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  1. I remember first joining back in 2011 during the hype of Call of the Dead. Brings back great memories! At the time, I didn't realize how expansive the story was until reading more into Kino der Toten, and people were trying to piece together the purpose for the map. It suckered me in, alright. I'll check with Reddit here and there for quick updates, but go back through all the old threads in the Asylum for great reads. A majority of them from greats like @PINNAZ gave me inspiration to write theories of my own.
  2. It's no secret that the community is setting everything ablaze right now. Many are saying that Zombies is killing itself while others are sitting back enjoying BO4 with very few problems. Treyarch undoubtedly has their hands full with reinforcing Blackout and Multiplayer while Zombies takes a back seat despite claiming that Zombies would be the best of its kind compared to the near decade we've had the mode. Bugs to fix, crashes to reduce, features that were announced that have yet to come...it's chaos. How do you feel about the current situation? What do you think should be the biggest concern right at this moment?
  3. Some of us have been fans since the World at War days, while others may have jumped aboard in the middle or are barely getting their feet with with the most recent game. Back in the day, there were two camps of Zombies enthusiasts - story-driven players and high round players. At the moment, these two groups have melded into one another (but not entirely) and now we have a color array of people who like the mode for different reasons. So what keeps you coming back to Zombies? For me, it's the team-based aspect of it. I hate playing Solo; I'd rather kill some freakbags with friends or even total strangers with no purpose other than enjoying the moment. I love seeing what kind of setup other people have and going "oh that's a pretty smart tactic I should do that". Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the story and exploration of maps but after a while, the real replay-ability of it lies within the co-op experience.
  4. Yesterday, a Reddit user by the name of u/CallOfNobodyCares posted on the Zombies sub revealing major information on easter eggs we haven't yet discovered, as well as alleged mistreatment during their time at Treyarch as a QA tester. While their background is yet to be considered true or not, his info about minor easter eggs have been verified both by YouTubers and the community. Any controversial information should be taken with a grain of salt. Voyage of Despair Shoot and interact with six fish across the map and receive a special power-up. Interact with some pistons in the Engine Room using the upgraded Kraken and unlock Pack-a-Punch at all locations. A Humonculus with flags can be seen in the distance with a sniper. It reveals morse code. Collect and pace three music sheets to the grand piano and you'll be able to temporarily change your Specialist weapon. Staying underwater for 30 seconds has a chance to play a verse sung by a siren. Blood of the Dead There is an upgrade of the Golden Spork that leads to the Sprknife. There are more drawings around the map that can be activated with certain attacks, including the Specialist weapons. IX Mini-bosses have an EE where they dance and play air guitar. This can only be done after completing the Viking Funeral EE and obtaining the Iron Bull shield. There are yellow text ciphers around the map that need to be solved. The room "Bath House" can be renamed to "Blood Bath House" by getting [supposedly] 830 kills in the blood bath within the Zeus Temple. The cipher story of the crying builder is about someone who built the map's traps and Wonder Weapon and was sealed behind the walls as punishment. You can take less trap damage by passing through each trap type and killing certain enemies with each trap. Classified After doing the punch cards, the player who is Dempsey can visit Area 51 and activate an Ultimis Dempsey quote by throwing a frag grenade at the warehouse to the side of the area. Leave NML and throw another frag at the same spot to trigger more quotes. In the corner facing the projector within the basement, you can hear Samantha sing the Crooked Man riddle. Miscellaneous DLC1 is a prequel to the Chaos story, with four new characters, and reportedly inside a mansion containing zombies, ghosts, nosferatus, werewolves, and other creatures. Nuketown Zombies is set to happen at some point in the season. Each DLC will have only 1 Zombies map. More maps are planned for the Aether story. Plans were made to implement a 4v4 mode. The BOTD Sprknife EE may or may not work, according to the leaker's last recollection of its status. The Classified EE Main Quest is verified to be the cutscene. Speed Cola will return in the next big update. It reportedly will be available when all four in-game vapors/colas are collected, and can deactivate/reactivate. Juggernog was removed because Treyarch could not figure out how to make it work with the current armor system. It may still make an appearance. Treyarch only listen to big YouTubers when it comes to suggestions/problems. There was originally a Campaign for BO4 but it was stopped mid-2017 due to them wanting to make more Multiplayer maps. There was a cut EE in IX where the crowd could do the wave. The Ciphers in IX are quotes from the High Priest. Do as you will with this information.
