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  1. I think it'll be R.A.G.E. as in Revolution, Apocalypse, Genesis, Exodus. lol just a thought
  2. Yeah I've been reading these forums since the release of Black Ops. But my problem is, I have nothing to say. I know most of the storyline and theories of zombies, but I have noticed that I can't come with anything new or clever.. So, I'm always just lurking and reading, and most of the time I do not login. I know guys, this post is as useless as my other posts, too, but I just wanted to say that there might be more fans like me in here.
  3. Are wall weapons the same as before? Is MP40 there? How about the classic maps? I have to know :D
  4. Petja

    Best lethal?

    So i just wanted to know, what do you thinki is the best lethal grenade? :)
  5. I'm hoping Verrückt-hard, so it would be more intense. [brains]
  6. Look at the comic book pic, Sam's shadow is casting over moon, and she is holding someone in her hand! :o
  7. Where can i find this picture?
  8. Hey guys, did you see the terminal-style thing at the start? It says, ENTERING BLACK OPS SECRET FILES PASSWORD: S.O.G. Could it be?? :o
  9. Dual wield weapons would be magical!! How epic would it be to run around with M72 Anarchy dual wield? ;)
  10. Just saying, the answer is that simple ;)
  11. Petja

    Best LMG?

    In my series of polls the LMGs are next. So what do you think, which of these is the best in multiplayer? In zombies we all know that RPK kicks arse ;)
  12. This would prove that Kravchenko is Zakhaev and vice versa!! :D
  13. Petja

    Best shotgun?

    I meant this for MP too, so that's why it's there :)
  14. Five may not be much related to main storyline but it has tons of little EEs that tell us something about it.
  15. Petja

    Best shotgun?

    It's time to ask this about the shotguns too. Also i think the HS-10 and HS-10 dual wield are totally different weapons.
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