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  1. 2018

    The first is 2, will be 3 by the end of this summer.
  2. 2018

    Haha! No worries, it's actually an old school gaming "thing." Was in use before I even knew what an Xbox was. It means "we owned (the) other team." But is often used to express excitement about any kind of desired outcome or occurrence. As for me - I've picked up my guitar again this year and began filling in learning gaps that I never filled in the past, as I historically play by ear. Learning technique and theory right now with the goal of being proficient by the end of the year. My contract at my current company ends in June, and whatever happens will be exciting, as I am first of all hyped to be heading for a full year of employment, and that day will either mean I renew my contract (most likely), go permanent, or move on to bigger and better things. We'll see when we get there. I turn 24 this year, but I don't wanna think too much about that. Before that happens, though, my second daughter is due to be born. Wow. Didn't think I'd be that "dad CODZer" with more than one kid that quickly. Time flies...and now I have been here since Advanced Warfare. Crazy soup. Other than that, I wanna do big stuff this year. Maybe take a major road trip. For sure aim to play some hardcore woodsball paintball. Hype! Real TDM! And of course the constant pursuit of knowledge, and increase in faith. Whatever happens, this year will be one for the books. Thanks for asking!
  3. CODZ Cameo on Shadow Sanctum Database

    The Shadow Sanctum (shadowsanctum.net) is a database of resources for fans of the classic radio/comic/television master of darkness, The Shadow. Last month, Call of Duty and CODZ Forums made a cameo in the pop culture database in an entry discussing the parallels between Shadows of Evil/The Shadow Man/CODZ timeline anomalies and The Shadow. See the entry "Call of The Shadow" at: http://www.shadowsanctum.net/interactive/interactive_tidbits-misc.html Tip: Ctrl+F/page search for Call of The Shadow, or any relevant keywords, i.e., "Call of Duty." Shoutout to @PINNAZ for being the first to identify a parallel in his thread, linked below:
  4. CODZ Cameo on Shadow Sanctum Database

    Actually, I submitted the details to the owner of the site and she added the entry. No, the site's contents only pertain to The Shadow lore. "The Shadow, a mysterious character who aids the forces of law and order, is in reality Lamont Cranston, wealthy young man about town." -Radio Show Introduction AKA, The Shadow: Master of Darkness.
  5. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    Nice research, dude. Classic caliber!
  6. So folks, we know these studios are already hard at work on future games, and while we're all hyped for SHG and WWII, we can't forget that Treyarch is conjuring up some more greatness. That being said, based on our experiences over the last 4 Treyarch titles, 2 alternate studio Zombies takes, and one forthcoming, let's start compiling our suggestions for Treyarch.
  7. So who is getting WWII on release?

    I did - so far, a great game. Jumpscares are a little overdone, Zombies guns are a bit too weak, and it is nearly impossible to make crawlers, which is infuriating. Other than that, it's been amazing.
  8. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    The duplicate thread has been merged with the original.
  9. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Not a problem at all, this is an open suggestions thread. All valid suggestions are welcome! New suggestion from me: Please standardize these wall weapons: the MP-40, AK-74u, STG-44, M14 and Olympia are good, balanced weapons that are well loved, fire-tested (no pun intended), and simply a part of the Zombies atmosphere. Please patch them into BO3, especially The Giant, and include them as the staple wall weapons in future games. Also, unless there's a fun exception like Shadows, Origins, or Mob of the Dead, please standardize the M1911 starting pistol again and patch it into The Giant.
  10. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Wonder weapons should not necessarily be OP. The Ray Gun: makes crawlers on relatively low rounds The Wunderwaffe has 3 (5PAP) in the magazine. The Thundergun has 2 (4PAP) rounds and cannot be reloaded until both have been fired. The Babymaker is essentially makes a few Zombies instakill, but you can still be damaged. Wave gun is probably the most OP, but has very limited ammo, but the zap gun is extremely balanced. That is the way wonderweapons should be. Not an obvious choice. You should have to struggle to decide whether to take it or not and then make a gamble.
  11. So I did this with my Mystery Box...

