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  1. Undead

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    How about a casual game of hangman, zombies style? Incase anyone is unfamiliar with it, I will think of any word that pertains to world of zombies we all know an love, and you guys will try and figure out what the word is by throwing out 1-2 letters at a time. Pretty simple and straightforward. The person who guesses the word correctly will receive 2 points. If you guess the entire word with no letters on the board, you will earn 10 points. After 4 wrong guesses, I will add a hint. After 6 wrong guesses, the host (yours truly) will receive the points for the round and select a new word. You may ONLY post either 1 vowel, or 2 consonants. You also can only guess ONE full word per round, each wrong full word guess = 2 incorrect letters. Alright, with that, lets begin! ~Zombies Hangman~ Test your might! _ _ _ _ - _ - _ _ _ _ Wrong Guesses: Scoreboard:

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