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  1. Please combine all of these tutorials into one. Also, turbulence intel: One is on your right on a counter after you go down the stairs on the plane and the other is in the open right after the explosion when you are on the ground.
  2. UnicornCan115

    Nuke in MW3! (M.O.A.B)

    haha, yeah jugg recons are amazing. my friends and I all deployed ours at once in a game of team tac demolition today. we wrecked.
  3. UnicornCan115

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    27 with two other people (My friends at school). We started with the catwalk until third dog round, started running trains, and finally resorted to the teleporter strategy. We died when I threw a monkey to distract zombies so I could revive a friend, and immediately go downed. My money bounced off a boiler in Teleporter B room and trapped my other friend who was ammo-less. So we died.
  4. UnicornCan115

    How I think pro perks should be

    I believe that perks should be leveled up like a weapon. The Regular version of the perk does one thing. After a challenge (Assassin Pro I for example) you unlock a new feature for that perk. Let's use an example. I'm using Assassin. I am invisible to enemy UAVs. Assassin Pro I-Kill 50 enemies while they have a UAV or Advanced UAV in the air. Unlocks no red crosshairs or red name when an enemy sees me. Assassin Pro II- Kill 25 enemies within proximity of their Portable radar (IW could use something else). Unlocks invisibility to Portable radar. Assassin Pro III-Kill 25 people that see you on their heartbeat sensor. Unlocks invisibilty to heartbeat sensor. I'm just saying that it may help balance the game so that people just don't suddenly have these extra abilities by just destroying 30 aircraft.
  5. UnicornCan115

    Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    No. That would never happen, and it isnt going to. Suck it up, they arent even that good, theyre better for WaW. YOU ARE WRONG!
  6. UnicornCan115

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    Just Shagri-La, or all the maps?
  7. UnicornCan115

    Create ur own perk

    I fixed Nikolai's quote
  8. UnicornCan115

    Lighthouse dials /!?

    Look at any post by TacticalInsertion, He has a complete guide including the algorithm in his signature.
  9. UnicornCan115

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Option one is suicide. We can't destroy a die glocke with all that xerum!
  10. UnicornCan115

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    We have a problem, there is a gas leak. Maybe we can reroute for the fire traps.
  11. UnicornCan115

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    I have the metal and the welder. I'll do this job for free.
  12. UnicornCan115

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    I turned the shed in the backyard into a small store. I take grenades and ammo as currency.
  13. UnicornCan115

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    While exploring the house, I found a hidden closet with robotics, some RF transmitters, and lots of high explosives. I rigged my semi up and drove it straight into the hoard. An element 115 bomb is bigger than you think! Took out about half of those bastards. I also found all the ingredients for nitroglycerian in the lab. Some deadly jelly!
  14. UnicornCan115

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Browning M115 Destroyer. WooooooooooHooooooooooooooo
  15. UnicornCan115

    Best perk overall?

    What, in your opinion is the best perk overall?

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