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  1. Gibs were actually, if I remember correctly, part of the WaW leaderboards if you looked at the leaderboards on the website. So the gib counter isn't really anything new.
  2. This may be a stretch, but the forge from Halo. It's one of the reasons that I play Halo. Being able to create a map. Also a gametype similar to Invasion from Halo. Basically there are two rounds of three phases. Each phase is one of three gametypes: Assault (S&D with infinite lives), Territories (Headquarters Pro), or One flag CTF (Defending team has to defend the flag instead of going for another. After each round the two teams switch between Attacking and Defending. NO VEHICLES! VEHICLES COMBINED WITH KILLSTREAKS WOULD BE TOO MUCH! JUST KILL STREAKS.
  3. In BO2, I would like to see a weapon swap option. If you get next to someone and press DOWN on the D-Pad, it would ask that person if they wanted to swap their current weapon with the person asking. This would, of course, cost points to do so. For example: I would go up to XXXXX and press down on the D-Pad. It would say "Do you want to swap HK21 for RPK for 2000 points? A:Yes B:No" XXXXX screen would say "Do you want to swap RPK for HK21? A:Yes B:No" Please give feedback!
  4. That's why I left MW3 and started playing BF3 and MW2.
  5. People anger me. I personally believe they also have never owned another COD game. I've never played WAW (No flame, please), but I believe Treyarch makes the best games. They are just perfectly balanced. I still play IW games from time to time when I'm not playing BO, Halo, Fallout, or Battlefield (That's right, I'm one of the few that enjoys both companies). Let's face it though, COD4 is the shit.
  6. I will find the person who voted no, and I will rid him of his head. Anyway, great idea!
  7. I suppose, my computer with the information on it crashed, so I guess this is a good thing.
  8. I must congratulate you, but I am angered, I've been collecting data too! Why must you steal my spotlight? :lol:
  9. Make knives halve your health, 2 knifes kill you, one does if you have less than half your health. Rid of grenade launchers forever, or at least change how off course they can go so they are harder to use. NO second chance or anything that makes you live when you die. Ghost is fine, but maybe split it up into two seperate tiers like MW3 did. Keep Ninja the same, but make it so you have a little bit of sound while you walk. Lose COD points, it's just not the COD feel when you can have a perk right off the bat. Get overkill back, BO's secondaries were terrible. Change hardline, the pro variant was not worth purchasing as it requires you to use care packages. That's my opinion
  10. I'd be fine with it as long as it was nothing more than a weapons pack or something like that.
  11. RSASS, MSR for the vote, though.
  12. AR-ACR SMG-P90 Sniper-RSASS w/ suppressor LMG-WTF? Shotgun-Striker or KSG-12 (It's pretty good if you know how to use it) MP-G18 Launcher-Stinger Handgun- Five Seven It's funny, huh, my SMG and my handgun were released together.
  13. It's almost guaranteed there's going to be another call of duty by IW but it doesn't have to be Modern warfare. They'll make money if they make a completely different story. I don't like it that soap died, him being my favorite character. I see what you mean about how price and Nikolai would have to track down the rest of Makarov's men. Zakiehev (I don't know how to spell it) died in CoD4 and it looked like the story ended there but then Makarov took over. Perhaps someone will take Makarov's place in MW4. They can probably make a crapload of money by showing what happened to Roach, Ghost, and other TF141 members before they were TF141.
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