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  1. What perks would you want to see returning?

    Activision made it so that you if want a better chance to get it, you can buy "COD points". I didn't buy them and I've gotten like 12 Perkaholics since the game came out. You can also "Close Application" before your game ends if you used a gumball and don't want to lose it, but you lose all XP and progress made in the game by doing that. Good luck getting more Perkaholics!
  2. What perks would you want to see returning?

    Doesn't sound like you know this, so I'll tell you. Perkaholic supplies Revive even when the machine is gone. I think that On The House can also do this though I didn't test it yet. If you got Perkaholic, there's your extra QR.
  3. Hey guys. I've spent the past bunch of days grinding out this game and I really love it. There's so much good stuff and so many options available, more than ever before. Gobblegum opens up a ton more options for strategies and is super useful. I've gotten 100+ 2 times already for Shadows of Evil and so I've spent a lot of time working on strategies for the map and Gobblegum really plays a lot into it. I'm expecting it to be like this for all future maps for the game as well. With this in mind, I made a list of the Gobblegum picks I would recommend for Solo gameplay. A lot of the gumballs are only really worth using in co-op or not useful at all, but some are very very vital. Here's the ones that I recommend the highest, in the order of usefulness. Mega gumballs are in bold. Hope you all find this useful in your runs on this map! Perkaholic - The rarest gumball of all, but the most vital. Awards you with all perks that can be obtained on the map. Every perk on SOE is helpful on high rounds (Jug, Stamin-up and Revive are basically mandatory) but you are much much better off with more perks than less. This gumball also is even better as it can give Revive after the machine is gone. On the House - Spawns a free perk power up. The perk you get is random but it's very very nice to get this. I consider this more useful than Unquenchable as it can give Revive after the machine goes. Alchemical Antithesis - You thought Max Ammo drops were good? Well, this is even better. For 60 seconds, every time you earn points it adds a bullet to your gun - so you can get unlimited ammo for a period of time and it refills everything for you. Better yet, you get 2 uses with each gumball AND it's not a Mega gumball, so there is no limit to how much you can use it. Unquenchable - Allows you to buy an extra perk of your choice. Cache Back - Spawns a free Max Ammo. Obviously useful. I should mention no drop but a Max Ammo is even worth caring about on Shadows of Evil so yeah. Lucky Crit - Description reads "Improves your chances of activating an alternate ammo type". I'm assuming this refers to having a better chance of Max Ammo when harvesting pods, using The Giant teleporters, etc. If so this will be useful if you can't get one of the other ones above. Killing Time - Freezes all zombies in place for 20 seconds. Zombies shot will die when the time is up. A great "get out of jail" card. In Plain Sight - Basically Zombie Blood 2.0. Ten seconds of the zombies ignoring you. You won't have enough time to use this if you are already trapped but if you see a bad situation coming, then you can use this to save your life. Anywhere But Here - Teleports you to a random location in the currently available map area. There's a blast when you reappear that knocks zombies away. Similar to the gumballs above, this helps in sticky situations.
  4. Shadows of Evil highest round

    111... 3 downs from connection interrupted right after the margwa spawned in. I cry. This map is actually quite straightforward once setup, feels overall much like Origins with some slight Mob influence. Very fun.
  5. I know I am biased but I felt that Mob may have been the best map ever made yet. Origins would be up there with it though. If this is going to be like those maps, directed as well by Jason, I am very certain I will love to play it. It looks a bit different but as long as I can enjoy it and it holds to the basics of what made me love BO2 Zombies, then I can't ask for more. Funny how the maps remind me of Mob, Buried and Origins all at the same time. Well done 3arc. Also wanted to point out that while the map screams "Mob" very loud, it's interesting to see yellow eyed zombies again.
  6. PS4 gets dlc first?

    I'm a bit disappointed that without giving the players much warning, Activision decided to give PS4 first DLC... oh well. It wouldn't be so bad if so many people hadn't bought XB1 in anticipation of this game - after all, we have been conditioned to seeing content first for Xbox. But it cannot be helped. Instead of complainining I will just try to get a PS4, though who knows? We may end up going back to mostly using Xbox anyway, as it might still be the better version of the game. Disappointed with Activision's choice, but at least we didn't find out about this on release day, you know?
  7. Hey guys! I know this game has been out for a long time, so there is nothing new here really, but since people on twitch have been asking me to make a video guide to show setting up Mob of the Dead, I recently made one and uploaded it to Youtube. Figured I'd post it here too to help any beginners who want to learn how to start up a game on this map. Hope you all enjoy it! Cheers!
  8. New Hall of Fame Inductees

