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  1. It could be BS as I see a lot of it over there but like I said the details he gives seems pretty legit but he can be just a very clever troll as well. We will all see on August 23.
  2. I am taking it that you never read the first line of this post. I clearly stated that I am not the one who wrote this and that the person who did write this is claiming to be an ex-employee of IGN so before you start making snap judgments, make sure you actually read the post first. Here is the the link to the guy who is claiming to be the ex-IGN employee http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... &sk=t&sd=a
  3. Like I said It could be BS but the way he explains how everything works just sounds pretty legit to me.
  4. I tried reporting that guy immediately when he posted it (it was like 15 seconds) because it sounded so real and I did not want him to ruin it for everyone else but no Mods have taken it down yet and he is still giving out info as we speak so I came on here so one of the Mods can contact someone over at Treyarch so they can take it down. Like I said it might be BS but the way he explained things, it seemed he actually did play it so if this is real then please one of the Mods on here can erase this thread. To the Mods on here I am truely sorry for posting this but like I said I needed proof of this and this was the only way I can do it.
  5. here is the link http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... 1&t=542900 I am very sorry for posting this but nobody over on the COD black ops forums are removing it so I needed proof to show someone but I am very sorry though. He is claiming to be an ex-IGN employee.
  6. This is not mine and this was posted on the COD black ops website. I am not sure if this is true but it looks to be very true, so here it is. So here's the story. I used to be a game reviewer for IGN, so naturally, I got to play many games months before release. About a month before Ascension came out, I leaked some info on it on this forum. My boss let it go, but warned me that if it happened again, I would be fired. From that point on, I vowed to never do anything of the sort again. However, just yesterday, my boss told me that after revisiting the situation while in contact with Treyarch, he discovered that technically, I must be fired for this. So I was. Now, that's bullsh!t, don't you think? To forgive someone for something and then punish them for it months later? So I'm gonna get back at Treyarch for this by leaking information on Moon. Unfortunately for Treyarch, I had the chance to play Moon before I was fired, so now I'm gonna leak a bunch of information on it, information that was supposed to be kept secret from the general gaming public until release. So, here goes nothing: Let's start by talking about the new wonder weapon everyone's buzzing about: the Wave Gun. I've used this gun before, and I can safely say that you will love it. You shoot it at a crowd of zombies, and they literally puff up and explode. But that's not all this gun does. By pressing left on the d-pad, you can literally split the gun in half, resulting in two separate handheld guns, titled the Voltage Rays. You hold them one in each hand, and they shoot electricity, similar to the Wunderwaffe DG-2, however the Voltage Rays zap less zombies with each shot. Another thing I want to tell you about is the new special grenade, the Quantam Entanglement Device. When you throw it, it creates a large, dome-shaped force field around it which zombies are seemingly magnetically pulled into, and everything you do to one zombie in the force field happens to all the others in it. For example, if you shoot one zombie, all the others will have a bullet hole in them as well. In the Intel, Treyarch said that along with blessing your battle, the Quantam Entanglement Device can also curse it, but from what I've seen, there are no negative effects of it. Guess I must be missing something. Another thing you might be interested in knowing about is the new perk, Three-Gun Tequila. As you can probably guess from the title, this perk allows you to wield three weapons instead of the regular two. It costs 3,000 points to buy, its color is grey, and it symbol is a pistol with two phasing pistols stacked under it. If you get downed with this perk, you lose the weapon you were currently holding, but if you're revived and you buy the perk again, you get that weapon back. The next thing I want to touch upon is the new special zombie, the Phasing Zombie. Similar to the Napalm Zombie and the Shrieker Zombie from Shangri-La, these zombies are fairly rare. But when they do appear, you're in trouble. They appear out of thin air, and you can see them for a moment, but then they become invisible. They don't appear again until they attack or they are shot at. However, if you pay close attention when they're invisible, you can see a kind of distortion where they are. Unfortunately, though, this is hard to see when there are zombies all around you. Something many people may be excited about is the return of possibly the most popular weapon next to the Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe DG-2 in the original World at War Nazi Zombies: the PPSh-41. The PPSh-41 is just as good as ever and virtually unchanged from the World at War version, besides enhanced graphics and sounds. The quotes from the characters when they get this gun are very entertaining as well. For example, when Nikolai gets it, he sometimes says, "Ah, reminds me of the good old days!", and when Richtofen gets it, he sometimes says, "Hahaha! I love the PP!". It may also be worth mentioning that you cannot leave the base for more than fifteen seconds seconds if you don't buy a space suit, which can be bought in multiple locations around the map for 1,000 points. When you die, you lose yours. The last thing I'd like to mention is how you access the Pack-A-Punch machine on Moon. In the power room, there is a large teleporter. To turn it on, you must activate ten different switches scattered around the map. Once you do that, the teleporter turns on for thirty seconds. If you can make it there and teleport, you will end up in Area 51. Here there is a fairly wide open area with the Pack-A-Punch machine in the center. After a minute, you will be teleported back to the moon. If you want to know anything in specific about the map that I haven't mentioned, feel free to ask in a reply to this thread.
  7. I would like to hear some more opinions on this.
  8. Look at the picture again and look all the way to the left of the page. You will see part of a page that is not in any of the maps loading screens (just checked myself and found nothing that resembles those boarders at all so the OP might be on to something here). BTW nice find OP.
  9. SixaM

    Back from the Past!

