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  1. Yeah i've been researching exactly that all day long, however considering that each section has 6 letters, wouldn't we use the ADDGXV cipher? Only problem I see with this is that V is never included, So confusing D:
  2. MOB OF THE DEAD 1234 is what this says. Take each number and relate to the Alphabet. 13 - M, 15 - O, and so on You got it just before I did! Now, does this somehow relate to the code above? And why is there 1234 underneath? Maybe we're supposed to arrange it in a certain way?
  3. Okay guys, has any tried to use the graph that's located on the sheet? If you look at the bottom right, you can see a table. Here's a crude representation of what it says A =(?) 13 15 2 15 6 20 8 5 4 5 1 4 1 2 3 4
  4. There's a lot of different ways to approach this, I'll start looking it at all the ways mentioned above
  5. On the "Instructions" sheet of MotD, there's a series of words, each six letters in length. The second I saw this, I instantly thought that it's gotta be an encrypted message. All encrypted messages require a cipher, which is basically the key to solving the cipher. Now, you'll notice that at the bottom, there's two letters: AF which stand out as they don't belong to any of the 6 letter series of words. I'm thinking that THIS is the cipher, however I haven't deduced what the specific key is to solving the encryption. Here's the series of jumbled words for you guys: GFFAGF GGDDGF FFXXFF FGDFFG FDGFFG FDGGFF FGFGAA FXFXDX XFXDGF FAGGFF AF First thing you should notice is that the letters are all in groups of 6, disregarding AF. If this truly is a encrypted message, it's safe to say that these aren't all 6 letter words but that the message has simply been divided in such a way to simply make it easier to read. Removing such spaces would leave us with FFGXGDGFFAGFGGDDGFFFXXFFFGDFFGFDGFFGFDGGFFFGFGAAFXFXDXXFXDGFFAGGFF AF I haven't included AF as i don't believe it to be part of the supposed encrypted message. I'm no expert at encryption so Please let me know what you guys think of this, and if whether or not anyone wants to chase this theory with me. Thanks!
  6. Hanford is located in Washington state...
  7. He does say they are present in some way, however he doesn't say that they're present in Green Run. Furthermore, considering that Avogadro appears from within the machine, how is it possible that one of the original four got from the moon to earth that quickly. We know a lot of time hasn't passed due to the fact that when you get a power-up Richtofen exclaims that he hasn't gotten used to the Aether. This shows that not much time has passed since earth had been hit by the missiles. Lastly, Treyarch knows that the zombie community LOVES the original crew so they probably wouldn't be willing to cut them out or dramatically alter them in the game. Personally, i believe they're still stuck on the moon and we'll help them get back to earth in one way or another.
  8. raza416

    New Kino Art!

    If you look at the power room picture, on the board to the left of the picture there's some writing, can anyone make that out?
  9. Considering that the two maps are identical, it's without a doubt that Green Run takes place in Hanford.
  10. Hey guys, just found a little something and since i haven't seen it anywhere on the forum i thought i'd post it. Anyways, i was venturing through the fog when a Denizen attacked me, and while it was attacking me i walked under one of the green lights spread across the map and it jumped off and started digging. Then, it looked like it created a teleporter of sorts so i jumped onto it and it teleported me to another one of the green lights. Unfortunately I cannot record this occurinh and I haven't found anything on Youtube but if someone could perhaps test this out? Thanks :D
  11. If the bus driver were a zombie, why are zombies chasing after the bus? Furthermore, if you look carefully you can see barricades on the inside of the bus which is obviously meant to keep zombies out.
  12. Before anyone got into the MPD, perhaps their hunger for flesh was controlling them? In the Der Riese radios, we hear a zombie not following commands and begins to run towards Richtofen, perhaps they were plain old zombies before Samantha got into the MPD.
  13. To add on to this, having 8 players, especially in a "Classic" game mode would mean larger maps and possibly split up players, like there were in Verrückt. Furthermore, map elements would also have to be changed, for example, eight people fighting over a single mystery box wouldn't be practical so perhaps there will be more than one box available? Also an increase in spawn locations for boxes considering how large the maps may be. And obviously, more zombies, which means more zombie spawn points, perhaps different varieties of zombies such as on Shangri-La etc. Thats all i could think of at the moment, add more in when I'm done my homework :D

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