    Congrats guys. I've seen each of you post a lot. You deserve it.
  9. -Less Survival Maps (maps where there is like nothing to them but box hitting over and over again for a ray gun). 1 or 2 at most, and make them unique, not sections of other maps. -Maps with dynamic/new environments/settings. I've always thought a cool setting for a map would be discovering a well-preserved underwater site like Atlantis with its own "air bubble" or something like that (but going there awakens the zombies). Having to put on a mask to travel through an unsafe zone with a different challenge to reach Pack-a-Punch or something like that. Map ideas like this would be so fun to play and really bring a fresh and fun feeling to Zombies. -High-power weapons for all players like the Hell's Redeemer or Origins staffs. That way everyone can do part of the work for high rounds. -Return of different weapons for different maps like Black Ops 2. EMPs, Skorpion Evo, Uzi, etc. Weapons that aren't in every map bring a unique spice to each. -Small changes once in a while to maps during gameplay. Maybe a section of a map flooding every 30 mins, forcing you to move from one area to another once in a while? -If there's boss zombie rounds make them not random. -More map-exclusive perks, and no persistent perks. -Keep buildable wonder weapons, but having those alongside box wonder weapons would be nice. That's all I got offhand. Nice list.
  10. I started streaming Zombies on Twitch for the first time! I'm going to try for the World Record on MotD and will stream my progress a bit at a time.

  11. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Thanks! I'm going at it again to try for the world record. I screwed up by playing when I was tired. That's why I died on 200 but I plan to not make that mistake again.
  12. Today we become legendary. #Round200Achieved

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    2. DeathBringerZen


      Awesome job man. What map?

    3. Dahniska


      Mob of the Dead. Thanks! I will upload footage today most likely.

      Origins is most likely impossible to get 200 on. I highly doubt anyone will ever be able to do that.

    4. The Meh

      The Meh

      I will never quite understand how you (crazy (jk)) people manage to get rounds into the triple digits. I've surely achieved Round 56 before, but how the hell do any of you guys manage past round 100? You must have time on your hands for that.

  13. So, like, that guide I put together for Solo Origins... it must not have been very good.

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    2. InfestLithium


      I understand your concern. To be fair, those were pinned a good deal back, so we may have to clean them out.

    3. Chopper


      The pinning of topics has never really been managed properly, I always thought that the best couple of strategies for each map should be pinned.

    4. Chopper


      Ive got some time tonight and Craig has some today. We are going to unpin what's not necessary and start pinning threads such as yours.

  14. Highest Round on Buried!

      Which map is not boring after 100 rounds? To you and many others? None. Personally I have a high level of focus so to me even doing the full Round 160 on MotD (which takes like 50 mins) isn't too bad. Buried though, sitting in that corner got boring at Round 40. As long as I'm moving around and zombies are dying and I'm having constant judgement calls to make, it keeps my attention.
  15. Highest Round on Buried!

    Suicided on 100 last month. Boring map is boring.
  16. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Thanks Chopper, thanks lead_psychopath. Chopper I admit it is boring repeating loops for so long but the round numbers keep me going. In Mob if you go down as long as get Jug and finish the round without going down again you're good. Cafeteria is boring but it's more action-packed than the bridge. Lawton if you stream I would swing by to watch :)
  17. You're Banned!

    Banned for having more posts in this thread than any other.
  18. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    I used both prison traps a lot, especially acid. But a mistake was made and lessons were learned. You should try for a 200 on Mob too bro - if your rounds listed are real I bet you could do it.
  19. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Redeemer has infinite kill power with two charges and the two traps in the prison always kill. Yep.
  20. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Yeah it has to the slowest of the 5 maps that you can get 200 on. No boss rounds or insta-kill rounds. I spent Round 160 on the bridge and cafeteria is much faster (45 mins vs 1 hour and 15 min). Still if there was no afterlife bridge would be best. Definitely not a map for speed runs but if you want to get far it's not hard on this map. I could have kept going but a lone runner respawned on me right as I got into the gondola and I didn't have time to kill him. Then the Redeemer failed me twice and that was it. I was in disbelief for about an hour after that lol.
  21. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    170. Game took about 50 hours and all my last 4 deaths were near the end of 170. For some odd reason the kill counter reset to 0 near the end of 161. Had over 75,000 kills at the end. I recorded almost all of the game but will most likely try again for 200+.
  22. Currently on Round 170 Mob of the Dead. Wish me luck! I want to hit 200 this game.

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    2. Dahniska


      Jinxed myself. Damn stupid ending .

    3. Awful Lawton

      Awful Lawton

      You... could have been tied for rank 1 if you played online. When will you play a bo1 map, you could have played 4 instakill rounds.

    4. Dahniska


      I only do Local now. That's good to know though. BO1 Idk lol. I still need to break 100 on Die Rise and I will redo MotD for 200. To be honest I don't see why more people haven't hit 200 on it. It isn't that hard, just long.

  23. You're Banned!

    Banned for expecting me to be on Skype when I clearly haven't been. Fine, I'll check it.
  24. You're Banned!

    Banned for keeping tabs on Kim Kardashian instead of focusing on your homework/zombies.
  25. You're Banned!

    Banned for picking on someone for having 1 brain.