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  1. I am definitely interested in this.
  2. Sweet. This is our "filler" material until the teaser on October 15. Hopefully :)
  3. wtf? Look at :31 and you'll see at the bottom COD: Thank you for playing and have a nice day. Yet another Vahn mindf**k.
  4. Well, wouldnt the reward of solving the fly trap be in the files?? Or would it be encrypted or something??
  5. Trust me, YOU WILL KNOW WHEN THERE IS A BETA. Treyarch will make it crystal clear.
  6. This guy posted this also later in the thread. IDK if we should believe it though: http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3489/gamestop.jpg
  7. How is this hinting at it???? He is specifically saying that there is no beta yet. People are scamming people out of real money claiming to have "inside connections" to treyarch and they claim to give them a beta. He is saying it so people dont lose their money.
  8. Only Treyarch knows if there will be a beta. Until it is confirmed by Treyarch, it is, unfortunatly, false.
  9. Yeah there will be, the only reason there wasnt in the trailer is because they did not want the video to get flagged on youtube.
  10. This was listed on June 4. This was way before E3 2010. I'm suprised that he didnt give us these details at E3, instead all he said was "we do what fans want and the fan is the #1 priority" instead of saying this.
  11. The song also kinda sounds like a new "revamped" random box song... just a thought.
  12. Wait, are these the people that are mentioned in the documents, the recording/tape, or the briefcase as a whole?? Hitilst??lol
  13. LMAO... you werent being an asshole... personally, i think that it was a good idea to stretch the info out so that (like you stated) we are all busy until the 28th and we wont be "bored" right away, but people think differently. Also, now that i think about it, there will be plenty of info to last us over 2 months, so it actually makes sense to drop it on us at once so we can dissect it piece by piece.. Carbon remember, you are the only one (besides the other 11 that went with you to treyarch) that knows about this, you should actually have people pay to see them. (JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)..im done ranting.
  14. But...if he does stretch it out, than it'll have more suspense, give us more things to do, and it'll be easier to process, rather than just dumping it on us and it being confusing to us at first...idk it is really up to carbon not to us...i guess...
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