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  1. Just reminded me of this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjjIuwfpQhk
  2. I have returned! This is pretty awesome I must say, just like the old days again watching new videos and stopping each frame by frame to find goodies!
  3. Woohoo! This would be rad! PS: Haven't been on here in months! :(
  4. I'm back.. after many months of not checking CODZ (for shame..) and I can say I'm well and truly lost.. anyone link me to a thread explaining everything?
  5. Anyone ever get into the accounts?
  6. Some wee things. - Terminator music at the start during the terminal style thing? haha - Nikolai in spacesuit - As I spotted and (AgentA) made a thread on, it seems you can teleport back to Der Riese as the character can be seen in a space suit!
  7. My findings. viewtopic.php?f=59&t=4108 viewtopic.php?f=59&t=4320
  8. I was just about to post this, see here also.
  9. Why wouldn't there be radio's there? I mean, there are perk machines in the middle of a Shi No Numa.. is that not stranger!
  10. Yeah, I've just been incredibly busy with coursework+exams for the past fews months! I would love an updated Der Riese.. So what's new Danso with zombies? Any major major updates to the 'real' storyline? I feel that with the recent map packs.. there hasn't been anything really to the story! EDIT: Stlll haven't got COTD, need to find someone nice to map share.. I got shiney new BT Infinity (fiberoptics) so it should download pretty speedy too! That's why Im here to research.. apart from the crew getting stuck in a 'cupboard' and sent to paradise?
  11. Beaty of annihilation.. returning to Der Riese?! (I'm jesting!) I'm reading the lyrics of the song for any clues.. but I doubt there are any really!
  12. playing Verruckt and searching official cod forums as i wright this is linking to official websites allowed on here? ive found my original post over a year ago when the first radio was found (the 1 you say is now intractable) now just gotta find the other 1 i found (i remember it was a bitch to find the 1st time lol Sure just copy the quote in?
  13. Dubz, are you not talking about Shi No Numa here? Did you not say you knew where there was a second radio in Verrückt?
  14. We have a recording for the radio I found.. MrRoflWaffles and me did it last night with a hd pvr thingy! So the quality is amazing.. if you can find us the second radio we shall record it and give the credit to you!
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