  5. Perks: Timeslip, Quick Revive, Stronghold, "That One Last Stand Perk" Elixirs: Burnout, Anywhere But Here, Equip Mint, Alchemical Antithesis Specialist: DG-5 I should say that I usually play Co-op and not Solo that much. But this is generally my go-to if I'm going for high round runs or just a really good game.
  6. Great stuff @anonymous! ? Regarding how the Keepers could've lost...how could the Shadownman - the original harbinger of doom - and a race of dark, powerful creatures lose to four humans who weren't wielding ancient staffs or anything to aid them besides guns? Guess having powers from the Dark Aether isn't totally powerful after all. @NaBrZHunter The MPD was built before the Agarthan War according to the timeline. Given that it required souls to be powered up, the corrupted Keepers likely hadn't got to that step yet. In fact, the MPD was the only connection to the Dark Aether and the soon-to-be Apothicans were banished into said aether, so they were connected but couldn't utilize the MPD.
  7. In order to obtain the ending cutscene to Classified, you need to reach Round 150 in-map. This was found by TheGamingRevolution and his team with custom mutations on that allowed them to get close to R150 without experiencing a crash. Below are SPOILERS of the events that occur in the ending. This was Blundell's sneaky way of answering the whole "divide the community" comment. This reward is realistically only obtainable by high round players. Clever. Unfortunately, it's near impossible to do given how often the game crashes.
  8. @RadZakpak I'm super excited to see how this pans out! I love that you're dissecting it into installments of [basically] the games in how we perceive them. Should be totally easy to understand and follow, especially with your writing prose. ?
  9. Alan Shepard in silver pressure suit, 1963 Looks almost identical the Cosmonaut suit, and certainly fits the year. Private Hastings is American, just likes these suits are. I could definitely see iterations of Cosmonauts being the test subjects for the teleporter, forever trapped on the Moon in this weird undead-limbo state with unreal 115 abilities (teleporting a person by headbutting them). Good catch, friendo!
  10. This is amazing @Pasta! Great guide, and super damn helpful to actually have images compared to most text wall styles of guides (like my own ? ). I've pinned this guide to the top of the forum for everyone to see. Brains for ya!
  11. Yeahhhh Dodgy Devil can suck my left nut. Not possible in BOTD.
  12. After the ending to Blood of the Dead, I've seen a lot of people across Twitter and Reddit with confusion about the timeline. It doesn't help that we've seen a total of three Richtofens at in one map; however, it's not as bad as it seems. There are a few loose ends (which we'll get into shortly) that give us different ideas to what's going on. First, let's look over the path of the major Richtofens in play. Red path signifies Primis Richtofen and blue path signifies Post-Revelations Richtofen. Note that these pathways include different dimensions and universes in one flow for the sake of understanding where we stand at the end of BOTD. In the BO3 finale, we came to the conclusion that the Great War - battle between the humans and the Apothicans - was initially fought by the ancestors of Primis, but after Revelations, were replaced by the Primis group themselves due to Dr. Monty having sent them there. The reason was simple; by ingesting the blood of the mobsters from MOTD (which also took place in Dimension 63 and was supposedly closed off), the risk of another paradox came into mind and thus Monty placed Primis in the Great War as their ancestors right after winning the war. Ideally, to have them live our their days in the past so they couldn't much anything else up that may cause said paradox to happen. Unfortunately, Monty may not have seen that doing so would not stop that predicament from happening. And thus, a cycle was born. The red path shows this. The blue path, however, shows us that post-Revelations Richtofen somehow survived long enough to be in a cryogenic chamber in Blood of the Dead. He knew about said cycle, and that collecting the blood samples as his insurance policy to keep Primis alive wouldn't solve the problem nor stop the cycle. Now...what was that insurance policy again? Oddly enough, a similar radio from Maxis talks of a backup plan that is seemingly different than the insurance policy. Using