and Focusing stone. In this Image: Bigger Image We see the character as Richthofen and he does not have the Golden Rod and Focusing stone. I wonder if there's some type of cut scene or intro where they talk about what he did with them? I didn't know if it was posted before so i thought I'd share :)
  15. Did you not read his statements at all? We've seen TWO DIFFERENT Wave Guns with different color variants, so we're all wondering does that mean there will be two Wave Guns. We all know that the by pressing the d-pad that it switches into duel wield and what not But seeing as how IN THE GAME we've seen two different wave guns if there will be two separate guns or not haha someone read it and comprehended my thoughts [brains] to you sir
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