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  1. To me Spaceland wasn't that bad, but it didn't blow me away or make me want to buy any DLC. It's enjoyable for what it is, and looking at it from an objective point of view, it's not bad. But that's the thing, it's not great either. The story and the characters lack any sort of soul, similar to Exo-Zombies for me. If you ask me, celebrity appearances only really work when they are not playing themselves. And while the actors don't play themselves in IW Zombies, their characters are not interesting whatsoever, besides Willard Wyler I suppose, but a villain character is much easier to make interesting. Sure, the original characters from Shi No Numa were stereotypes too with little in the ways of actual substance. But they were charming, and you developed a sense of who they are as an actual person through gameplay, not to mention the little story snippets added into World at War, and the future development through Der Riese and Black Ops. All I think when I hear Poindexter in Spaceland is "Hey that's Seth Green acting like a nerd", for every single line. I see no motivation behind anyone's actions besides Willard Wyler's. Now, to be fair, character development is something that can be improved upon in the future, but I'm not invested enough right from the start to care. To me it seems like IW Zombies has fallen into the "gimmicky" territory that CoD has been falling into over a long amount of time. In my opinion it started with some of Black Ops II's multiplayer DLC maps, where certain maps had some strange gimmick that was supposed to make them interesting, rather than just having them be well-designed. Then Ghosts multiplayer was full of it, especially the DLC with the Snoop Dogg voice pack, playing as Michael Myers, some maps having different killstreaks, that strange Shipment remake (What the hell?), etc. For what it's worth, Extinction avoided this barrage of gimmicks meant to sell the maps. Then Exo-Zombies also managed to avoid the gimmicks, apart from the celebrity cast, though they did not play themselves, which is a positive. Black Ops III Zombies also managed to avoid the gimmicks, with the maps being unique but also derivative, instead of cramming in as many "new" things to catch the eye as possible. But IW Zombies seems corrupted right from the get-go, with a pointless cast of stars as the main characters, and now we've realized each map will follow the formula of: One mystery celebrity guest, a whole new era full of stereotypes to exploit, and little in the ways of substance or progression. It's just throwing every idea out there trying to appeal to someone. Hey, not a fan of the 80's or David Hasselhoff? But hey, Kevin Smith is in this new 90's horror themed map! You'll like it! Anyway, that was quite the rant. I don't hate the mode, I'm actually pretty indifferent towards it and wish I did enjoy it more. Also there's three more DLCs to come, so it could definitely get better. I'm sad there is no hype for it, but when you build your mode around gimmicks to attract every demographic possible, you lose the appeal of hardcore fans who want something of more substance and value in their game. It's why Treyarch zombies works, the maps sell themselves by being part of some larger experience that you know will be unique but familiar all the same, without much added nonsense. I just hope Treyarch can keep it up in their next title.
  2. I would like to nominate @InfestLithium and @anonymous. @InfestLithium has been carrying an enormous amount of responsibility on his shoulders with this site, and has continued to innovate and add new features even during times of lesser activity. He has stayed active throughout the entire forum and has been a massive help and the one who gave me the opportunity to write my Storybook here. If not for him, I don't think I would have stuck to writing it as much as I have. @anonymous has been probably the most active user I've seen since I joined this site, and continues to post thought-provoking threads and further discusses existing theories to keep people talking about the storyline, even during this time with limited info being added. The forum would not be quite the same without users like @anonymous continuing to post.
  3. Yes, it was added in DLC 4 and it's called Newtonian Negation. Lots of fun, actually.
  4. Are you certain it wasn't that newWhimsical gobblegum? No one in your game had it?
  5. The head banners were wrong on your end because I just started going through today adding all the correct banners. They should all be correct now on every device. As for the mobile drop down menu not taking you to the right chapter, this has been an issue I'm not sure how to fix and has something to do with how it changes the URL. A fix is coming hopefully. In the mean time I have updated all the chapters into the drop down menu for once it is fixed. If you want to go to a specific chapter on mobile at the moment, I would just go into the URL and change the chapter number there. For book 1 the end is usually "ch#", and just change the # to whatever number is associated with the chapter. For book 2 it is "book2ch#" and for the morg city chapters it is "morgcitych#".
  6. Chapter 16: "Space Race" of the CoDz Storybook is now up on the site here.