the mobster's blood only serves as protection for crossing dimensions and space itself. But this backup plan Maxis mentions claims it can eliminate "a threat of Alcatraz for good". In the ending of BOTD, we see Revelations Richtofen using what's presumably the fire gem of the Staff of Fire. But you can decide what it really is. vs. Back to the main point. Revelations Richtofen knew securing the blood vials was not longer a wise plan and instead made focus on keeping their souls. People were quick to jump at Nikolai being the savior of the group, but bear in mind one small fact: at this point, he is the only one with his soul in tact by the end of BOTD. Dempsey and Takeo had their souls still within the Summoning Key, with Richtofen's presumably still in the House as that event may not have changed. Why is this important to what Revelations Richtofen said? If you haven't put two and two together by now, this is a suicide mission for Richtofen. Why? As previously stated, we have 3 souls on hand, 2 of which are still within the Summoning Key and 1 in BOTD Nikolai. Richtofen's soul has already been purified and resides with Monty at the House. Seeing as we're to defeat the now-bad-guy Monty, there's very little chance of reclaiming Richtofen's innocent soul. How the souls play a crucial part in the storyline are still to be determined...hopefully being revealed at the true end of the Aether story. This sets us on a new course where Gorod Krovi never happens, and neither does Revelations. Whatever lies ahead, is to prepare for war against Monty. But there's still someone else within the Summoning Key we have yet to see again - the Shadowman. Oddly enough, the Warden claims that opening the gateway by using Primis' blood would allow him and the Apothicans to return...but we have his soul already in the Key? Interesting. As an additional and semi-related note, I will say this: we also know that the bodies of Victis are still inside their cryogenic chambers. Primis Richtofen actually spoke to Samuel Stuhlinger in BOTD, assuring their safety with his blood sacrifice. At some point, we will see Victis again. Considering that the lighthouse in BOTD is what enabled both characters to speak to one another, we know at minimum that Samuel is connected through the Aether. Total dimensional collapse of BOTD may or may not have happened given this predicament, but at least we know Samuel can also be reached out to regardless where his body is. ----------------------------- In a nutshell, the cycle entails the events within the Zombies storyline, but after Revelations, Richtofen understands this has become a cycle now and the only way to break it is by surviving long enough to stop his Primis self from collecting and ingesting the blood vials, thus changing their fates per the Kronorium and breaking the cycle to defeat Dr. Monty.
  13. Welcome friendo! Glad to have you here. ? If you're looking for teammates, I recommend using our Looking For Group (LFG) system to get better luck. Happy hunting!
  14. You first choose a map and on the sidebar (or scroll down on mobile), there's a button to upload gameplay. It will take you to a forum-looking page which you create the request. From there, the staff will make sure it meets basic criteria (e.g. no glitches/exploits, proper video footage, etc). Once it gets greenlit, it'll go up onto the respective leaderboard. Our leaderboards are Solo only for the meanwhile. I'll make sure to add a disclaimer regarding that.
  15. @RadZakpak Love it man! It's such an interesting contrast of serious quotes with this bass-groovin' soundtrack, but it has an odd charm that makes it that much better. ?
  16. Hey friendos! To help keep you current with all things CODZ, we are implementing monthly updates that includes site bug fixes, new features, community enhancements, and much more! Our team is excited to this new level of transparency as it details what we're doing both in public and behind the scenes. We felt you should be in the know of what's going on within the family. ? That being said, we have some goodies coming up! Fixed bug that affected certain user groups from receiving medals. Fixed error on viewing certain custom pages. Fixed mobile display of topics that cause misplaced graphics. Fixed "Videos"! Formerly CoDzTube, you can upload your Zombies videos onto the site. Added "Leaderboards"! Now you can showcase your skills against other slayers for bragging rights (and special awards).
