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  1. Excellent work, guys. Truly. These ciphers being solved is nothing short of spectacular.
  2. Der Eisendrache Trophys

    "My Brother's Keeper" Wow, definitely sounds intriguing. Could Richtofen have a brother? Or is this referring to another Richtofen from a different dimension? "The one must be erased" seems to imply the latter.
  3. Podcast Der Toten: Season 2, Episode 1

    Hahaha, good work guys. I'll be sure to be present for the next episode, everyone!
  4. The Forrest

    Although the reasons for the forest are unknown, I think it's worth mentioning that sometimes the character will "glitch." Not a game glitch, mind you, but rather a little animation when you boot up Zombies after a game. It's intentional, as it's a separate animation, so there could be something more to it. Also, this isn't the first time we've seen a forest like this in Zombies. ;)
  5. I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!

    Jimbothy is the best. Remember, kids, you can take down a MOAB with a Javelin.
  6. OFFICIAL "Nightmares" Trailer

    Here it is, the trailer for the new "Nightmares" campaign mode in Black Ops III. Enjoy! ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBCHgG3_MDo
  7. What are the ?s on the map mean?

    The question marks have been around since the map came out for WaW. They haven't meant anything yet as far as we know, and it seems they carried them over for the loading screen remake.
  8. No Giant Achievements?

    Why do you think The Giant would have achievements in the first place? I don't believe Nuketown had any and it's basically in the same boat as The Giant.
  9. All I want are WaW remakes! Give me Castle, Upheaval, and/or Revolution and I'll be set.
  10. New Moon Loading Screen?

    So, as some of you might know, in the recent Zombies History video uploaded by Treyarch, they seemed to have "teased" something kinda neat. Original Moon Loading Screen: "New" Moon Loading Screen from Zombies History: As you can see, the "new" loading screen seems to be set in the past. The bottom left corner of the left page is still intact, some of the items are missing, but still have titles, and Samantha seems to be making an appearance in the last panel (as opposed to being in the first panel from the beginning). What do you all think this means? Could there potentially be a Moon remake in the future to coincide with The Giant?
  11. "The Giant" Gameplay Trailer

    Man, this trailer has me pumped. Damn near as much as the original Der Riese trailer got me. Definitely a confusing map for now, but I'm sure we'll find out its secrets soon. ;)
  12. The Giant is Included in the Season Pass

    So, the Xbox store has confirmed that the Season Pass will contain The Giant as an added bonus, similar to Nuketown Zombies back in BOII. I can imagine the map will available separately shortly after release for about $4.99 or so. Definitely good news for people who didn't want any special editions, regardless. :) Source
  13. The Giant is Included in the Season Pass

    Meh, at this point it should have been expected. I mean, I personally expected this to happen to moment I pre-ordered my fridge.
  14. last gen consoles no season pass or the giant

    RIP last gen. You will be missed.
  15. New Moderator: Welcoming Lenne to the the group

    You know you've been away for a bit when THIS is how you find out. Congrats Lenne! Welcome to the team!

    Basically confirms what we all thought since this one doesn't cut out early. Origins crew is trying to re-write history.
  17. Where are we going?

    I agree with this notion, actually. They tend to get these special celebrity characters for only one map.
  18. The new CoDZ policy on leaked content

    Happy to see the new policies being in place now. Hope this encourages more content around here (and less annoyed members ;) ).
  19. 'Dammit Richtofen, I thought we were done with this'

    Nice theory, but I thought it referred to the fact that they still have to kill zombies, despite being in a universe that may or may not be their own.
  20. Never assume the hunt is over

    Damn shame, really. I had a lot of hope for this. Not because of the egg itself, but rather the implications it had for other possible secrets that we've yet to unearth.
  21. Never assume the hunt is over

    This is fantastic. Makes me wonder what else we've missed. SHOOT THE HADES EVERYWHERE
  22. Next Gen Graphics Quality?

    When @Covert Gunman and I played the game back in June, it looked fantastic. These YouTube trailers and screenshots do not do the game any justice in terms of the graphical quality. The game looks great in-person.
  23. So, it looks like MotD is more important than we initially thought.
  24. New Images Released (Spoilers)

    This is pretty intense.
  25. Ascension Selection Pic

    I've always wondered why they changed the selection picture. Makes me wonder if there's anything on Ascension that we might have missed since they changed it.