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  1. Chapter 3: "Revelations" is now up on the Storybook section of the site! Months after the incident involving the MTD and a dead man rising from the dead, Doctor Richtofen sits down for lunch with his colleagues only to uncover a secret which has the potential to affect the plans of his contemporaries in the Illuminati.
  2. I was initially turned off by the show because of the high school setting and archetypes for the characters, as someone who only recently graduated high school and hated that time in my life. But I'm glad I stuck with it, as the show really picked up in the middle and by the end I was fully invested. I think the show does a great job of showing the worst traits people can have and how we affect other people in small and big ways. The controversy I have heard around the show is that it glorifies suicide. While I disagree with that interpretation, I can see how the show can affect someone who is already suicidal or depressed, and I don't recommend it to someone dealing with such problems. The show is graphic and realistic in illustrating what life is like for someone who is depressed so that general audiences can have a better understanding of it.
  3. It's an interesting thought and I could see it being retconned in in someway, given recent events like Ultimis being in the Chronicles version of Nacht. As Monty says in the Nacht and Verruckt radios, they were never there, but then they were. With this idea in mind it's totally possible every version of these maps is canon in a different cycle. So that includes WaW Nacht, BO1 Nacht, and BO3 Nacht, plus even possibly iOS Nacht with zombie Richtofen and all. However I do doubt that Blundell and the rest of the story team is considering this when they write the story, but it's always possible. Also some other interesting things to note about iOS zombies: - Finding Peter McCain's grave in Shi No Numa - In Call of the Dead you play as Ultimis - The sillhouette painting in Kino is omitted Then there's the Wii version of Kino with the slight differences such as the AUG on the stage, the projector playing a completely different film about the Great Leap Forward, and the pictures of future maps. Who knows, maybe these obscure ported versions of maps may be considered a part of the canon in the future. And yep, I loved World at War zombies on iOS. Black Ops unfortunately disappointed me with the changed controls though.
  4. Somewhere around 180 for men and 160 for women. The issue is corrected now with a new number. Thanks! And the error should be fixed now.
  5. I swear I googled the average male weight and that's what it was, since I don't know metric well. I probably read the number backwards or something. As for Mississippi, that is definitely a part of it, and also I wanted to illustrate the diversity of Group 935 when it began.
  6. It's been a long hiatus but I needed some self-motivation to get myself writing some brand new content in areas I've treaded before, but it is wholly worth it, I believe. I am proud to launch version 2 of the storybook with the release of the prologue, Chapter 1: Induction, and Chapter 2: Abrecadavre. The prologue is mostly unchanged but with a definitive date on the timeline I went a different direction with the purpose of Sergeant Raines being there, Chapter 1 has only a small portion of reused content, with a good amount of new content and dialogue to go along with the date as well. Chapter 2 is completely new apart from the name, and I really enjoyed creating it from scratch. I hope everyone enjoys the new version of Book 1 going forwards. I'm hoping to make the chapters longer and more detailed with much better dialogue and character development now that I don't have to worry as much about where everything takes place.
  7. It's a cutscene that I feel we will come to more appreciate in the future, much like the Origins end cutscene, as Blundell himself stated. I think a big problem is people think at the end of every DLC season that that map will be the "end of zombies". These cutscenes are meant to keep us speculating because of the time gap between game releases. They need to keep us interested and occupied until the next game, and in that sense I do think the cutscenes are clever, even if this one was a bit underwhelming.
  8. Honestly still my favorite song even after all these years, with The Gift close behind.
  9. Beautiful trailer. Hoping the full song is released soon.
  10. Well folks, with the awe-inspiring release of the official timeline, a huge portion of my project has been rendered incorrect down to its very roots, and nearly everything will have to be re-written. I am actually glad this happened, as I have been looking for an excuse to re-write Book 1 to fit my more current writing style and to explore more events. With the new content revealed in the timeline I have plenty to work with, and also having dates for EVERYTHING is SUPER helpful and I want to hug Jason Blundell for that. Because this timeline is so to-the-point and thorough, my storybook has become antiquated as a teaching tool for newer members of the community, and so I will focus my writing more on making a narrative as opposed to trying to connect a bunch of misplaced dots, which this timeline has done so perfectly for me. So what about all the work that exists currently? Well, maybe it's the hoarder in me, but I'd like to keep it around just to look back at. Here is the original versions of Book 1, Book 2, and Tales from the Multiverse. These will remain untouched. In Tales I have added the small outline of events I had noted down that I wanted to do with Chapter 5: Containment, and Chapter 4 was actually finished and ready to be released. But with the characters actually surviving in this timeline, I have to scrap what was left. I should begin outlining the second version of Book 1 sometime soon. However, I will be wary of the likelihood of even more mind-blowing information to come in the remakes present in Zombies Chronicles. Anyway, thanks for the support everyone. This is a new dawn for the storybook. The road is long and dark, but I know where we are going.
  11. I'm actually really curious if some maps will have opening or ending cutscenes. Like surely they have to bring the Origins cutscene back, and surely they would remaster it? It's always possible they may just make it like a comic intro similar to DE, but it would be sick seeing a more definitive version of that intro. Also personally this is probably the best list of maps possible, IMO. It has everything I could have wanted, except "Five", but I'm not sure what I'd have it replace. I'm curious if anything will be added to Nacht, considering Jason said he wanted the maps to be faithful. Personally I'd like some added stuff, but we'll see.
  12. This is insane. Much of this information changes everything we thought we knew. And not to mention the dates, my God, I love the dates. Is anyone compiling all of these these entries into an easily readable list? I have to give props to Blundell, this ties up so many loose ends and is going to give us so much to talk about until their next game. Also, I both dread and am excited for the complete rewrite of the storybook. I may wait to do that until Chronicles releases as no doubt there will be more storyline info to come through ciphers and easter eggs. I'm blown away, honestly. I love this story and I love this community.
  13. Seems the Bus Route B one was faked. But all these pictures have been really interesting. Looking forward to the reveal in 3.5 hours. I am quite bummed the DLC will be PS4 first. Depending on when it comes out I may barely get to play it this Summer.
  14. Personally I'm not hyping myself up that the "Chronicles" leak is true for the sake of not being disappointed if it's less than 8 maps. However the voice actor evidence is undeniable. Very excited to see what Treyarch has been hiding. Perhaps this may lead to more being revealed in Revelations, hence the map being said to last over a year.
  15. Hello all, sorry for the long wait! Here is chapter 3 of Attack on the Pentagon, "FIVE". The VIPs have returned to the War Room, and the President has devised a daring plan to contact the outside world, and potentially escape with their lives. Should finish up the last two chapters somewhat soon, then return back to Book 2. No promises on dates though, as final exams approach. And remember: "Ugh...need some beans for the chowder here!" - John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1963

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