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  1. Nice. I'd really like to join the 100 club one day and could have on a couple of occasions if not for tired carelessness. My highest is 74 on BO3 Ascension which could have gone on longer but it was so late at night it's like my brain was trying to let me die. But I will one day get that 100, and it will probably be on BO3 Ascension because there's just something about the map that makes it fast and very easy to train.
  2. With or without gobblegums? With gobblegums and all the perks I'd say 30-35 is a round that means you're pretty well experienced in the map overall. Without gobblegums maybe 25-30, but even then the perks and the thundergun make the map very doable. My philosophy has always been a good round is subjective based on how well you do on most other maps. To me getting to 40 on a Black Ops III map means I've "completed it" and any rounds after that are just endurance. With Black Ops and Black Ops II that round was 30 because the game was slower and harder then.
  3. I'm glad you've made this topic and the glass castle analogy really resonated with me. I've been an extreme introvert my whole life. Last year I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test for something school related (Yes I know it isn't really considered a totally reliable test in the scientific community) and I got a 30 on the Introversion/Extroversion scale towards Introversion, meaning every single question regarding the topic I leaned towards Introversion. While I haven't officially been diagnosed I do believe I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder or something similar. The amount of friends I've had has always been a number I can count on one hand because I have never had the courage or know-how to approach someone or start a conversation. The only friends I've had talked to me first or were introduced to me through known friends. I find it hard to relate to most people also, so a good portion of people I meet I end up not really meshing well with and I don't want to talk to them much anymore, even when the problem is with me, not them. Because of that, the friends I do have that I love I grow really really attached to, almost to a fault. Even if one were to treat me badly I don't know that I'd ever want to end the friendship. But I've grown better about speaking my mind over the years and have learned who my real friends are, or at least I like to think I know. My whole life I've tried to strike this balance between time I spend being social and time I spend by myself. If I spend too much time around people with not enough to myself I get really irritable and feel trapped. But spending too much time by myself makes me worry too much about my situation and how sad life can be (A product of GAD). I start to feel like I'm going insane and when I return to socializing I'm known to act strangely for a short time. Because of this delicate balance I tend to have an inconsistent personality. I've tried to get better at it, and have been trying to find some sort of inner peace and block out all the anger I feel. Anger is something I've realized that is toxic and I've realized most situations where I get angry are not that big a deal anyway and have learned to calm myself in the moment. For all the progress I've made I still find it hard to leave the house everyday for work. I dread the conflicts that have arisen between friends of mine and feel like I have to solve them in some way. Time I spend with myself I often get angry with myself for everything that I'm not. I'm not an artist. I haven't been practicing Java for school this Summer like I was supposed to. I'm costing my mother so much money going to college and feel like I don't provide any return. I'm not a good enough friend. I haven't been writing the Storybook much at all, and just mostly think about what I could do instead of doing it. I'm worried I'll never find someone to spend the rest of my life with because of someone I'm attached to that I have no chance being with. I'm not making the people around me happy enough. I can't solve the world's problems. All this has been compounding on me over the Summer, and I miss being at school where I can worry about an upcoming test or an essay because those things are much simpler and much easier to solve. I always feel like I'm doing something productive there. But at home over the Summer I feel like I'm stuck in a box. But I'm holding up well because school is right around the corner, and I've always been a sort of optimist in thinking things will eventually work out. I want to get better about my introversion and anxiety. I just want to be the best person I can be. I've been trying to become more adventurous and spontaneous to keep myself happy and hopefully socialize more. But at the end of the day I will always be an introvert, and unless I get a new brain, I will always have anxiety. I'll just have to learn how to cope with it in this future of mine.
  4. Bold choice but I agree Five is awesome. Definitely in my top five maps.
  5. I think of all the maps Der Eisendrache has the most harmony and flow to it. It's a map that lends itself to so many different ways to play, from camping to training and everything in-between. It's simple enough to be enjoyed by anybody and the easter egg and bow upgrades make it have enough depth for a zombies veteran. Much like the staves, the bows are a key point on this map and are a major appeal for it. Each is unique and useful for certain situations and adds variability to the map. The upgrade process for all of them is also fun and not so tedious like running around the map for the upgraded staves. The map can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. The Panzer Soldat is better balanced on this map and can be a force to be reckoned with under the wrong circumstances. The easter egg is akin to the classics in terms of steps and for the most part they all make sense. The end boss fight is the best one we've had in Black Ops III in terms of balance. Finally, the end cutscene and story of the map are a major stepping stone in the story of Black Ops III and have resonated with many fans like myself. The only complaint I have is I wish we got to know Dempsey 1.0, or Primis Dempsey for that matter, a little better. So great flow, gameplay, immersion, story, replayability, music, and graphics. For an objective view I think it is one of the best if not the best zombies map to date. However, subjectively for me, Moon will always be my favorite.