  17. Radio inside Infirmary Above the metal box next to the washing machine in the Showers Radio at bottom of stairwell Radio at the docks next to toppled watch tower
  18. You'll need max settings (if on PC). The ghost dog stays within the prison but can be anywhere from the Citadel Tunnels to the entrance of the prison. I've noticed mine like to follow near the entrance and somehow end up in the Warden's Office after like 3 minutes. It's easier with other players because they can see the dog too.
  19. Yep! So far, that seems to be the only use for the sparks right now.
  20. Interesting Finds Collect Zombie Blood through stairwell number generators and find anything while in it (code: 872) -------------------------------- Alright, so there have been a lot of comments and misunderstanding about many elements in Blood of the Dead. Here's what we know so far and what has been tried, along with EE quest progress. SOLVED: Monkey Statue There is a small Monkey Bomb statue in C-D Block, right below the 2nd Wolf mark inside the prison. You can see it just past the debris, sitting on a plank of wood. If you already have the Hells' Redeemer kill Zombies with your Specialist weapon until it has collected enough souls. Afterwards, throw a Hell's Redeemer at it and it will teleport to the walnut teleporter found in spawn. SOLVED: Crumbling Water Tower You can shoot the beams of the water tower from the middle of the Catwalk. You may also need to shoot it from the alley where the Brew machine is located on the West Side of the island. It will lean over and collapse. This was found to be a missing Golden Spork step, supposed to occur after draining the blood bathtub; however, it's possible to obtain the spork anyways without having the tower collapse. It's unknown if this will softlock players from the Main Quest. Washing Machine It may take a bit of patience, but if you shoot/throw your grenades at the washing machine inside the Showers, it will start the load AUDIBLY. After a while, it will emit a "finished" sound and play a dark ambient song. Afterlife Box Spark There are 10 Afterlife electrical boxes across the map - 2 on the West and 8 on the East sides of the island. These boxes have the potential to spark, which can be interacted with and shows an electrical shock to the player. The location for each are as follows: Here's what I've tested so far about these sparks. Spark gives Spectral charge of 2 blasts when interacted with while shield is up Spark does not give Warden key charge You can activate the spark just by holding your action button (i.e. Square for PS4) A spark only appears once per round Power Station Diagrams There are two power stations in the map on the West and East sides of the island. We refer to them as Spawn Power (Station A) and Dock Power (Station B). Each station has 6 drawings, for a total of 12 images. Station A has metal, red-tipped levers next to each image that appear to be interactable, but nothing has been found on them just yet. Here are the exact drawings of each. Walnut Teleporter In the spawn room, there's a mini teleporter on the middle worktable and a small box near the stairs. Each round, you can interact with eithe teleporter (glowing yellow) to teleport a walnut. After teleporting three times, the teleporter pad will malfunction and the walnut disappears, usually indicated by a player quote. As far as we're concerned, it doesn't come back. NOTE: This mini easter egg is a reference to the lore, where Dr. Richtofen shows Dr. Maxis his walnut teleporter.
  21. There are 8 blue monitors though? They remind me of Simon Says, how dull the blue color is.
  22. On the West Side and Docks area power stations, there are 12 total drawings, 6 each station. Let's call them Station A and Station B respectively. Thanks to @WaterKH, he's found that Station A uses Hobo symbols and Station B uses logic gate symbols. Station A There's no going this way Authorities alert here Doctor here Hit the road Dangerous neighborhood Keep quiet Station B We believe that each logic gate corresponds to a Hobo symbol, and each Hobo symbol has a red lever right next to it. At the moment, these levers can't be activated but we understand that they only have an ON and OFF function. When sequencing the logic gates together, there is a possibility that a solution can be made - which symbols get which levers pulled. Not sure what else from here.