    Just saw this - way cool!
  12. Infinite Warfare Post-DLC Review

    I have to say, your approach to campaign warmed my heart. You're absolutely right, and your objective approach is right on point. It was a fantastic campaign, and while BO1 and 2 were it made today, might compare...I have to say this is probably my favorite campaign ever. Character development and attachment was EVERYTHING! Your review of multiplayer I cannot fully agree with. Of course, I did not (and am glad for this) purchase the Season Pass, so I can't speak for the later maps, but I played competitive MP for the first third of the season, and I have to say it is a fantastic MP experience. Your beef is clearly with the drops, variants, etc. and I heartily agree. Honestly, variant weapons are just a bad idea. Period. I hate them in every COD I play. Rage machines, inc. The supply drops, however, were head and shoulders above BO3 in terms of value, as I think the calling cards, camo, and gun decor were mostly awesome. Gestures, victory circle and taunts were also vastly superior to BO3. Less annoying, pretentious and time consuming. In the end, my biggest beef with MP besides OP variants was their repeated failure to deliver a competitive/arena/tournament playlist, despite repeated promises. Having to choose between custom scrims (if you could sync schedules or find another team) and pubs (scrub tub) was garbage. I quit playing before the promise was ever fulfilled. Being a game I loved, that pisses me off. It just straight burned me out. Zombies was completely disinteresting to me. The story seemed unoriginal, underdeveloped; the humor was cheap, the maps too flashy and silly. Maybe that'a their style - I'm not mad about it. I'm glad, actually. I just am not interested and don't care to be. In general, I am not inclined to enjoy or play games other than COD multiplayer or Treyarch Zombies, so my opinion on IW Zombies is no egg on IW's face.
  13. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Hey Treyarch, It's CODZ. Hi...long time no talk! Thanks for what ultimately was a great season in Zombies and another legendary addition to the series. In anticipation of what y'all are currently working on... The BO3 3-hit health was a major plus, especially since the BO3 Zombies can slap you silly in no time flat. We likee. Please do not include Gobblegum in future Easter egg steps. Especially with the crazy variety. Some of us don't datamine (we love what you do), and go off the grid to figure these EEs out. Please allow us to "maintain" crawlers to avoid bleedout, and never permit respawn. This is really a hassle. On a related note, the crawler holder options for Buried and Zetsubou No Shima were pure genius. Great stuff - please create more variations of this. Just one suggestion: zombie bait in a cage? "Zombie Live Trap: Catch and Release!" (Latest from Tanbor Fudgely Co.) Jumpscares: please! Moreeeee!!! The ZNS Clone was genius, but too deliberate to activate. Something more randomly generated, perhaps only spawning at a randomly generated time following certain typical actions that do not hint at a jumpscare. Idea: clinging banshee Due to certain actions/locations a frightening little creature randomly spawns and passively attaches to the player's back, reducing health. When another player gets near, it triggers a jumpscare for player 2, and attaches itself to him/her (unless P2 can knife it in mid-air like a denizen. If not, P1 will need to knife it off P2). More to come...
  14. Peter McCain

    Reason Peter may be alive 5) the hanging man of Shi No Numa never was Peter McCain. The evidence leaves the possibility open that it may be Cornelius Pernell.
  15. Fractured