    Treyarch could have added more Easter Eggs to the Black Ops version of the [email protected] zombie maps, Mainly Der Riese. That's why Treyarch is saying that Der Riese still has Easter Eggs because they added more to it in the Black Ops version of Der Riese. If I could get some people to help me out and look for some Easter Eggs on the Black Ops version of Der Riese then maybe we can figure this out.
  10. This is it guys, the epic climax to one of the greatest adventures of all time and what Richtofen's master plan is. Well I have a theory that might just explain some of the loop holes to this amazing story and why Richtofen is such a major part of it. Look at everything that has happened since we have seen our heroes from Time traveling from place to place, uncovering secrets to Richtofen's master plan and the many people they have encountered through there travels but what about Richtofen himself. We all know that he is out of his mind and is collecting things to complete his master plan but how does he know where everything is if he is time traveling for quite sometime now and would not have knowledge of where everything is unless this is not his first time doing this. Think about it like this, what if Richtofen has already done this before (he could have tried this numerous of times since he has the ability to time travel) but failed some where along his travels (something could have stopped him from completing his master plan) and had to go back to change certain events so that he would know where everything is (He could have made the ship on COTD crash and added the radios there so that he would remember where the golden rod was but Nikolai messed that up for himand other events that I will leave up to YOU to decide). Remember also that when you look at the picture of Richtofen on Kino, all the characters say Richtofen looks younger then them in the pics (If Richtofen discovered time travel during Der Riese then this would explain why he never really aged compared to the other characters who have aged and yes I do know that they have been traveling with him but Richtofen could have just teleported himself to there location at that specific time so that they would never know what he was up to because he failed at some point during his time traveling which could also explain why the other characters can not remember anything as they could have also done this before as well). Time traveling is a very tricky thing and if someone had the power to time travel then they could rule the world just as long as certain events happened/never happened. The Moon is the last piece of the puzzle and this is where we will see Rictofen's final plan take place. All I am saying is that Richtofen and the rest of the gang could have done this many times before but now everything is going as planned which will be the climax to there saga. What do you guys think and am I on the right track to solving the zombies story or just a part of it but I just have that feeling that Richtofen and the gang of done this many times before. Thank you guys for reading this long post (I tried to explain this the best way I could but if anyone has something to add to this or something needs changing then just let me know) and lets have a friendly discussion ADDED- Also if you go to Shangri-la, Richtofen's name is already on the alter where you obtained the Focusing stone (This would explain that Richtofen has already been to Shangri-la because when you go into the eclipse, you also go into the past which his name is on the alter already when you get the focusing stone). There are movies that talk about time travel and the effects of it. Here is an example from a movie that explains what happens when you change events. The movie is called "The Time Machine" and what happens in this movie is that this guy builds a time machine to save his loved one from dying but every time he tries to save her life, she dies a different way every time which he could not understand what he was doing wrong (It was her time to die and know matter what he did to change it, it always ended up with her being killed). Maybe Richtofen keeps experiencing the same effect and is making him go crazy because it never ends well for him.
  11. I do not understand why people keep saying that if you got the Hardened/Prestige editions, you get MP4/Rezurrection for free. Think about what you are saying for a second, people who bought the hardened/Prestige editions Technically already bought MP4/Rezurrection as you dished out that extra money to get the exclusive maps so please explain to me how MP4/Rezurrection is free? I am very happy with Treyarch's decision to bring the old maps back because now I have people to play with instead of seeing about maybe 100 people playing the classic zombies lobbies.
  12. You should check out my post of where I think the Moon base came from viewtopic.php?f=72&t=15059
  13. SixaM

    Moon Base theory?

    I do agree that the Moon base was most likely made by the Nazi's and whatever is on that moon that Richtofen needs must be "BIG" because He needed the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone to complete his master plan which I feel is the Quantum Entanglement Device (maybe some type of giant ray gun or some type of satellite dish).
  14. SixaM

    Moon Base theory?

    Hello everyone, I am new here and hope to make a good first impression. Enough of my introduction and lets get down to business. What got me intrigued with the zombie map "Moon" is what timeline does the "Moon" take place in? I know that the original cast have been teleporting from place to place in different time periods. Lets say that the "Moon" takes place during the space race, how did the Moon base get there if they really did not have that type of technology at that time to build one (even if they did manage to build a base on the moon, wouldn't take YEARS to build something like that) or the Nazi's already were able to achieve space travel, keep't it hidden from the world and managed to build a base on the Moon which they placed teleporters there to get back and forth much easier. Once the Nazi's lost the war both the U.S. and Russia found out about the moon base and what it contained and tried to retrieve it for themselves which would of created the "Space Race" and why the Moon was so important to them. Think about it like this, if Richtofen is collecting things (spacesuit, Golden Rod, Focusing Stone) to achieve his master plan then he would have already known that the Moon base existed and what he needs there (It will not be element 115 as he already has the Focusing Stone which is made of the same material, so it is something very important that was left by the Nazi's but was never found because the only person who would of known about it at this time would be Richtofen himself). Thank you everyone for reading and hope to get some positive feedback.
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