  23. Here are the steps thus far: I. Unleash the Spirits Collected and build the pieces for the Spectral Shield. The Warden's key is found by killing Brutus. The spectral essence can be found on one of three potential Afterlife boxes (one in library, one near Showers entrance, one in front of Warden's Office entrance). Turn on the power for the prison via building near the Docks. Activate the volt meter on the roof where the ramp is and Pack-a-Punch will arrive. II. Shock and Denial Obtain the Spoon (or Golden Spork). You must find the three glowing numbers on the pillars in the Warden's Office, then input the code into Citadel Tunnels number generator. After that, shock the volt meter on the Docks and throw your Hell's Retriever/Redeemer at the net the crane will bring. Here is a video on how to do it. Head to the Warden's House and at the top of the stairs, knife the wall across the zombie barrier. You should see scratch marks appear. To make this step go faster, obtain a Monkey Bomb via Mystery Box or completing the Monkey Bomb Statue ritual in Cell Block and throw a Monkey Bomb near the scratched wall with a Brutus around. He will slam down on it, causing a hidden room to open up where the wall once way. Interact with the power switch inside the Warden's Ritual Room and watch as the Warden's corpse becomes revealed, dead on an electric chair. Take the small, glowing red orb on the table left of the room. III. Guilt and Pain Grab the red orb from the previous step and place it on the spawn map (hanging on the wall). Activate the Kronorium and chase the ghost bird back to the prison. The location of where the bird goes may vary. You will need to use the Spectral Shield to see the bird, but there are several locations including. #4 will contain all the possible locations. Note: on the 4th bird, you can only see the bird in Zombie Blood. Listen out for the bird or the Warden crying to locate the area of the bird. Use the number 8-7-2 on the number generator in the Citadel Tunnels to obtain the Zombie Blood. Instead of the shield, throw your Hell's Retriever/Redeemer at the bird and it will drop the Kronorium which you can then pick up. IV. Anger and Bargaining Go back to the Warden's Ritual Room at the top floor of the Warden's house and put the Kronorium on the Warden's corpse. Use the shield to look at the Kronorium, which will give you three numbers. Place these three numbers into the number generator down in the Citadel Tunnels and the lighthouse will show you the location of a portal. Look at and blast the portal using the shield to begin the portal's challenge. There are 5 challenges, and if you mess up any challenge, you will have to repeat the beginning of this step with new numbers. Here's an excerpt from r/codzombies pertaining to this step for each portal challenge: Collect a red orb from each portal, which you will need to collect all of them to progress to Step 5. V. Reflection and Loneliness Insert all red orbs onto the map in Richtofen's Laboratory as done before. Head back to the Warden's Ritual Room and interact with the Warden's corpse and a cutscene will begin. VI. Reconstruction After being released from the jail cells, grab your arsenel from a sack found right before exiting the Cell Block 2nd floor (going into the Library). Make sure you also have your shield! Follow the bird from Step 3 slowly. After Brutus is alerted, head back to Richtofen's Laboratory, being careful of the infinite dog spawns. After watching the Mob of the Dead ghosts fend of Brutus, a red orb will appear like before. Collect it and head inside to the Laboratory, placing the final orb on the map as before. A door will open in the corner of the Laboratory. Enter through and have each player stand on a small pad with yellow lights on the floor at the top of the stairs. You will now enter the Boss Fight. VII. Acceptance and Hope There are two stages to the boss battle. Be warned this can be a timely step. The first stage is just you and your team killing Zombies until Brutus appears. The second stage involves Brutus charging up an attack. Red zones will appear on the ground. Step into the zones and shoot glowing red orbs floating above Brutus. After removing the orbs, shield blast Brutus. An orb will now float above the Blood Machine in the center of the stage. Shield blast the orb. Repeat Steps 1-3 a total of three times. After the third time, have the Player who is Richtofen interact with the Blood Machine. A bot may spawn if the quest is being done in Solo/no Richtofen is available. Take control of Primis Richtofen after a brief cutscene and make your way back to the Boss Fight entrance (where #4 of Step 6 took place). The ending cutscene will occur after your character enters the stage. --- Helpful Tips ---

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