    1. anonymous


      I like it, probably my favourite chapter till now. Good idea about that soal-swap experiment, I feel like Richthofen gets closer to figuring out how to get in the Aether. And...I did never even realize that there is no Root Beer in Ascension

  7. This is a really interesting theory, which sort of works similar to how teleportation works in Star Trek, where the original body is destroyed while an identical one is created at the intended destination, except on a much grander scale. If we applied this theory to the current multiverse, is the implication that instead of being destroyed following the black hole, the identical universe continues as normal, more often than not just like the copy. Add in Chaos Theory, where there is an infinite number of things that could go one way or another, and you end up with wildly alternative universe like the Origins diesel-punk WWI universe. So essentially there is universe A where someone gets in a teleporter, creating universe B, but in universe B after the teleportation something catastrophic happens in the world creating a war, but that war never happens in universe A. Just my thoughts on the way it MIGHT work. Also a question I've wondered is what came first, the WaW-BO2 universe we know, or the Origins universe? Or is it a chicken and the egg type situation? Or alternatively, is time just a human invention and everything happens concurrently? Because the way I see it, either the WaW-BO2 timeline could have created all the different universes we know about in Black Ops III through Monty with how many times we teleport in game, or all of these universes already existed, and Origins just broke the gap between them when we opened the gateway to Agartha, or it is a combination of the two. Anyway, I have a pretty layman's understanding of the multiverse theory, so I'd love to hear it explained by someone much more knowledgeable than I.
  8. Chapter 16: "Space Race" is now up on the site here. With a limited supply of Element 115, Edward Richtofen must create a new plan for returning to Griffin Station using clues present in this new era as well as his own intuition, all while deceiving his three odd comrades. Lots of fun little story bits here! After this I should be writing the multiverse chapters centering around "Five", and everyone will be happy to know I already have those chapters outlined in terms of events, so look forward to that!
  9. Chapter 15: "The Room" is now up on the site here. Now well acquainted with Group 935's Theater Facility, our crew must now utilize the abandoned MTD prototype present in the theater if they are to escape with their lives intact. Also, made some teensy-weensy changes to the Morg City arc, mostly grammar, fixed some continuity where I had said Campbell had never boxed before when he just hasn't boxed for 18 months prior, and changed Devil's Donuts to Devil-O Donuts (Finally got to play some Shadows of Evil recently, still as great as I remember.) But I digress. Enjoy the chapter everyone!
  10. Thanks for the input, I will look back over the chapters for errors and correct the Ruby Rabbit/Burlesque mistake. Haven't play Shadows as much recently as I would like to. As for the reporter's death, the cipher by Richtofen explaining what happened to the reporter mentions Richtofen stabbing him near where the truck and crate are, so I felt it made sense for him to die there. As for him being propped up in the chair in Canals or Footlight (Can't remember), I feel that may just be the cursed version of Morg City, however, I did originally plan to write a part at the end of Chapter 7, with Jack Vincent and the other cops propping him up in the chair and leaving him to die, possibly after interrogating him while he bled out. I may go back and add that in the end. There will be a Shadows of Evil arc as well whenever I get around to Black Ops III era, showing the SoE characters right before the map begins, as well as the events in the map itself.
  11. The Tales from the Multiverse arc "Whispers of Morg City" is now on the storybook section of the site. Here is a link to Chapter 1: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/morgcitych1/


    There are seven chapters total. Hope everyone enjoys!

  12. Yep! I quite look forward to writing more about them in the future. Also, Chapters 6 and 7 of Whispers of Morg City are now up on the site. Chapter 6: "Persons of Intrigue" is here. Chapter 7: "The Alley" is here. The Reporter sets out to find information on the four individuals of Shadows of Evil fame that Mr. Rapt is interested in. He finds himself caught between two sides in a conflict he knows nothing about. This concludes the Whispers of Morg City arc. I hope everyone enjoyed! I know I enjoyed writing it. I will now be returning to writing Book 2.
  13. Chapters 4 and 5 of Whispers of Morg City are now up on the site. Chapter 4: "Marketplace" is here. Chapter 5: "The Order" is here. After weeks of becoming acclimated to Morg City's night life, the young Californian reporter discovers a strange disease corrupting the people of Waterfront District, and sets out to find answers on its origins. Thanks for reading everyone! Things have been very busy for me lately and they don't seem to be slowing down. Hopefully Spring Break will give me some more time to write.
  14. Thank you, I will adjust accordingly. Not sure where I got the idea it was in 1944.
  15. It would make sense for Morg City to be close to San Francisco rather than Chicago. While the skyline in the Cursed poster is interesting, it is probably just stock imagery used as a base for the art. I will update the story accordingly.

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