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  1. What happened? I thought there was supposed to be a zombies campaign??
  2. I find that it is reallly hard to get the bowie knife early enough with 3-4 players for it to have any use. At least on der riese. The points are hard to come by.
  3. Wow great!! Do the strategies differ for multiplayer much? Because I usually play with more than solo. Do you have a series for multiplyer? If not can you point me to a series that is like this but for 2-4 people? Thanks bro!!!!!!
  4. I like it too, the shotgun is useful for dogs.
  5. Alot of the players who are like that are 10 year old squakers.
  6. "So I logged on to xbl to play with that one guy who was bitching "God, What happened to this site, no one wants to play with me ....bla bla bla..." He did not show up." Haha who's that loser? I mostly have bad memories. Most of the time the randoms are crap and kill me. Although I did get my record on Der Riese with 4 randoms, one quit and there were 3 left who were actually really good. Other than that it's always hard to get past round 15.
  7. Great guide man! Why is there going to be a masters guide 2.0? The first one seemed like all you need no? What more can there be?
  8. A vote to pause option in co-0p would be an amazing feature.
  9. bump. Multiplayer gun tier list need opinions!
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