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  1. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    Hey everyone, really long time no see. I have good news and bad news. The good news is, despite the hiatus, I am not giving up on this project. Honestly, I think about potential story threads and character encounters all the time. But, with every yin, there is a yang, and the truth is I am overwhelmed with school work more so than previous semesters, and for that reason the hiatus will probably continue. It seems worrying that I have not released a full chapter since July 26th, if you could even count that Monty intro as a full chapter. But there is a multiverse chapter centered around Takeo that I did some work on during a short bout of free time, but I have had very little of it since to finish it. I hate to just pop in, empty-handed, to say that I'm busy again. So I will leave you with some behind-the-scenes preliminary stuff I've written that will hopefully spark some interest in the project again. As always, criticisms and suggestions are encouraged. Better to get them out now than after I've already written them I suppose. First I present a rough draft of the first chapter of Honor's Suffering. It is meant to tell Takeo's story at Division 9's Island facility right up until the events of Zetsubou No Shima. You will notice it ends very abruptly because I had to go to class and never got around to finishing it. So note this is a first draft and partially incomplete. This is the outline for chapters 1-7 of Honor's Suffering, going into detail on the plot of each chapter. I was really looking forward to writing this one and hope to at some point soon. Here is the outline for the first 8 chapters of Book 3. I wrote these out when I was really invested in Victis' story, and I really did look forward to expanding on them since they are not characterized in the game very well and I have a lot of freedom to take them where I want. Here is the outline for all 45 chapters of Book 1 after chapter 7. Yep, I planned that far ahead. These are fairly basic but that is mostly because I based it around the events of the timeline. I also have the last set of chapters for Book 4 planned out in detail. Why am I not showing them here? Well, they're too awesome to be shown as just an outline. I think the experience would be spoiled if I just revealed what I had planned for them as they have me very excited. So maybe a while down the road when I get around to Book 4 and get to the end, I will be able to write out those chapters. Anyway, I hope this all made up for the hiatus, just a little bit. I am not giving up on this project. I am already too invested. Let's just hope Treyarch's next game doesn't flip everything I think I know upside down again
  2. The Moon landing

    I'm hoping real-life conspiracy theories start being integrated into zombies again. As much as I love the story as it is, I'd like more tie-ins the fans have to find themselves like these. Very interesting thread.
  3. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out! I am interested in joining, but no guarantees with my schedule. For people that have done this before, does anyone know the steps that need to be taken to save a stream through twitch? I've streamed directly through my xbox one before but I don't know how to save the stream, and I will need to if I want to participate in this.
  4. Ww2 beat thoughts

    I'm actually really enjoying the beta. But maybe I'm being cynical in thinking that it's just because it's new and I will grow to hate it as the game comes out and begins to age. Either way, I can't really get the game at launch with the limited money I have now, not to mention the other games coming out I'll want before it. Here's hoping WWII Campaign and Zombies manages to exceed our expectations like MP has.
  5. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    Thanks! And I do vaguely remember the Coming Home line but the latest version of the old storybook doesn't have the line either and I'm not sure why. Where was the line specifically? I'm guessing near the end as he's trying to talk to the natives. I think my reasoning for changing that was to add in the "destruction of your world" line since we now know the Shadowman is in his head. But I'll fit in that line too because I agree it was fitting. EDIT: I looked through the original and the line was actually in the Rebellion chapter when they complete Griffin Station.
  6. New chapters are up on the storybook!


  7. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    Hey guys, I'm back with some new chapters I've been working on (Shocking, I know.) Here's Chapter 5: "Infernal Rite", Chapter 6: "Great Science", and Chapter 7: "Extraterrestrial". ALSO, here is Chapter 1 of Book 4, entitled "A Guide To The Universe". I wouldn't consider this an official start to the Primis story, as I am still mapping that out. But I went ahead and made this introductory chapter starring Monty, and I really just wanted opinions on how I portrayed Monty and if I did a good enough job in establishing how the multiverse works in layman's terms. I want the chapter to be a good explanation of the Keepers, the Apothicons, Agartha, the Aether, and the fractured multiverse, and I am no expert on the subject. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable on the subject can offer a better way to explain it. As always, I will be back.
  8. Round 100 On Ascension

    Nice. I'd really like to join the 100 club one day and could have on a couple of occasions if not for tired carelessness. My highest is 74 on BO3 Ascension which could have gone on longer but it was so late at night it's like my brain was trying to let me die. But I will one day get that 100, and it will probably be on BO3 Ascension because there's just something about the map that makes it fast and very easy to train.
  9. With or without gobblegums? With gobblegums and all the perks I'd say 30-35 is a round that means you're pretty well experienced in the map overall. Without gobblegums maybe 25-30, but even then the perks and the thundergun make the map very doable. My philosophy has always been a good round is subjective based on how well you do on most other maps. To me getting to 40 on a Black Ops III map means I've "completed it" and any rounds after that are just endurance. With Black Ops and Black Ops II that round was 30 because the game was slower and harder then.
  10. What is the best Treyarch zombie map? (opinions)

    Bold choice but I agree Five is awesome. Definitely in my top five maps.
  11. What is the best Treyarch zombie map? (opinions)

    I think of all the maps Der Eisendrache has the most harmony and flow to it. It's a map that lends itself to so many different ways to play, from camping to training and everything in-between. It's simple enough to be enjoyed by anybody and the easter egg and bow upgrades make it have enough depth for a zombies veteran. Much like the staves, the bows are a key point on this map and are a major appeal for it. Each is unique and useful for certain situations and adds variability to the map. The upgrade process for all of them is also fun and not so tedious like running around the map for the upgraded staves. The map can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. The Panzer Soldat is better balanced on this map and can be a force to be reckoned with under the wrong circumstances. The easter egg is akin to the classics in terms of steps and for the most part they all make sense. The end boss fight is the best one we've had in Black Ops III in terms of balance. Finally, the end cutscene and story of the map are a major stepping stone in the story of Black Ops III and have resonated with many fans like myself. The only complaint I have is I wish we got to know Dempsey 1.0, or Primis Dempsey for that matter, a little better. So great flow, gameplay, immersion, story, replayability, music, and graphics. For an objective view I think it is one of the best if not the best zombies map to date. However, subjectively for me, Moon will always be my favorite.
  12. How many Gobblegums can you name?

    Ended up with 39/63. Like you said, I was kicking myself on some of these.
  13. Zombie Chronicles Highest Round Thread

    Map: Ascension Highest Round: 73 Players: Solo Strategy Used: Classic Widow's Lander Train using Dingo w/ Dead Wire Gobblegums used: Just Immolation to get the Thunder Gun.
  14. List of bugs/glitches

    Have had the staff getting stuck glitch like many others as well. Only solution to that is not switching staves, instead returning one before picking up another. Another one I had on Origins was one of the robots' feet killing me while in the trenches stepping over me. Not really a glitch but I want to be able to return WW with the hacker on Moon.
  15. Why is Kino SO EASY???

    Played my first game getting to round 54 a couple nights ago and I started off thinking it was much harder considering the speed of the zombies and how fast they hit you, and I went down a couple of times. I eventually realized Widow's Wine was more of a hindrance than a useful perk, and ended up on 54 getting tired and going to bed. Since then I'm avoiding Widow's Wine when I want to run circles, which is most games. I think the perk might have made me worse honestly, and the maps are much easier to train without it constantly messing with your horde. So minus Widow's Wine I'm finding the maps easier and much much faster to get to high rounds.