  6. Ended up with 39/63. Like you said, I was kicking myself on some of these.
  7. Map: Ascension Highest Round: 73 Players: Solo Strategy Used: Classic Widow's Lander Train using Dingo w/ Dead Wire Gobblegums used: Just Immolation to get the Thunder Gun.
  8. Have had the staff getting stuck glitch like many others as well. Only solution to that is not switching staves, instead returning one before picking up another. Another one I had on Origins was one of the robots' feet killing me while in the trenches stepping over me. Not really a glitch but I want to be able to return WW with the hacker on Moon.
  9. Played my first game getting to round 54 a couple nights ago and I started off thinking it was much harder considering the speed of the zombies and how fast they hit you, and I went down a couple of times. I eventually realized Widow's Wine was more of a hindrance than a useful perk, and ended up on 54 getting tired and going to bed. Since then I'm avoiding Widow's Wine when I want to run circles, which is most games. I think the perk might have made me worse honestly, and the maps are much easier to train without it constantly messing with your horde. So minus Widow's Wine I'm finding the maps easier and much much faster to get to high rounds.
  10. I love this analysis. While I think Jimmy Zielinski should have just stuck with TranZit and improved upon it on its own, I admire his ambition. The idea of multiple game modes is something I could see being explored in the future if they ever did a zombies-based game. There's a lot they could do there. It could have the main survival map as per usual and a remake/side map as DLC. There could be a zombies campaign, maybe following Victis between Die Rise and Buried or just a completely new set of people separate from the main story, kind of like Nightmares but designed specifically for zombies. Multiplayer could have maps based on the campaign missions and zombies maps of the past, with all the usual game modes, killstreaks, and create-a-class. Then they can add bonus games like Grief, Turned, Meat, and any more they desire. I think it is doable with the team they have now, I'm just curious how the general audience would react to a zombies-centric game since many are so focused on gritty and realistic again.
  11. I'm most intersted in doing Book 4 (Primis) and Tales right now. But I may mix it up just to keep myself from getting into a rut.
  12. It depends what you'd rather have in a map. To me, Die Rise is a more vertical TranZit, with a lot of map to explore. Personally I dislike the map, and it's the only one I do. But don't let that dissuade you, because that's just me. The wonder weapon is really cool, and the map can be very fun with the trample steam, sliquifier, and guns like the AN94. If you're looking for something simple and charming I'd go with Nuketown. There's not much too crazy here, it's pretty much just nuketown but with zombies running in. About all the weapons are the same apart from the LSAT and M27. It is decently challenging to train on this map. The only problem is perks randomly spawn in every 5 or so rounds along with pack a punch, so you can potentially get to round 20 and still not have jugg. But it provides some variability everytime you play. So just consider what you want from the map and consider the price difference. As for Call of the Dead, I think the map is great and would take it over both. It has a lot of ways to play and George keeps you on your toes, preventing the map from being too easy.
  13. Well folks, here is chapter 4 of Book 1, Success: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book1ch4 I'm sorry for the really long wait and very slow releases. Truth is I think I'm a little burnt out writing about Ultimis, probably because it's pretty much all I've written about so far. I think I'm going to start writing in a non-linear fashion, just writing what I feel most interested in at the moment, because I think that makes them better and I should write more often that way. I also want to slow down the releases a bit, and try to release several chapters at once. Starting a chapter then dropping it for something else can be frustrating and jarring for the reader and I want to try and release clusters of chapters that make something satisfying rather than one at a time with a completely unknown amount of time between. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter, and don't worry, I will get back to Book 1 when I'm back in the mood. I have a basic outline of every chapter I want in the entire book.
  14. 1. Moon 2. Origins 3. Shadows of Evil 4. Der Eisendrache 5. "Five"
  15. I agree Maxis is not as innocent as he seems. I'd even be willing to say he is responsible for Richtofen's descent into madness when he was unimpressed by Richtofen and Schuster's work on the MTD. I think all his time working with 115 to create an undead army drove him mad, making him just as manic and unpredictable, i.e. killing himself in front of his daughter and having him murder all his former colleagues for some sick revenge. I was also of the belief Maxis was evil ever since Moon when he cackled maniacally as he launched the rockets. Sure he was trying to undermine the evil Edward Richtofen, but he did not care about the loss of life whatsoever. Honestly I can see how he could have been evil since the Der Riese radios where he screams at Richtofen for simply speaking, calling him a fool. No wonder Richtofen wanted him dead in the end. As for unleashing the Apothicons, I can see that being a motivation, however I'd be more inclined to say he just wanted to undermine Richtofen and reunite with the only one he cares about, Sam, no matter the cost.

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