    Found this in an phone note from late 2016. Think I had just been on the phone with @MrRoflWaffles. So Imma just drop it here for posterity. Long ago, there was a first man who sought power over the Call of Duty Zombies community. He sought fame and notoriety above all else, and in the struggle that ensued between his followers and the free members of the young community, the first realm was shattered; annihilated. Hit, you might say, with a metaphorical hammer and broken into innumerable smaller factions, some corrupted, others not as much. The Shadowmen began to appear in hopes of manipulating the people of the realms into purchasing ***please report this topic, post***. But the Keepers of the first realm waged war against them, and were victorious. The first man became what he had not Benn before, but lost his power, and with his remaining followers he fled into obscurity below creation, buried beneath the weight of his own reputation. Yet new leaders had thrived across the fractured community, and new conflicts raged between the realms. Those who remained in the ruins of the original community became confused, embittered, disgruntled and even snobby towards the other factions, several of whom were particularly favored by the Ancient Order, as once they had been; now molding each of their realms as they wished. And so the realms remain divided; fractured and at odds over the vast quantities of bad blood spilled over the years, over the changes that occurred, so difficult to grow accustomed to. And then came another man; where one had scattered, he came to unify. "What I do," he said, "I do only to secure a better tomorrow." But in this new era is there any hope? Will the realms be devoured by the dark Aether until nothing remains of what once was?
  16. Fractured

    I think they're out there somewhere. But they're very secluded. What do you think? ;)
  17. The SDC and Sleeping Cages

    Wait, wait wait...Mason in Kino? What am I missing?
  18. The Names Krueger... Jerry Krueger. Welcome to my world.

    Bummer you're on PS4, (I'm XB1) but hey, glad to have you here! If you'd kindly look through the LFG/team finder posts, I know there are a lot of folks out there who are looking for a team who would really appreciate y'all's help. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/groupfinder/
  19. Promenons-nous dans les bois...

  20. Crazy glitch on moon? Mechanical saw like object

    I have to ask, was this your first time playing Moon?
  21. Numbers in Green Run Question

    It's what we do. With evidence and within reason. It's where Zombie theories started - a distorted brick texture that people thought was a face. Keep overanalyzing, my friends.
  22. omzombies!

    Hey, welcome! Hey, and here's a plus to forum membership - everything is readable! :D We have a history of transcribing radios and cutscenes as well, so even in-game audio can often be found here. Hope to see you 'round the forum! Make sure and look on the LFG to see if anyone has created a post for Attack, otherwise, create your own LFG post!
  23. Mystery Man

    OP, your theorization is classic, but Im afraid classical procedure is a bit outdated, these days, and Treyarch has been good enough to answer some little questions that we had regarding some of this stuff. The bald man on the First Strike poster has been confirmed to be the Ascension Group's Dr. Gersch, but the majority of the community has been in accord on this question since the map was released. The Ascension loading screen would be Dr. Yuri and Dr. Gersche, respectively. I'm not sure what you're looking at in the Shi No Numa loading screen, but if you refer to the silhouettes of zombies getting electrocuted, those are just zombies. @RequixEclipse that's a bold assertion, if I'm not mistaken. Am I missing a reveal? Agreed, we are still not sure of the identity of the Cursed man, and he really doesn't seem to line up with anything we know at this juncture other than for the mark, which, as we know is now more or less meaningless due to the destruction of the Apothicons. The identity of the man in the Nacht screen may be clearer now, though I do not recall what makes me think that. And as I said to Requix, I don't believe we have evidence of the identity of the silhouette picture. I believe we have concluded that it is actually a silhouette of Dempsey, but that does not necessarily mean it was ''intended" to be, for storyline purposes. Thanks for theorizing, keep studying and keep 'em coming. Definitely familiarize yourself with the Chronicles timeline, all the radios from WAW Shi No Numa to the latest BO3, and get to know character quotes. Those can be found on YouTube at @PINNAZ's Call of Duty Zombies Library.
  24. Glitch or not?

    Had anyone on your team completed the Easter egg?
  25. Going on holiday soon!

    Hahaha! Whereabouts did you go? We'll be going to the rather exclusive St. Mary's. Gonna be most interesting. LOL! But yes...I suspected the food was good. When you have that little to do, I'm sure the good al' home style culinary arts get quite refined. XD